Friday was not a good day for Lamar Jackson


As Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson prepares for a limited crack at free agency, he has had two potential suitors take moves that most definitely take them out of the running for his services.

With the Panthers trading up to No. 1 with an obvious plan to draft a quarterback, they won’t be pursuing Jackson. And with the Dolphins picking up the fifth-year option on Tua Tagovailoa, a potential pairing with Jackson’s hometown team ain’t happening.

Even if Lamar had an agent, the exit of Carolina and Miami from a potential contest for his services would be a major problem. As Lamar continues to represent himself, it makes a difficult situation nearly impossible.

Again, all it takes is one team. But two potentially viable options have given conclusive credence to recent reports that they’re not interested by taking action that makes it clear they won’t be pursuing the 2019 MVP.

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  1. The first thing that Tepper did when he bought the team was green light cutting the best QB in franchise history. He clearly is not a fan of mobile QBs. They were never an option.

  2. Um…didn’t these teams make it known already that they were out on Jackson?

  3. Florio wrote a story a day or 2 ago about how Jackson needs an agent. I couldnt agree more. This dude literally appears as if he wants to destroy his own career.

  4. My top three picks to pull a Haslam are still in play:
    Desperate times call for stupid measures.

  5. Nobody is going to give this guy a huge guaranteed contract, agent or no agent. He’ll never win any games as a pocket passer. One bad hit to the knees and he’s Robert Griffin III.

  6. I still think the Browns make a play for him..then they sign him to a 5 year $250 million dollar contract too.. because in Cleveland they think it would be “cool” to have 2 over rated QBs that would cost them a combined 1/2 Billion dollars because that would be even cooler..

  7. The teams that bailed out are smart no one in the NFL is worth the money he is asking and no franchise should bankrupt their team with a ludicrous contract to an injury prone QB.

  8. What are the chances that Snyder ponies up the dough just to leave the team in a salary cap lurch after he sells?
    I wouldn’t put it past him.

  9. 2019 “MVP”.

    Simple Question here, has he got better or regressed?

    Yeah exactly.

    So why would a team pay a king’s ransom for a guy the league has figured out….

  10. Hilarious that all the teams slobbering over Watson all of a sudden don’t want a league MVP on their team. There are arguably only 5 teams that would not be improved by Lamar…the rest (if they aren’t tied up in a contract) are negligent.

  11. Will Lamar turn out to be the dumbest player in NFL history? Seems to be leaning that way.

  12. austinspencer says:
    March 10, 2023 at 8:52 pm
    Lamar will be washed in 3 years.


    Lamar is washed now, he just might kill the team that decides to pay him.

  13. Two years in a row Lamar Jackson finished the season in the rehab room.
    Who wants to be their career on that turning out differently in the future?

  14. 31 teams each acting in their own best interest is not collusion. Nobody wants retreads and the QBs that do get the big trades are either SB winners or guys like Stafford who are helping LA out of a bad Goff contract. Teams don’t randomly trade for overrated and often injured QBs just to pay them a ransom. Wentz played like an MVP in 2017 and 2 teams got burnt trading for him.

  15. Lamar is a way over priced RB with some second string passing skills. He’s a modern era Michael Vick. How many championships did he go to again? Just like you’ll never win a single thing with Fields or Murray. These dudes were always the best athlete on every team they ever played on. One read and run. Never learned the position and now it catches up.

  16. Lamar should have took the 200 mil and 130 guaranteed or whatever it was.

    Now It’s going to be less if he comes back.

  17. Ravens currently rethinking matching any offer.
    And if no one makes him an offer, Ravens might not even match the previous offer Lamar turned down.

  18. Lots will draft, Commanders and Bienamy don’t want anything to do with him. Snyder not gonna make a move when he’s gonna sell the team, and Houston is t either. He’s gonna have to suck it up and go play. Won’t be easy, but he better pass more and run less and finish an entire season for the first time in three years. Winning a playoff game or two might help as well. Nobody is guaranteeing him that kind of money with his awful playoff record that nobody brings up. They just want to talk about a black athlete getting screwed. Go win something a change my mind. Regular season be playoff stats are night and day.

  19. Teams would be silly to sign this guy to stupid money. Draft a RB and run the wildcat. He’ll be injured and unavailable like he was last year.

  20. Lamar is NOT a good QB …. In 2022 he missed 5 games, threw for 2242 yards, with a 62% completion percentage. He is 1 win in 4 games in the playoffs and wants to reset the QB market and wants a fully guaranteed contract. He needs an agent and good advice. The Ravens were smart to give him the non-exclusive franchise tag and let’s see who will offer up 2 first round picks for Mr. Jackson.

  21. Honestly this whole affair is the most bizarre sequence I can remember in the nfl. Of course some other team could approach the ravens for some other kind of trade agreement outside of the tag constraints. It doesn’t have to go that way if it possible to work something out with that nut case. Not probable but not impossible

  22. Hey Baltimore, can we just pay the man already? You’re embarrassing yourselves.

    Jackson deserves Watson-level money; its not that complicated.

    5 years, $260 million, fully guaranteed at signing.

    Now lets go win a Super Bowl-

  23. Lamar met with LeBron a year ago in LA. LeBron gave Lamar two pieces of advice. 1. Be the face of the league. 2. Be the highest paid player in the NFL by far.

    How’s that working out so far?

  24. Besides not having an agent what really hurt Jackson was him Quitting on the team,if he would’ve came back to play last few games and balled out he would’ve probably gotten a offer from a few teams but no one likes a Quitter especially when they are supposed to be the Leader but the price is too high (2 first)and guaranteed contract isn’t going to happen..

  25. Yeah. Lamar played chicken w/ a billionaire, and his mommy as his agent, and lost. All the apologists in here are funny ” but…but .he’s gonna get his $32 Mill..he didn’t lose… He’s a millionaire”. I guess. But he made himself look foolish, believes he can’t be replaced, said some dreadfully childish remarks on social media last yr, and was gutless w/ a knee injury that he could’ve played thru. If people still believe he is dealing from strength, they live in fantasy land.

  26. I have no problem with a player trying to get as much money as he can.

    I do have a problem with a player that fakes an injury that keeps them out of the playoffs.
    Even if that injury is not faked they don’t even bother showing up to the playoffs to cheer their team on?

    He sounds like a locker room problem which is the last thing you can afford from a quarterback and the highest paid player on your team

  27. He plays for the Ravens or no one in 2023.

    Indy has tried the veteran route 3 times since Luck left and all swing and misses. Plus, they pick 4th.

    Washington said no. Atlanta said no. Miami said no.

    The only team left as a possibility is Las Vegas. That’s it. And they currently sit at 7. They could get whatever QB falls through the cracks or get Jimmy G as a stop gap for 2023.

  28. There are only 3 teams Jackson will consider in this order: Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, and Tennessee. Seattle and Miami would have been in that mix too if they had not solidified their QB situations. Why these teams? There’s a common thread beyond QB need.

  29. How many playoff games has Lamar Jackson won? I wouldn’t want him, he runs wayyyyy too much-learn to succeed from the pocket first!

  30. Just the fact he thinks he’s more savvy than an experienced agent would make most teams keep their ten-foot pole nearby.

  31. I disagree, Friday was a great day for Lamar, Friday is when his agent(mom) makes chocolate cookies! I wonder what they’ll think when Lamar gets no offers? The CFL is always an option.

  32. “Should bet on himself like Geno” He did. The difference is Gino had an amazing season, while Jackson missed the ends of the past two seasons. Also Gino has an agent.

  33. Jackson could threaten to go into the broadcast booth for MNF and work with Aikman and Buck. It could help his leverage

  34. Why is anybody shocked at this? Jackson is a great athlete and a gaudy stat machine but he isn’t an NFL QB (the media must all be Madden\Fantasy players if they can’t see this). He wants a fully guaranteed contract which only one owner was stupid enough to give (enjoy the concept Cleveland as you are now crippled for the next 4 years). He hasn’t finished out the last 2 seasons (when a team needs him the most). He’s 1-4 in the playoffs with an average of 225 yards passing and 0.75 TDs per. And wasn’t even with the team for the game against Cincinnati.

    And to top it all off Huntley stats were 226 yards passing and 2 TDs in the Jan. 15 playoff game.

    So what about any of the above makes Jackson a gotta have elite QB?

  35. Not sure how it’s a bad day. The Panthers are out because those chose a lottery over a guy who wins 75% of his games. The Texans now have to settle for their second choice and the Colts their third and the 9ers QB will miss training camp and probably the start of regular season. If the Dolphins did get involved Tua would be involved in the trade and having him cheap for 2 seasons is better than one. It’s easy to collude in March let’s see if they can hold off until June. If NFL owners only care about winning as much as hear during every Rooney Rule story then surely someone will pay a guy who wins as often as Jackson does.

  36. Best marriage advice I got: Be right or be happy. His pursuit of being right will leave him so dejected, and being such an emotional player, I don’t think he’ll be very good for anybody. Crazy prediction: He doesn’t play in 2023 (holds out) and signs with the XFL in 2024.

  37. The Dolphins were NEVER going to make a move for Lamar or anyone else for that matter.

  38. It’s pretty obvious the Ravens have decided to part ways, and might already have a rookie QB in mind. If they get their 2 first-rounders they’ll make a play for the #1 pick. Also wouldn’t be surprised if they retract their franchise tag just before the draft if there are no takers by then.

  39. I think sitting back and playing the tag game is a good move for him. Look how its made Kirk Cousins $231 million. The Ravens will never be in a position to draft a top QB in the draft because they win too much with Lamar playing. So they are stuck with each other.

  40. Depends on what Agent Jackson will take. If he drops the MUST BE ALL GUARANTEED north of 200M demand there are likely multiple teams that would give up two 1s for him. Especially teams in the 15-25 rd 1 range.

  41. Jackson’s stats fail to justify his EGO. Who does he think he is anyway, Watson? Someone needs to tell him to go out and sexually disturb as many massage therapists as he can then find a really stupid NFL owner with an even stupider GM who loves youth football coaches more than professionals!

    Better yet, maybe start his own league and become the league commissioner. He would be as honest and correct as the one the NFL has. Then he could make 260 million a “year”, fully guaranteed, and wouldn’t need to hide behind a slightly sore knee. That would be his win – win scenario. And he wouldn’t even need an agent to share his greed with.

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