Daniel Snyder reportedly tells NFL he has “multiple bidders” that other owners “will love”

Tennessee Titans v Washington Commanders
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If Daniel Snyder truly isn’t planning to sell the Commanders, he’s as committed to the ruse as George Costanza was when he lied to his former future in-laws that he had a house in the Hamptons.

According to the Washington Post, Snyder has told the NFL that he has “multiple bidders” for the team that other owners “will love.” (The love/hate bar is low.) Snyder also has told the league the sale price is “looking good.”

The addition of Mitchell Rales has apparently bolstered the candidacy of Josh Harris to emerge as the winning bidders, potentially allowing them to get to a purchase price that will justify the ongoing shunning of Jeff Bezos.

It will be interesting to see how the issue is handled at the annual meetings to be held later this month. Unless he’s close to striking a deal by then, someone needs to make it clear that, eventually, they’ll be voting either to approve a new owner or to force him out.

8 responses to “Daniel Snyder reportedly tells NFL he has “multiple bidders” that other owners “will love”

  1. Note that the Washington Post broke the story about Mitchell Rales joining the Harris team and making them a viable competitor to Bezos in the sale process.

    This should put a stake through the heart of the wild conspiracy theories that Jeff Bezos is somehow directing each Washington Post article related to the sale in order to personally purchase the team.

    First, the story is about how Harris and Rales are better positioned to purchase the team. This would STRENGTHEN Snyder’s ability to shun Bezos, not undercut it. Furthermore, even if Bezos could bid, this news would have the impact of RAISING THE PRICE of the team, not lowering it. In fact, if anyone had a vested interest to plant such a story, it would be Snyder, not Bezos.

  2. Of course this is the same person who for years told everyone his team had an oversubscribed ticket waiting list and routinely reports inflated game attendance figures.

  3. Don’t ever let them force you out, Mr. Snyder. Get every last cent you can squeeze from them

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