Frank Reich: We have a little over a month to confirm which is the right QB for us

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Frank Reich had Andrew Luck as his quarterback in his first season as a head coach in 2018. Luck, the No. 1 overall pick in 2012, earned Pro Bowl honors and led the Colts to a 10-6 record in his final season.

Luck had a surprise retirement just before the 2019 season.

Reich now holds the No. 1 overall pick after the Panthers traded with the Bears for the top selection. After trying and failing to find a long-term replacement for Luck in Indianapolis, Reich will have a top prospect to work with in Carolina.

The Panthers had not publicly acknowledged the trade until Reich exchanged text messages with Albert Breer of

“Excited about this group of young QBs,” Reich wrote. “We think they all have strengths that make them unique and worthy of #1 pick. We have a little over a month to confirm which is the right one for our team.”

Alabama’s Bryce Young, Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, Florida’s Anthony Richardson or Kentucky’s Will Levis are the top-rated players at the position. The Panthers’ future depends on getting it right.

Carolina has had eight starting quarterbacks the past five seasons. The Colts also started eight different signal callers the past five seasons, which is a big reason Reich no longer is in Indianapolis.

19 responses to “Frank Reich: We have a little over a month to confirm which is the right QB for us

  1. You traded all those picks and DJ Moore to not have a clear cut favorite out of this QB group??? What a dumpster fire.

  2. They wouldn’t have traded down for the #1 pick just to go hunting for a QB. They already have their sights set on one guy. Patrick Mahomes just won his second super bowl, and C.J. Stroud looks a lot like Mahomes.

  3. Don’t have to say but why act like you don’t know who you want? That makes you look incompetent was well. We traded up but we aren’t sure for who?

  4. They’ll have to move upto 3rd overall if they want to land their QB. I’m sure AZ would think about letting them have the rights to the 3rd overall pick for the low cost of a 2nd/3rd and a 24 1st or they can package a 2nd/3rd and WR M. Pittman along with next years 2nd.

  5. The only reason you pay up that much is you better be 100% sure you love a certain quarterback.

    To pay up that much just to be able to pick first from a so-so crop of QB candidates doesn’t make sense

  6. I don’t understand the wisdom of expending a huge amount of assets to move up in the draft unless you know exactly who you are going to choose. What if their 30 days of research reveals that none of top QBS in this draft are really worth that cost?

  7. Shouldn’t you already know when you give up that much?

    At least Ditka knew who he wanted when he doomed the Saints with the Ricky Williams reach.

  8. The Houston Texans are now stuck with Brice Young at 5’10” – Houston continues to be a Dumpster Fire with an Owner, Cal McNair, who is Clueless! The Houston Fans deserve better! Please, Sell the Team to someone who knows football.

  9. this is a great trade. Both teams win. The Panthers have taken a shot at getting a true elite QB which they are desperate for. I love Moore and hate to lose him – however, they also freed up a pile of cap space. Chicago get a great received to add to their team and the draft choices to make themselves great. Yes, it could fail as many #1 picks have. However, the Panthers have talked and seen all of these guys and clearly have a 1-4 rating. Now they have the time they need to cross their t’s and dot the i’s. This is a good coaching staff with ton’s of experience and time to do it right. They will.

  10. He said they haven’t decided to give them the leverage to talk to all of the potential of the Qb picks. That way they can sign whomever they pick before the draft and at a cheaper contract.

  11. What he means is that he has a little over a month to convince Tepper that Stroud is the guy over Bryce. Otherwise they get stuck with the Lilliputian Leader of the Lollipop Guild.

  12. Reich now controls the top pick, and he might get back more than they spent if another QB-desperate team panics. There just aren’t enough top QBs to go around. Not just the usual teams – add BAL to the mix too because they don’t plan on keeping LJ, and will trade up with extra 1st round picks if someone bites on their tag. Monken already knows who he wants and Reich has a month to figure out who that is, and then spread the word that’s his pick.

  13. He may not talk about a rookie QB. Lamar is out there, Kyler wasn’t drafted by the current Cardinals GM and maybe they have someone else in mind who could be traded for with the No. 1 overall pick.

  14. Terrible trade. They have it down to 4 candidates? No clear #1? Why not trade up to 4 and guarantee one of the 4? QBs are doing 1,2,3,4.
    They are going to throw this rookie QB to the volves… No strong running game, average at best WRs – no player needs to be double teamed.
    I think they would have been better trading DJ Moore for a draft pick(s) and kept the #1.

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