Federal judge finds Marriott “blatantly” violated court order in Michael Irvin case

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Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin may not ultimately prevail in his case against Marriott, but he’s currently winning.

Via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News, a federal judge concluded that Marriott “blatantly” violated an order requiring the company to surrender surveillance video to Irvin.

Judge Amos Mazzant ordered the company to submit an unredacted video to Irvin’s lawyers by 5:00 p.m. CT on Friday. He also declined to prevent Irvin from making the video public.

“That’s the penalty you face,” Judge Mazzant said — a more tactful version of “f–k around and find out.”

Judge Mazzant said he was “dumbfounded” by the strings Marriott attached to its disclosure of the video, allowing attorney Levi McCathern to see it without giving him a copy.

“I am not accustomed to, as a judge, people violating my orders,” Judge Mazzant said.

Attorney Celeste Creswell, who represents Marriott, insisted during the hearing that Marriott respects the court’s orders.

“I’ll be very candid,” Judge Mazzant replied. “You haven’t shown that. That’s the reason we’re here. . . . Am I happy about that? No, I’m not happy about that. . . . It seems like Marriott just looked at my order and didn’t want to produce the video.”

It’s a stunning display of corporate arrogance but, speaking as someone who has both represented major companies and sued them on behalf of their former employees, it’s not surprising. Lawyers often have to be willing to stand up to a corporate client that wants to do something stupid, because stupid will resonate throug the rest of the litigation.

That’s the bigger problem Marriott now has. Real damage has been done to the relationship between the court and the defendant. Judge Mazzant will be skeptical of everything Marriott says and does. Unless they get their shit together quickly, they’re going to end up wearing it.

And, as usually happens when a major company realizes a bad outcome in court, it will blame everyone but itself.

43 responses to “Federal judge finds Marriott “blatantly” violated court order in Michael Irvin case

  1. Marriott removed the case from State court to Federal court ostensibly believing it gave them an advantage. Falls into the category of be careful what you wish for!

  2. Sounds more like to me we have a weak judge that didn’t make his order clear

  3. Maybe Irvin will win his $100 million dollars and just retire from TV. We can hope right?

  4. Makes little difference the video itself once presented to the public will be the biggest deciding factor and the court of public opinion will see it soon enough.
    If the defense thought it was such great nonsense they would of leaked it.
    Doesn’t look good for Irvin. People don’t make these accusations up.

  5. You seem like a dog of a lawyer to hire. Football issues aside, legally, I’d hire you in a heartbeat

  6. doctorrumack says:
    March 10, 2023 at 7:56 pm
    Sounds more like to me we have a weak judge that didn’t make his order clear
    Looks & sounds more to me that you may be tone deaf & the judge is not to be disrespected & making that point quite clear

  7. Love him or hate him he knows his Ghetto speak “this is how I see it” rules and I LOVE IT. BOOM. Here it is.

  8. Not an Irvin fan, but I think he is in the right, and Marriott deserves to get pounded.

  9. Sounds more like to me we have a weak judge that didn’t make his order clear.


    This is a parody post, right? I guarantee you his order was crystal clear. I’ve tried a lot of cases and Mike is absolutely correct that this a failure on Marriott’s legal team to sufficiently explain reality to the client. And arrogance on the client’s end for imagining they are above the law. lawyer and client deserve a heaping helping of what’s about to come down on their heads if they don’t get right with this judge PDQ.

  10. Irvin should have the video by now as it’s 0730 CST. He has the ok to release it and that will tell all. If he releases it publicly it would seem to be a winner for him. If he doesn’t accompanied by a lot of lawyer lingo then it’s a big oops..

  11. Sad case for justice.

    We know Irvin is a druggie. He almost certainly did what is claimed.

    He said he didn’t remember.

    What’s that say?

  12. As someone who has won and lost in federal court I can tell you the judges talk tough but in the end will always backup the big law firm. Always.

  13. We live in a world where facts no longer matter. Tarnishing peoples’ names, reputations, families and careers takes a back seat to victim blaming when in reality, nobody should jump to any conclusions until the facts are presented. Marriott, stop withholding the ultimate fact checker. Security footage with audio and video and let the truth be told. Period.

  14. Marriott is about to get bench slapped in this case. They better settle and do it quickly.

  15. That’s the kind of shenanigans that happen at Marriott. I find the shenanigans at Hilton much more enjoyable.

  16. “If the defense thought it was such great nonsense they would of leaked it”

    Good god, man!! At least read the posts you comment on. They were never given a copy…the ENTIRE focus of the post!!!!

  17. Hey people, the hotel and the woman didn’t do anything but notify the network, this is all on them.

  18. You or I would be sitting in jail tonight. The CEO of Marriot should be sitting in jail until the tape is produced as ordered. Since it’s Friday night there won’t be a bail hearing until Monday, at the earliest.

  19. Seems like a lot of people painted him guilty on here with absolutely zero evidence. Marriott pointing the finger while also withholding evidence is a weird game plan, we’ll see if it pays off for them.

  20. Still like to know why an accusation resulted in immediate termination. Where the heck are investigation and facts unless the video is damn bad for irvin

  21. I think it’s pretty clear who all the white people are on this post. Can you point them out? They are good for ignorant comments anytime a person of color gets in the news, especially athletes who are way richer or famous than they will ever be.

  22. A huge check is coming his way very soon not 1000 million but pretty large I think.Good for him women need to stop false accusations or go to jail for a while.

  23. This is an extremely irresponsible ruling. Publicly releasing the video will identify the victim and expose her to in-person and online harassment. It is unfortunate that we have not progressed from putting the victims of sexual assault on trial.

  24. And settlement talks have begun. Irvin will get some $$$$ and the video will be destroyed.

  25. “Too bad, I hate to see Irvin get a win.” You should put your hate aside and be happy justice for the innocent prevailed,that what laws are intended for.

  26. Marriott fears the court of public opinion more than the court of law. It might be in their best interest to pursue a settlement and move on.

  27. dragon77 says:
    March 10, 2023 at 11:55 pm
    Still like to know why an accusation resulted in immediate termination. Where the heck are investigation and facts unless the video is damn bad for irvin

    Irvin was not terminated. He remains employed by the NFL Network to this day.

  28. This is an example of Marriott’s corporate failures and much of it is leadership driven. Look at the Marriott cyber breaches as an example. They throw caution to the wind when it comes to legal risk and aren’t interested in being serious about cleaning up their procedures relating to these types of serious matters. It doesn’t appear that they take compliance very seriously based on what we’ve seen publicly in the last 5 years. Maybe their board should hold their leadership accountable?

  29. Not that Irvin is a fine upstanding guy but because of his reputation he’s become a target for anyone with a get rich quick in a shakedown scheme.

  30. Figured as much when the description of the video came out and ‘behind a pole’ was the camera angle they used. You know they have cameras everywhere for every angle in the place except in restrooms. Glad to see Irving standing up for himself against this baseless money grab. Still not sure why a wreckless money grabbing employee can result in a $100 million dollar loss. IMO the cases are against the girl as an individual and NFL Network for pulling him and allowing bad publicity about Michael without all the facts.

  31. I used to teach sexual and gen harassment based on fed guidelines to our new hires during orientation. IMO this is about something that was said and Irvins laywers are hoping its not on the video. It cant be a hands on thing, they wouldnt want to see that inless ts prove it and will pay up or shut up.
    Starnge judge didnt look at it and decide? Ya nothing here or its bad.

  32. avowed Cowboy hater here, Michael Irvin by all accounts turned his life around, people with miserable lives may think that means he needs to sit in the corner and read the bible, but that is not how it works, he is entitled to be himself, which is someone who embraces his second chance, with a bigger than life personality,nobody knows what happened between him and the woman, but seems like it was just words. nobody was dragged behind the bushes!.My guess is that snowflake is trying to cash in! Good luck to Irvin and Cowboys still suck!

  33. 2 prominent attorneys were having lunch one day when a stunning lady walks past their table.
    The first Lawyer says to the other “I would sure like to screw her.”
    The second Lawyer says “Outta what?”

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