Cowboys restructure Dak Prescott, Zack Martin contracts

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The Cowboys have talked about a contract extension for quarterback Dak Prescott, but they went another route to lower his cap number on Friday.

The team announced that they have restructured Prescott’s contract ahead of the start of the new league year. The team announced that right guard Zack Martin‘s deal was also reworked.

As a result of the moves, the Cowboys have cleared some $30 million in cap space for the coming season. Prescott was set to have a cap number over $49 million and his restructure accounts for nearly $22 million of that savings. Martin is signed through the 2024 season and has two void years on his contract.

The Cowboys are now under the cap with the free agency negotiating window opening on Monday.

12 responses to “Cowboys restructure Dak Prescott, Zack Martin contracts

  1. It’s hilarious that commenters think the Cowboys are the only team that restructures contracts. This is just one ways all NFL teams manage their salary cap. Haven’t you guys noticed yet that teams only restructure players that aren’t at risk of being cut/released in the coming seasons??

  2. What a bad deal Jerry made with that contract he rushed to give to Prescott. He’s Tony Romo 2.0…. They were never winning it all with Dak

  3. With a $60 million cap hit for Dak in 2024 this virtually guarantees he’s getting extended by the start of the 2024 league year since it will be the last year of his deal and they won’t be able to kick the can any further

  4. Better hope the NFL ticket package nets a ton of dough to increase the cap, or there are gonna be some very large cans kicked down to the end of that road.

  5. The Dak contract is an albatross no matter how much make-up you try to place on it.
    Twenty-seven years of irrelevance and counting. That is all.

  6. March is the only month of the year that the Cowboys are in the headlines. Let Jerruh have his moment.

  7. Dak has a 60 million hit next year and a 36 m hit in the void year after that. 96 million for 1 year of Dak. Wow!

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