John Schneider, Pete Carroll praise Geno Smith’s perseverance and work ethic

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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Seahawks General Manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll spent Thursday praising quarterback Geno Smith, who shocked the NFL world by having by far his best year in his 10th NFL season in 2022, and who has now signed a new contract to remain the Seahawks’ starting quarterback.

Schneider called Smith an inspiration to everyone in the building and to people across the country who have followed his career.

“I want to thank Geno,” Schneider said. “Geno, I want to let you know what an inspiration you’ve been to men, women, young, old, all around the country. Lessons about faith, perseverance, work ethic, being a good person. Watching you last year was awesome and I know you’re super excited about the future. So thank you to you. Thank you for working with us.”

Carroll said Smith, who backed up Russell Wilson for three years before becoming the Seahawks’ starter last year, was the leader Seattle needed in 2022.

“There were a lot of years when Geno had to sit there waiting,” Carroll said. “The story that has been unveiled about believing in yourself and confidence and trust and never giving up, it’s a vivid illustration to see this happen. He always knew, we just had to let it out. That’s what you did, Geno. You always knew that you could do this, and when it happened and the opportunity was there for you to take over the reins, you handled it so flawlessly. We were grateful to watch it happen. It was a blast. We need to win a couple more games, we know that, we need to do a little bit better, but we still did a lot and you accomplished a tremendous amount.”

The Seahawks may still draft a quarterback and move on from Smith a year from now, but even if 2023 is Smith’s final season as the Seahawks’ starter, he has already accomplished more in Seattle than anyone thought possible when he arrived as a backup who had to compete just to make the roster. Smith has persevered.

16 responses to “John Schneider, Pete Carroll praise Geno Smith’s perseverance and work ethic

  1. Glad to see him escape the curse of the Jets QBs. They really know how to destroy careers. He is a great example of how the right situation (not the Jets) makes a good QB.

  2. I see where this is going.Hopefully it works out but if it doesn’t…..I see no need for a collusion story.

  3. Gotta give a shout out of praise to Geno for his perseverance and work, one of the better storylines. He sure has a good agent for getting him that coin.

  4. Faith in The Father coupled with hard work and not entertaining self-pity, a.k.a. victim hood, are sine qua non to prevailing.

  5. If there’s a quality QB available in the 3rd round (Herndon or McKee) take him and let him sit behind Geno this year. If Geno has a great year, he can sit another for another year. What a terrible problem to have.

  6. These guys are really laying it on thick. Wondering if they want to try and package Geno, who is a low to mediocre talent on his best day in some sort of a trade deal?

  7. The way I see Geno that he want to win as a team. Look how Russell(Unwatchable QB)Wilson want money but not helping the team. Way to go Geno. GO HAWK to SB

  8. The Seahawks ripped Geno off, because mark my words, theyre going to cut him by this time next year.

  9. Everybody slammed Pete and John last year for trading away Wilson – then again when they named Geno the starter over Lock (even though Geno looked much better than Lock in the preseason). Turns out they knew something everybody else didn’t. It’s just too bad they didn’t dump Wilson a year earlier.

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