Report: “Real possibility” Vikings move on from Adam Thielen in coming days

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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A month ago, Adam Thielen acknowledged that the Vikings might be moving on from him entering 2023 given his large cap hit.

As the new league year approaches, that’s looking a little more likely.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports on Thursday that there’s a “real possibility” the Vikings will “part ways” with Thielen in the coming days.

Minnesota restructured Thielen’s contract last year. He’s under contract for two more seasons, but he’s set to count nearly $20 million against the cap in 2023.

If the Vikings were to cut Thielen, they could use a post-June 1 designation to spread out the cap hit over the next few seasons. If they do, they’d save $13.4 million against the cap in 2023 with $6.6 million in dead money. If they don’t use a post-June 1 designation, Minnesota would save $6.4 million against the cap with $13.6 million in dead money.

By making it known that they’re willing to move on from Thielen now, the Vikings could also find a trade partner before the new league year begins.

Thielen turns 33 in August. He caught 70 passes for 716 yards with six touchdowns in 2022.

Thielen entered the league as an undrafted free agent in 2013 and became an offensive contributor in 2014 but he didn’t break out until 2016 with a 69-catch, 967-yard season. He’s No. 4 on the franchise’s all-time list with 6,682 receiving yards, No. 3 with 534 receptions, and No. 3 with 55 touchdown receptions.

47 responses to “Report: “Real possibility” Vikings move on from Adam Thielen in coming days

  1. This was a given the minute they restructured and his cap his was going to be high for 2023. $20 mil over the cap still? Taking that $13 mil savings.

  2. Adam Thielen is my favorite Viking of all time but I can see that the team can’t keep him around at that cap hit. He still runs great routes and has great hands but he doesn’t have the speed anymore to keep him as a #2 receiver at that money. I don’t think they can trade him because his base salary is still pretty high over the next two years.

  3. Showed real signs of decline the last two years. This feels like the kind of situation where he resigns with them because teams never know how to move on from fan favorites. He won’t have a market because no other NFL team needs an aging WR who doesn’t get downfield or get open much. Draft a rookie WR and let Thielen get his coaching career started.

  4. Sucks to lose Thielen, really was hoping they could reach another salary modification to make things work.

  5. The cuts will be deep. This roster won’t look anything like last year’s come opening day.

  6. I’m hooked on a Thielen. I’m high on believing.
    That the Vikings are in love with me!

  7. I don’t think it’s a smart move. I think he has more in the tank and the Vikings intentionally tried to move targets away from him last year in an attempt to see if they could do without him and that’s what lead to his lowered production. He still runs great routes, still has great hands.

  8. Don’t know how the dollars would work, but it seems like someone like KC or Buffalo should be all over this.

  9. Would be sad to see him go but the reality is JJ has to get his money, and the Vikings have been pushing the cap out for years. Unfortunately its time for these veterans to restructure or be released.
    I’m sure CJ Ham and Hicks will be next.
    Cook is a difficult assessment due to the injury, the cap relief doesn’t seem worth it.
    Then I think they value Zadarius & Harry, as the defense is already paper thin.
    Wish you all the best Adam, you were always a class act and it was remarkable to see you go from UDFA to perennial superstar.

  10. How much does Thielen make if he gets cut before or after June 1?

  11. Common sense move really. With JJ and Hockenson rostered Theilen will never see the amount of throws his way to justify $20 million per season. Wish he would stay at a lower cap hit but can understand why he wants a fresh start. He wants to be more of a focus of the game plan and I can respect that. All the best to him going forward.

  12. He’s on the verge of being washed. Flopped more than a soccer player on the field last season.

  13. Should have NEVER given Cousins the absurd raise and extension, and the clowns will do it again.

  14. Would be a great veteran pick-up for Green Bay with Love starting as the QB.

  15. Love Thielen but it’s time for the Vikes to move on. Interested in seeing where he ends up and how much he has left in the tank.

  16. It’s time! Hock is going to replace many of the short/intermediate routes Thielen ran. Vikes need more speed at WR.

  17. With there playoff lives on the line, Thielen outproduced Jefferson.

    Because Jefferson is not clutch. He’s the exact opposite of clutch.

  18. Half the league eliminates themselves from Super Bowl contention with bad cap management.

  19. Congrats to him for what he achieved. He lost it quickly, not unlike some other WRs and RBs.

  20. Great history. Has made more money than imaginable. Time to go home to Detroit Lakes.
    Don’t be foolish like Chris Carter; just retire. Stay with the organization.

  21. All the best to Thielen. He’s a class act and has been a great Viking. He’ll be missed, for sure. And he knows this is about business. It’s not personal. The Vikes have to get under the salary cap, and it’s all about restructuring the contracts to make that happen. I hope Thielen lands in a good spot where he can play for another year or two. In any case, he’s set for life and should be just fine.

  22. Lots of factors here: First, its a thin free agent WR market, so he can cash in even if he’s n longer what he once was. Second, he wants more touches, which is tough with JJ and TJ on the field. Lastly, he’s still a good NFL WR, but not at the present contract value. I wish he would stay at a reduced cap number, since he still has a couple of good years left. This will be a bummer.

  23. C. M. says:
    March 9, 2023 at 12:30 pm
    Sounds like what Baltimore likes, old vets with good hands who can still play


    If only Baltimore had a QB capable of getting him the ball

  24. This team really struggles with the cap LOL. Need to free up money for garbage time stats Jefferson!

  25. This team really struggles with the cap LOL. Need to free up money for garbage time stats Jefferson!

    Yeah because the Vikings cruised in all of their wins last season. Yet Packer fans brag up Love when he plays in a blowout against Philly against a prevent D. Dumbest fan base in sports.

  26. I wouldn’t be upset if I were him.Now he might get to play for a team that has a realistic chance to win the SB

  27. Honest Question: Why don’t players structure contracts so that instead of their salaries going up every year while their production inevitably goes down, making it more likely to be cut, why don’t they take the bulk of the money in the earlier years of the contract and have the amount lessen as the years go by? It would seem then that teams would be more likely to keep them around longer, because they’re no longer paying “young guy” money.

  28. He could go to the Packers. Then they’d have a #1 WR. It would be a huge step down but oh well.

  29. perennial superstar.
    He’ll always have those eight games, but Thielen only had more than 970 yards receiving twice. Not quite a superstar.

  30. Has any other Viking or even any receiver in the NFL ever thrown his QB under the bus more than Thielen has thrown Cousins under the bus? Time to send he a&& down the road, I’d have done it years ago, sent Theilen down the road and kept Diggs, Diggs wasn’t as much of a locker room problem as Theilen has been the last 3yrs!

  31. philmccracken says:
    March 9, 2023 at 2:34 pm
    With there playoff lives on the line, Thielen outproduced Jefferson.

    Because Jefferson is not clutch. He’s the exact opposite of clutch.

    WOW are you new to watching the NFL, Jefferson demands double and triple coverage which leaves Thielen single coverage and sometings brorken coverage and that’s the entire difference, let Jefferson have that single coverage and he’d shred any team even more than he does now, the amount of know nothings that watch the NFL now days is amazing!

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