49ers lay off director of security, head of Levi’s Stadium, others

NFL: JAN 09 49ers at Rams
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The NFL and its teams are doing very well financially. Like many other thriving companies, that doesn’t stop them from periodically handing out pink slips.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle (via Sports Business Journal), the 49ers have quietly laid off nearly 30 employees, including director of security Craig Graber and Levi’s Stadium executive V.P. and General Manager Jim Mercurio.

Mercurio spent almost three decades with the team.

Again, layoffs don’t necessarily mean a business has money issues. They often are the product of a deliberate decision to cut costs and/or inject new blood into the organization.

Coupled with an attractive severance agreement that would prevent any lawsuits or related claims, it can be a fairly clean way to hit the reset button, sort of.

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  1. Like so many other companies making record profits and laying off the people who did the actual work. Stop defending the rich, they don’t care about you.

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