David Tepper finally gets in position to solve Carolina’s quarterback problem

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Panthers owner David Tepper said several years back in the final episode of his team’s turn on the now-defunct All or Nothing series on Amazon that the NFL is set up for every team to cluster around .500, and that the difference comes from having the right quarterback.

This league is set to be an 8-8 league,” Tepper said at the time. “Everything is fair in this league. So if you have better coaches, better GM’s, some advantages with facilities, advantages with the training, management process, whatever those, whatever it is, you know, analytics, whatever that is to give you an edge, that’s what you need. And you need a good quarterback.”

Tepper, during five years as the team’s owner, hasn’t been able to get one. Now, with a bold move to the top spot in round one, he has a chance to get one.

That’s one of the benefits of the draft. Rarely if ever do the best prospects pass on their assigned destinations. And there’s no reason to think it’ll happen to the Panthers, not with Frank Reich as the coach and a staff that will develop a young quarterback into the franchise player the Panthers haven’t had since Cam Newton was in his prime. Still, they need to make the right decision.

Twelve years after Newton arrived via pick No. 1, the Panthers get another crack at a franchise guy. Sure, they might decide that several players fit the bill, allowing them to trade down, recoup some assets, and still get a guy they believe in. It won’t be an easy decision, given that the bust rate for top-10 quarterbacks remains significant.

Only five years ago, four quarterbacks went in the first 10 picks. Just one of the four — Josh Allen — ended up being a proven winner. Of the other three, the Panthers have employed two of them (Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold). Neither worked out.

So now, with just under 50 days to go until the draft, the Panthers will embark on figuring out how many guys they truly believe can become a franchise guy. Whether they stay put and pick first or slide down and take the second or maybe third option (as Allen was), there’s very real risk that it will all go wrong.

Get it right, and the Panthers could become perennial contenders. Don’t, and they could become a laughingstock.

Regardless, Tepper’s play was to be aggressive. And that’s fine. Now the real work begins. They need to make the best possible projection based on the top-level quarterbacks, and they need to hope the one they get will be the one they need to turn the franchise around.

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  1. More than anything they need an Offensive Coordinator and a quarterback coach who can identify there pick’s strengths and weaknesses and design a system to maximize the strengths.
    Too many players fail because they are forced into a system that isn’t right for their skills.

  2. Are they? I don’t think any of the QBs coming out will solve your problem. They all have question marks. Can any of these guys throw into tight windows you need to in the NFL? Maybe Stroud or Levis but I don’t see that out of the other 2. I think they take Stroud but I am not sold on him.

  3. I don’t know if this is going to work out. Maybe they overpaid.

    But I like the move anyway. At the very least, it’s an offseason move that Panthers fans will remember for a while. There haven’t been enough of those lately.

    It gives us something to debate about for a few weeks, too.

  4. Stop with the trade down talk. Caronlina can’t afford to trade past 2 and Chicago would’ve made a deal with Houston first if the Texans were interested.

  5. Putting way too much stock into the draft. You could get Sam Bradford, Baker Mayfield, or Kyler Murray. Unless you’re picking a defensive player 1st overall, there’s tons of scrutiny that comes with the 1st pick and the player. Carolina seemed to have a running game last year but I think that had more to do with the coaching style. The Panthers shipped off almost all of their weapons. They could end up in the Jags current position if they play theirs cards right. If not they’ll be a bottom feeder again with no clear path to greener pastures.

  6. Paid a fortune in draft capital to move up in the most questionable QB draft in years, with nothing remotely resembling a sure thing.

  7. Why give up the future of the franchise for no sure fire franchise QBs in this draft?

  8. Every time I get frustrated or hear people complaining about Belichick and the Pats for some of their draft moves, I always try and remember that it could be much much worse.

  9. If you trade up to get a quarterback and the rest of your team is bad you’re not going to be able to go far in the playoffs.

    You need a good quarterback and you need the rest of your team to be okay.
    Let’s see how the Panthers flesh out the rest of the team.

    Given the high bust rates of quarterbacks this is a pretty big gamble

  10. Someone needs to tell this clown he’s not an 8-8 as it stands without a hood QB. Do the Carolina’s a favor & leave town with your team.

  11. Reeks of desperation. Watching billionaires like Tepper go all in with a Jack 8 offsuit brings me joy. Gotta get lucky on the flop. Good luck

  12. Tepper seems to think QBs are nothing more than stock options. Now he’s traded away his future draft capital without even having identified the player he wants. The next day he says he’s not averse to trading down. So Mr. Tepper, are you having buyer’s remorse already?

    So why do the Panthers have a GM when Tepper is pretending he’s a draft wizard? This is the problem with rich people. They think business smarts mean they know everything. His impatience will be his undoing. I like Frank Reich but no coach can overcome a meddling owner.

  13. The Panthers defense isn’t bad, the team went 5-3 on the back half of the last year – and they play in a weak division. It’s not like they don’t still have picks over the next two years – thanks to the McCafferty trade. And with FA starting Monday, perhaps a few players who wouldn’t have considered Carolina are suddenly taking a second look.

  14. Tepper says you need advantages with Coaches (He failed with random choice from Baylor), Training and Facilities (Failed to finish new training facility), Management Processes (Failed: Multiple Team Presidents) and QB (Failed – Passed on Fields to take a CB and got outbid/couldn’t attract other top names).

    Tepper has failed at everything that by his own definition is critical to winning.

  15. So they fired the coach who made them respectable, gave up valuable draft picks, traded their best offensive player and now they think they will be competitive?

    What a fool.

  16. LOL man does everyone overrate QBs and here i thought it was NFL GMs. These guys have little chance of being above average. How can they not see this?

  17. It’s an 8-8 league, but if you have a good scouting system, you don’t have to give away the farm to find an elite QB. Trepper doesn’t understand how to work the system, and whoever is advising him is steering him in the wrong direction. He’s just digging himself deeper into the hole, and at the rate he’s going, he’ll draft the wrong QB at #1.

  18. The Texans were smart to stay at #2. Might be even smarter to trade down to acquire more picks. They’re way more than a QB away from being good! That, and there are no clear cut #1 overall QB’s in this draft.

  19. I think this was a win-win trade for both sides. The Panthers can take a guy to get the franchise excited about.

    However, that 2024 first rounder could be very interesting considering the Panthers will be trotting out a rookie QB with maybe the worst supporting cast in the NFL, after the Bears took DJ Moore.

  20. At 1st,… I was thinking the Bears hosed Carolina on this trade,…After looking at the Trade Value Chart,… it’s not that bad. Depends on Carolina’s record in 2023. There is a 1700 point difference from pick 1 to pick 9. The 2- 2nd rd picks are minimal points. So it’s all about the 2024 1st rd pick. The other kicker in this trade is Chicago taking on DJ Moore and his contract,.. which doesn’t look too bad. That’s Chicago’s bonus. He’s signed thru 2025 at a reasonable price. Heckuva WR and they desperately needed a #1 WR. Carolina is going into retooling mode.

  21. Twenty one comments thus far and at least eight of them declaring that there are no good QBs in this draft. I had no idea that so many professional scouts took the time to post here. You guys must go to every pro day and watch copious amounts of tape.

  22. This new owner is the worst. Who the hell are they going to draft with the pick? Zero QBs in the draft are going to be any good. Bryce Young is a little skinny dude no way can he be Elite. Short and skinny. Good Luck Panthers fans

  23. As noted above, if this were a John Elway, Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck draft year, the trade would make sense. This year there is no such certainty, making a trade like this one way too risky.

  24. kevpft says:
    March 11, 2023 at 3:37 am
    Paid a fortune in draft capital to move up in the most questionable QB draft in years, with nothing remotely resembling a sure thing.

    Are you kiddin’ me, the most questionable QB draft in years? How soon you forgot just last years draft of 2022 where only 1 QB was drafted in the 1st round and not until the 20th position!

  25. Whoever just pushed all the chips to the middle of the table is killing this organization. Very, very seldom does a team hit on jumping to the top for the first pick on a QB. The best possible move would have been to continue to build the team with depth on both sides of the ball and once you have that in place then make a move. Nothing against any of these young men coming out and I wish them all the best. But I sure feel sorry for the Panther fans.

  26. This league might have been set for everyone to go 8-8, but with the 17th game it‘s more likely teams go 9-8 or 8-9 instead of 8-8-1 and there are still enough idiot owners, GMs and coaches in the league, that there are teams that go 12-5 while others go 3-14. Until now Tepper has not found a way to belong to the positive record crowd, that’s why he‘s becoming a little desperate. Sometimes desperation backfires, but if he‘s lucky some of his moves work, but he is still right about the QB. Without a QB you will not win, but even a very good or even elite QB is no guarantee his team sees the promised land. Ask Stafford about his time with the Lions, Marino about his Dolphins career and maybe Herbert and some other excellent QBs will tell similar stories about their careers, when they are done. Burrow reached the Super Bowl once so far, Josh Allen hasn’t reached a conference final yet and there’s quite a number of current QBs whose name isn‘t Mahomes, Rodgers or Brady who haven’t won a SB or even reached one. It’s a team game with QB as the most important ingredient, but without weapons the QB won’t succeed (ask Rodgers), without protection the QB won’t succeed (ask Brady, Mahomes and several others) and offense without defense is not going to succeed (ask Allen and several others). So getting one position right is just a starting point.

  27. NOPE not this year he’s not, most of this class of QBs is really over-rated IMHO and the only 2 that aren’t they could have sat right where they were and landed either one of them.

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