Eagles to re-sign Brandon Graham to one-year deal

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders
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The Eagles have several pending free agents, but they’re going to keep at least one of their longtime veterans.

Defensive end Brandon Graham has agreed to a one-year deal to stick with Philadelphia, Graham told ESPN’s Tim McManus.

McManus reports the contract is worth up to $6 million.

Graham, who turns 35 in April, was the Eagles’ No. 10 overall pick back in 2010. He posted a career-high 11.0 sacks in 2022 while playing just 43 percent of Philadelphia’s defensive snaps.

“I definitely don’t want to miss out on this championship that we’re about to make a run for,” Graham said, via McManus. “I pretty much directed [my agent] Joel [Segal] just to get a deal done before free agency so I wouldn’t have to go through that part. I’m just so happy everything came to fruition.

“It wasn’t even about no money. It was more about wanting to be an Eagle as long as I could still play at a high level, and of course, I still have a sour taste in my mouth on how things ended this last year.”

The Eagles went 14-3 in the regular season to earn the NFC’s No. 1 seed in 2022. Graham finished the year with 35 total tackles, 11 tackles for loss, and 16 quarterback hits along with two forced fumbles and a pass defensed.

In the postseason, Graham had three total tackles with one for loss and a sack.

20 responses to “Eagles to re-sign Brandon Graham to one-year deal

  1. To think that he and JPP were drafted in the same year. As a Giants fan I barely remember what JPP even looks like, and Graham never left the Eagles.

  2. The guy is 35 and a sub player. lol

    It’s teams like this who are afraid to rebuild and cut the player loose one year early, that end up just delaying the obvious rebuild.

  3. Graham was a terrible player…. a bust candidate……until Lane ” the phàrmacist” Johnson showed up. Just sayin. Eagles won’t sniff another sb for 10 yrs.

  4. When he looks around and fletcher and javon are gone, and slay…hard to agree Jerrah was right about all-in Eagles last year.

  5. Veteran, loyal team leader takes a “home town discount” to stay with organization/city he loves — and that loves him. A rarity in professional sports. The next time fans say: “Players these days never do that — it’s all about grabbing the bag”, remember Brandon Graham.

  6. Some Patriots fans are still mad that Brandon Graham strip sacked Brady in SB LVII and hating on him. They don’t know Brandon Graham the man, and what he brings to the team in leadership and heart, in addition to his 11 sacks coming off an Achilles injury last year.

  7. And I will always love you. Hopefully that sounded like Whitney Houston in your head.

  8. krycek21 says:
    March 10, 2023 at 12:39 pm
    When he looks around and fletcher and javon are gone, and slay…hard to agree Jerrah was right about all-in Eagles last year.


    Wasn’t it Jerry that was basically on his hands and knees begging Odell to come there last year? All the players you just mentioned have been on the Eagles for years so it wasn’t a one year grab like the Rams. Eagles are fine with young players and draft picks. Eagles also aren’t dumb enough to franchise tag a running back. While also paying your other running back 10+ million a year. Doesn’t seem like smart business to me

  9. Loyalty is a rare word in sports today from both owners and players. Happy to see Brandon finish his career in Philly.

  10. Youknowimright says:
    March 10, 2023 at 12:36 pm
    Graham was a terrible player…. a bust candidate……until Lane ” the phàrmacist” Johnson showed up. Just sayin. Eagles won’t sniff another sb for 10 yrs.


    Another idiot who knows nothing and just spouts off. Graham was injured for season in first couple years. Played in 2-3 different defenses in his first 3 seasons. One defensive coordinator tried making him an OLB. Once he went to strictly a defensive end his production was consistent

  11. I’m sure it was the defensive scheme and injuries…….lmao…..all about that juice.

  12. Strip sack of Brady in Super Bowl LII, and he can still get to the QB. Takes a home town discount…who wouldn’t want BG?

  13. 1-year $6m?? BWAH-HAHA! Did someone on the Eagles sell him a bill of goods or what? Brandon, your teammates are all leaving for more money because your team already peaked. Eagles are not winning the SB next season. Poor sap…

  14. As a Browns fan that got to watch Joe Thomas start and finish his career in Cleveland, it’s cool to see guys like Graham have that same relationship with the organization, city, and fan base. It’s rare in sports.

  15. Jerrah makes his players sweat blood to get a contract extension taking them right to the deadline /making them play through the last year of a contract / starting rumors about scouting the player’s potential replacement etc. etc. . That’s why when tough situations hit the team the players give the owner the ‘Side Eye’ .

  16. Nobody in Philly thinks BG will automatically get double digest sacks again. BG might not even start but he’ll play very well in a rotational role if need be and be one of if not best rotational DE’s in the league. His value goes way behind sack totals. He always gets pressures (a very under rated stat) he plays the run very well, he’s a team leader and mentor and he helps the younger players get better. Measuring a DE by sacks alone is silly but 11 TFL AND 16 QB hits to go with 11 sacks. He’s always around the ball, makes plays, signed for a home town discount because he one of the rare players who loves his city and fans and wanted to keep his family here. He only makes the Eagles better..we love him too. TY B.G. for that strip sack and parade
    Go Birds!

  17. Eagles won’t sniff another sb for 10 yrs. I think you meant Cowboys..Eagles have been to two in 5 years…

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