Panthers trade up to first overall pick, Bears get two firsts, two seconds, D.J. Moore

NFL: OCT 30 Panthers at Falcons
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The first overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft has been traded.

In a blockbuster trade that came down Friday afternoon, the Panthers moved up with the Bears and acquired the first overall pick in the draft.

The Bears are getting the No. 9 overall pick and No. 61 overall pick in this year’s draft from Carolina, as well as wide receiver D.J. Moore, the Panthers’ 2024 first-round pick, and the Panthers’ 2025 second-round pick.

Obviously, the Panthers have their mind made up on one franchise quarterback in this year’s draft, and the only way to get that quarterback is to move up to No. 1.

It’s not clear right now who that quarterback is, but Alabama’s Bryce Young is widely regarded as the top pick in this year’s draft. Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, Florida’s Anthony Richardson and Kentucky’s Will Levis are all viewed as top prospects as well, but likely not quarterbacks the Panthers would move up to No. 1 for at this stage in the game.

The Bears are totally committed to Justin Fields as their franchise quarterback, and now they’ll stockpile the roster with players to put around Fields.

129 responses to “Panthers trade up to first overall pick, Bears get two firsts, two seconds, D.J. Moore

  1. Wow! I hope Fields and Moore mesh well. He’s clearly the #1 receiver for the Bears now.

  2. OMG No !!! Way too much to give up.
    The Tepper era pretty much sucks from a team building/roster management standpoint.

  3. Wow. Bears GM for the win. Carolina probably tried to give them even more but the Bears felt bad and said no thanks.

  4. If they take Richardson, I feel bad for Carolina fans. I think Stroud will be the best quarterback out of this draft.

  5. If the Texans were smart they would trade the #2 pick in first round and also receive a boatload of quality draft choices. Then they could select a quality sure thing quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft.

  6. I’m not surprised it happened. Just surprised it happened so early before the draft. More to follow this move, is my guess.

  7. Getting D.J. Moore is a really great move for the Bears.
    The picks are obviously essential, but they’re basically unknowns.
    Now, I think it’s safe to say that there should be no more excuses for Justin Field’s’ apologists.
    Phenomenal trade.

  8. Bryce is gonna be a Panther now…as a Titans fans, I’m glad… he’s gonna be a star and I didn’t want to see him in Houston or Indy…

  9. I am a Packers fan, but good for the Bears. They have been subpar for too long.

  10. That’s not a trade, that’s a dowry for an unseen bride. Woof, Panthers fans.

  11. Wow. Carolina fleeced!

    I don’t see Fields working out because he can’t throw at the Pro level, but that’s still a nice little fleecing over the “shock and awe” Panthers in awful pro sports market.

  12. When you have as much cash as the Bears have, there’s much more merit in including established starters instead of extra lottery tickets. Less risk and a more immediate turnaround. Well done to Poles, now they can focus on the defence in the draft.

  13. It pays to be terrible in years when there’s a good QB class. The Bears are well positioned to start rebuilding. The Panthers better not miss on their pick.

  14. Looks like Ozzie and DeCosta’s target is going, going…gone
    Time to figure out which QB Todd Monken will plan his offense around

  15. For those saying CJ Stroud. Why would they trade up for Stroud, when they can stay at 4 and take him?

  16. If I am Bears, I trade back to 3-5 and draft best available QB, use the picks to build a real team.

    Fields isnt it.

  17. I’m not mad at Poles for this move. Not mad at all. Now get some studs in the trenches.

  18. Solid trade that should build a real contender in 3-5 years.

    To bad they won’t as in 3-5 years we’ll be in the prime of another 18 year run of HOF play. Why are any Bears fans not Packer fans is the real mystery.

  19. Panthers fan-I think this is fair
    Hope they are gonna go after some Free agent WRs because there is not much left in the WR room for new guy to throw to. But the OL is solid

  20. Phew, I’m just glad neither Jalen Carter nor Will Anderson will be harassing my QB in the NFC nawf. #goff

  21. This shows you how Poles really feels about Fields — no better WR option was realistic for the next 1-2 years.

    This trade could really be a win-win if the Panthers select the right QB

  22. If I know Frank Reich like I think I do, he’s taking Will Anderson Jr. #1

  23. Carolina won’t be able to put any weapons around whoever they take and he’ll be expected to start now. Some poor kid is about to become a tackling dummy for defenses.

  24. That sounds like a great haul for the Bears but I’m surprised they pulled the trigger so soon. Seems like they could have gotten more by trading down a couple of times (like from 1 to 2 and 2 to 4). Seems like getting DJ Moore was the key to the whole thing because other teams could have given them better draft picks.

  25. Getting a slew of draft picks is one thing, picking good players with them is another.

  26. unempl0yed says:
    March 10, 2023 at 5:50 pm

    For those saying CJ Stroud. Why would they trade up for Stroud, when they can stay at 4 and take him?

    Because their pick was at 9.

  27. Take Bryce Young. Don’t overthink it. His tape is ridiculous. I don’t care if he’s small.

  28. I saw the headline and thought it was another mock draft. Wow, giving up Moore is a bit shocking (I feel bad for him the Bears have a habit of underutilizating WRs) the rest is about par for the #1 pick and at least we still have one second round pick this year.

  29. Guess they are not going to get their franchise changing defensive player unless the troubled Carter falls down to them at 9.i don’t like this move for the bears as they could have gotten Indy or Houston to trade with them.

  30. unempl0yed says:
    March 10, 2023 at 5:50 pm
    For those saying CJ Stroud. Why would they trade up for Stroud, when they can stay at 4 and take him?”

    Are you by chance an unemployed accountant?

  31. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hooker from TN turns out to be the best one four years from now.

  32. No excuses now for Chicago. If the GM can’t make a contender out of those picks he should never get another GM job.

  33. The Bears got an absolute haul, and man, DJ Moore is a stud. If I was a Bears fan I’d be excited for this trade. Of course, that would also come with the insistence that Poles goes out and gets a solid O-Line.

    Serious question. What is CHI going to do about their RB situation? DM and KH are both serviceable, but if Fields really wants to be successful he needs an O-Line to stop the pass rush and a RB that’s good enough to pull defensive focus.

    I thought CHI would consider D Henry once I heard he was being shopped. That would be a ridiculous rushing threat to match up with Moore in the slot and get a 2nd round WR burner.

  34. I think this is a win-win trade if everything pans out as intended. The Bears need help everywhere and can use the draft ammo, plus Moore upgrades your receiving talent immediately. Carolina needs a franchise QB for Reich to mold and roll the dice on, and you already have a roster with some pieces on it.

    As a Lions fan I hope the reality turns out to be the Bears screw that package up catastrophically, and Panthers fans remember this as the year they got a HOF QB for picks that ended up being historic busts. One of those trivia moments you can enjoy a decade later.

  35. Great for the Bears, what one player is worth giving up so many picks? QB? If he doesn’t develop into a franchise QB, well the Panthers just gave AWAY the farm. Bears are smiling all the way to the DRAFT…
    Damn that hurts coming from a Viking fan.

  36. I think this is a really dumb trade. They cud have got two first and not had to move down to the ninth pick. I think its great for the Panthers but the bears should have done a trade with the texans or colts so they cud have still got one of the elite players.

  37. I love how people are saying Oh Lovie Smith really stuck it to the Texans. Yea, that may be but he did help get Jack Easterby Fired.

  38. Panthers can now trade down with Houston and Indy and end up with the fourth pick for free.

  39. Good for Poles. However, I don’t agree that the Bears are 100% invested in Fields. In fact, the timing of this might lead me to think otherwise. I believe Indy is a fit for Fields. Indy probably just lost their preferred rookie QB with this trade. Trading the 1st pick now allows them to trade Fields (now) and grab a bridge QB in free agency. Either way, things are looking up for the Bears. If they time it right, they can ascend when Det, Minn, and GB are rebuilding.

  40. Chicago gets rid of America’s worst Mayor Lori Lightfoot and now this great haul……things are looking up for Chicago finally now you need to get that new stadium and you’ll be all good.

  41. The Bears did the right thing. Grab what you can when you can. Carolina gave it up so this trade better work out for them or it will set them back for years.

  42. Tidy work by Poles. Nice haul of draft picks and the DJ Moore throw-in is delicious!! Solidify the O-line and build the defense and the pieces are there for a great rebuild.

  43. The new NFL owner playbook, chapter 2. (Chapter 1 was “Fire a perfectly good coach”)

  44. Smart move by the Bears, stupid move by the Panthers, no QB in this draft class is worth what they paid.

  45. Awful lot to give up for a lottery ticket and none of the Quarterbacks are a Trevor Lawrence type “sure thing’ who despite all the hype is below .500 and has only about a half season worth of quality games.

  46. Whatever rookie QB coming in to Carolina is going to love not having a #1 WR to throw to. Awesome

  47. Man CAR is setting themselves back 5 years or more by taking any of these QBs. Good luck

  48. That’s the price for an established, winning starting QB. Huge price to pay for an unproven rookie, especially in a class where none of the top guys are without questions and some are without much game experience.

    My first thought is that it feels like a loss for Houston, but now they are saved from spending all the draft value this would have taken. I suspect they will happily take whichever guy Carolina isn’t supremely overspending for, if not trade down.

  49. I just don’t see that kind of haul working for any QB in this year’s draft. Wow…

  50. It’s not a fleece at all. I think the Bears were fleeced. People overvalue draft picks all the time. Most don’t remain on the same team past 4 years. Bryce Young could be on the Panthers for 10 years. And he could be a pro-bowl player. The 2024 1st rounder and 2025 2nd rounder are nothing if the Bryce plays well. Finding WR’s also is not difficult. It’s the most well-stocked position in pro football. I always say that teams must do EVERYTHING to get a QB. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels. Great move by the PANTHERS!

  51. This might be one of the dumbest trades ever. Two 1sts, a 2nd a 3rd and a WR who had three straight 1000 yard seasons, would’ve had a fourth in 2022 with better QB. Panthers now will have a rookie QB, no WR, no RB. Good luck Frank.

  52. If they make the wrong call on which QB then they’ll be picking first again in 2025, though at least they won’t have to trade up to do it then

  53. iliketurtles says:
    March 10, 2023 at 6:24 pm
    Good heavens I’m not used to the bears having draft picks
    Having draft picks is one thing, using them to obtain quality players is another…..can you say Trubisky?……lol…

  54. Yeah, I don’t get it. People claiming the Panthers gave up a “haul”, but in reality they gave up 1 first rounder and 2 second rounders, not multiple 1st rounders as it sounds. I have seen wayyy worst capital given up to move into the 1st spot. And yes, Moore is good but he is not a receiver that can’t be replaced. Just my opinion…

  55. The Carolina Panthers are out of their damned minds. This was an all Chicago trade and the Panthers will come away with nothing but a bunch of traded away draft picks and nothing to show for it Scott Fitterer should be fired at the earliest possible opportunity. I do not like this deal at all. The Panthers are crazy.

  56. Browns to trade Deshaun Watson to o Bears for DJ Moore and Justin Fields
    Bears also get Donovan Peoples Jones

  57. Could the Bears trade back again? It won’t happen till they are on the clock but damn…they could potentially pull off a Herschel Walker scenario without even trying.

  58. I hate to say it but Bears GM totally fleeced Carolina. With this load of draft picks plus the picks the Bears already have they should be much improved immediately. No more excuses for Justin Fields.

  59. 5’10 is really short in the NFL, no matter how much college talent you displayed. Just look at Kyler Murray. I see the Panthers making a bold move for Richardson, and he will improve from week to week in 2023 to end up at 8-9 or 9-8 and guess what, with a lot of fireworks. The Panther should load up on OL and WR in free agency.

  60. No words for how stupid this was for the Panthers. You better pick right or you just screwed us Panther fans for years. SMH.

  61. Poles didn’t get enough. #9 overall is too late to get a stud, and only two #1 picks, not three? Poles should have waited until the Panthers got desperate.

  62. You’d think at some point teams would realize these trades to #1 don’t work. Jared Goff? Ki-Jana Carter? Jeff George? There’s no sure fire pick this year. It’s either an undersized qb, or an athlete they plan to make a qb. Giving up 2 firsts and 2 seconds, they can’t draft that franchise tackle to protect him. They can’t draft a #1 wr (not to mention giving up your top wr). Even if they do strike gold, which I think is doubtful, he’ll be demanding $60m guaranteed in 4 years. Thats a huge salary cap chunk, and they’ll have to sign high priced wr’s or tackles via free agency because of lost picks. Other positions will be patch jobs. Great job by the Bears fleecing the next gullible team.

  63. Is the Carolina GM looking for a job in Chicago? How could a team like Carolina trade away a great player and then three more future players for one unproven? The numbers don’t make sense.

  64. I love this move because it’s making all the couch coaches melt down.

  65. I guess I just don’t know enough about Moore other than he was a first rounder in 2018. Good player but hard to believe that was enough to tip the scales for Poles. As a Bears fan, not especially excited by this. Not a catastrophe but I just feel they could have gained more by waiting.

  66. Chicago has tons of money, tons of draft capital, and a decent rising young QB. It will be fun to see how they screw this up.

  67. Well, with whatever the Packers get for Rodgers, this trade should make them look really stupid.

  68. With Moore, Mooney, and Kmet, the Bears now have a respectable receiver corp. But the biggest, most vital need for Fields still needs to be met: Offensive line. Every game I watched, I rarely saw Fields get two seconds to throw, as their was a D-lineman usually arriving in his face along with the ball. Hence, all of his WR’s could be Jerry Rice quality, and it wouldn’t really matter if he doesn’t get the time to throw them the ball.

  69. You’d think at some point teams would realize these trades to #1 don’t work.
    Teams disagree. First, teams want the fifth year option on QBs. That’s five years with your starting QB on a rookie deal. Those five years you can splurge on other positions and win. Recently, that has been a recipe for success. On top of that, QB is a position where the player could be with the team for fifteen years—long investment. Last is the part I hate… they will be all in on the rookie QB because of draft status, no time spent gauging who is the best QB. They will spend all their time and resources on that drafted QB, maximizing potential. Compare to someone like Heineke who gets jerked around and never is fully invested in.

  70. You don’t have to think long and hard to come up with a list of QB’s who were drafted #1 overall, but didn’t come close to reaching elite status. I’d hate to see Carolina trade away the farm, and then miss on the pick. We know it’s possible. The stars seem to be aligning for that to happen.

  71. None of the quarterbacks in this draft are worth that haul. None are as good as Sam Howell and he went in the fifth round.

  72. Thought the Bears might get more after seeing what the Niners gave up just to get to #3 overall. Decent haul though if that was the best offer on the table.

  73. How “Dumb”is the Houston Texans for Winning a Meaningless Game and giving away The #1 Draft Pick! The Fans is Houston are “Livid” – Cal McNair is a Joke Owner!

  74. With the First pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Anthony Richardson, Running Back, University of Florida.

  75. Moving down eight spots in a draft that has no clear game changing QB/player isn‘t bad for the Bears, but swapping 1st rounders (1 and 9) plus giving up one first rounder next year and two second rounders plus a good player is a small price for a number 1 overall pick in the draft for the Panthers.
    Depending on how they are using their draft picks there is no clear winner in this trade so far. If you compare it with what the 49ers gave up to move from 12 to 3 to be able to draft Trey Lance this is a bargain for the Panthers, but you have to wonder if they are able to draft a game changer/franchise player at No. 1! Anthony Richardson, if he learns to throw like an NFL QB or Bryce Young, if he turns out to be a mix of Drew Brees and Russell Wilson might be the players worth the risk, but there are huge question marks. I‘d rather have No.1 overall in next years draft.

  76. Muhsin Muhammed was pretty good until he got to the Bears too. Just sayin.

    That said, a nice haul for the Bears. They must not be that in love with either Anderson or Carter, and/or feel one of them could drop. 9 is still plenty high to get a day one starter at one of the Bears’ many positions of need.

    I actually think the key pieces in this are Moore (a true WR1 at last) and the 2024 1st. If Fields fails and the Panthers don’t dramatically improve, the Bears could have two 1sts in the top 5 or 6 which is plenty of draft capital to go another direction in next year’s draft.

  77. Maybe the Panthers overpaid, but they had to. There were too many teams ahead of them that would have taken a QB and plenty of teams behind them that would have traded up to get one. Dealing for an declining QB or overpaying a free agent wasn’t an option anymore.

  78. Seems excessive to move up 8 spots, but was needed to get the QB they wanted. This approach hasn’t worked well for team in the past…49ers (Lance), Bears (Trubisky). Bears should get 2 starters with #9/#61, a #1 WR, and potentially 2 more starters in 24′ & 25′. Nice job by the 1st year GM.

  79. I could still see the Bears trading down once more and get value picks in rounds 2 & 3. If they stick at 9, I could see Poles completing the WR room with TCU Quentin Johnston. Before that, they need to go get OT Brown & McGlinchey in FA. They have the $$$.

    Overall, happy with the trade but as the 120+ posts before this said let’s see what Poles does with the picks.

  80. “This might be one of the dumbest trades ever…”

    No, the Bears executed the dumbest draft trade ever (next to Saints HC Ditka trading his entire 1999 draft class for RB Ricky “I Just Want to Smoke Dope” Williams) in 2017 when they gave away the farm for (Say WHAT?) QB Trubisky, and left Mahomes and Watson on the table.

  81. with the new schedule and rules does 1000 yards for a receiver really matter anymore?

  82. Maybe the Panthers offer the first pick to the Ravens in exchange for the rights to Lamar (on the tag). They can then throw guaranteed money at Lamar like the Browns did with Watson, so he will sign with them. Would be expensive, but from their perspective probably worth it. Tepper is a win now owner.

  83. LOL should’ve traded Fields and drafted Young. This is going to be a disaster. Young is a can’t miss prospect. He literally has it all besides his size.

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