Panthers get word out that they could trade back from No. 1

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The Panthers presumably traded up to No. 1 overall to get their choice of quarterbacks. The last time — and only time — they drafted No. 1 overall they ended up with Cam Newton, who won MVP honors in 2015.

At No. 1, they would have Alabama’s Bryce Young, Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, Florida’s Anthony Richardson or Kentucky’s Will Levis available to them.

But not so fast. . . .

The Panthers quickly got out word to their local writers that they could trade back. Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer and Joe Person of had nearly identical tweets: The Panthers feel they now “control” the draft, and they are not discounting backing up in the draft to recoup some of the compensation they lost if they have a couple of quarterbacks they like.

The Texans, though, would have to have interest in moving up from No. 2. Otherwise, the Panthers would risk losing one of the top two quarterbacks.

Houston also is in the market for a long-term answer at the position.

The Panthers, though, are making it known they are open for business and will listen to offers. Why wouldn’t they? But if they move back beyond No. 2, the Panthers might not get who they want.

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  1. After making the trade, genius owner David Tepper realized he overpaid for a soon to be mediocre quarterback coming out of college.

    Tepper, the clown owning the cleveland clowns and the weasel owning the commanders are filthy rich businessmen, but have zero clue on running a football team.

  2. Mission accomplished. They got rid of Moore, who may have cost them a playoff berth with the helmet penalty vs Atlanta. Now they have massive leverage possessing the first round pick. To be seen how this goes but well played by Carolina!

  3. What?

    But, they overpaid to get to #1 so that means some team would have tobe doubly dumb to offer more.

    This might be even dumber than SFs move up to get Lance.

    No sane team will do that. How dumb are these teams?

  4. The Twitter Media had no idea this trade was coming.
    Were completely blind sided.
    They couldn’t see the massive trade coming, but now they suddenly do have an ‘in’ on what the Panthers are thinking.

    Make it make sense.

  5. I think they want Richardson, and feel that Indy will trade up, to take Young, Stroud will go to Houston leaving Richardson to Carolina

  6. Well great. Now we’re going to see 150 new mock drafts over the next week.

  7. Solid strategy. If they determine they want Stroud and can get the Texans to confirm they want Young, they can flip from 1 to 2 and recoup draft capital. Even if they don’t intend to do that, it’s still smart to play it that way; you never know what kind of offer you’ll get, so it’s worth inviting them.

  8. You overpaid to get the #1 pick and are not in love with any of these QBs??? What a dumpster fie franchise.

  9. Actually, they should do what Chicago should’ve done: make 2 trades. Get something from Houston to go from #1 to #2, then get a huge haul from someone else to slide down a little further in the Top 10. They’ll still end up with Levis or Richardson, recoup all of their picks and more, and in 2024, they’ll have DJ Moore’s deal off the books and be bursting with cap space for Tepper to go on a shopping spree.

  10. They should trade the pick to the Bears for #9 #61, a first next year, a second in ’25 and D.J. Moore.

  11. It’s smart….Carolina needed to be top 4 to guarantee 1 of the 4 QB’s and be in the mix. The best QB in this draft is Will Levis in my opinion, if they feel the same and know the Texans covet one of the other 3 or if Carolina covets 2 of them equally they only need to know who the QB is that the team trading with them is taking. Or trade with Arizona at 3 if you know the Texans are not taking Levis. .

  12. As a Bears fan this makes me confident they’ll pick the wrong guy and leave us with a top 5 pick next year

  13. Why not call Houston in the first place? If you gave them a fair offer they would have taken it. They’re not winning anything, anytime soon and could easily wait another year or 2 for a QB, or get lucky at 9 or whenever. Bears would have been stuck at 1.
    Panthers are also not a QB away from anything, either. Houston would have been thrilled to have 2 1’s, a 2, a 3 and no WR thrown in.
    Dumb move. I want to see a healthy guy the day before the draft. Open for business. Good grief. You can’t make this stuff up.

  14. The indications from Houston is that Richardson is their target… and will sign Jimmy G to start until Anthony is ready to take the reigns.

  15. It’s possible Carolina could trade down twice, and recoup most of thier draft capitol,and still get a top 4 QB. But I doubt Houston will trade up. Indy could, but might be content with any of the top 4 QBs. Las Vegas may try to trade up to 3. I think Carolina is stuck with this pick. And are fine with it.

  16. Draft Day was fiction, and poorly-written fiction. I suspect however those news stories are really fiction. If you trade into #1 and then trade out and the guy that goes #1 is the next Jalen Hurts and is balling in the Super Bowl less than 3 years after you draft him, you are a laughingstock for life.

  17. I like Teppers moxie, just may score on this. Chiefs (who I’ve seen since ’66), got lucky and the Panthers need a little luck here.

    btw Trubisky was same kind of deal.

  18. I still think the Raiders will move up to #3 and take whichever QB falls to them. And if they have a choice no doubt they’ll take Tebow. I hear their HC loves him.

  19. Texans get a lot of heat for dumb moves some deserved heat. I don’t even think their GM is that stupid.

  20. With the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft, the Carolina Panthers select Anthony Richardson, running back, University of Florida.

  21. The only way this makes sense is if they know who the Texans are going to take and they don’t want that quarterback.

    Then its safe to swap pics with the Texans to recoup some of the draft capital surrendered for the trade up.

    But I don’t believe a word of it , it’s just talk

  22. They decided to watch film on the Top 3 QBs after making the trade and instantly regretted it

  23. Panthers get the word out that Tepper is Dan Snyder 2.0 and making it up as he goes along

  24. Unless the Colts make an offer they can’t refuse, if I’m the Texans, I’d sit tight and take Will Anderson at 2 and pick a QB next year. They just hired Ryans, a defensive coach who knows the long term value of a guy like Anderson. Cardinals at 3, same thing – I’d sit tight and think about taking Carter at 3 if the off the field issues are addressed. Somebody will pay to move up though. Seattle is in the best position, they took care of their short term QB needs and a really good player will fall to them.

  25. they gave up a #1 next year (probably top 5 pick) a second rounder this year and DJ Moore to “control” the draft?

  26. I read they want Richardson. If they could trade back, get some picks in return and still get him they may come away looking pretty good.

  27. This looks weird, but it could be a message to the Ravens. Carolina probably wants Lamar and the No. 1 pick gives them a better chance to trade for his rights than the No. 9 pick. Or maybe they want Kyler Murray for the No. 1 pick. The Cardinals have a new GM who didn‘t draft Kyler. Indy‘s No. 4 is probably the lowest they would go if they want to draft somebody, but all these moves look too complicated to be considered a clear plan. Carolina/Tepper definitely is in desperation mode right now, because he wants to win now at all costs.

  28. This why you don’t do a trade like this unless you really want a certain qb

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