Panthers’ trade up to No. 1 leaves Texans picking second quarterback

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The Bears owe the Colts a thank you gift.

Without the Colts’ loss to the Texans in Week 18, the Bears never would have gotten the haul that they got Friday in a trade of the No. 1 overall pick to the Panthers.

Chicago is getting the No. 9 overall pick and No. 61 overall pick in this year’s draft from Carolina, as well as wide receiver DJ Moore, the Panthers’ 2024 first-round pick and the Panthers’ 2025 second-round selection.

The Panthers are trading up to take a quarterback at No. 1 overall. They will have their choice of Alabama’s Bryce Young, Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, Florida’s Anthony Richardson or Kentucky’s Will Levis. The Texans then will take one of the other three.

Houston appeared a shoo-in for the top pick the entire season until winning 32-31 over Indianapolis with a touchdown and a two-point conversion with 50 seconds left. The Texans finished 3-13-1.

Then Texans head coach Lovie Smith said after the Week 18 game that he gave no consideration to taking the foot off the gas in order to get the top pick, but the team fired Smith after the season.

So, they will have to wait to see who the Panthers select before making their pick of quarterbacks.

23 responses to “Panthers’ trade up to No. 1 leaves Texans picking second quarterback

  1. And Aaron Rodgers will probably net the Packers a 3rd round conditional pick, if any team actually completes a trade for him…

    Chicago did very well – maybe even too much to move back just 8 spots. Good chance, whomever they really want to draft will still be available, so all the other picks plus DJ Moore are just a bonus.

  2. They’re both screwed now. This trade by Carolina is utterly ridiculous. Giving up this and next year’s 1st and 2nd rounders for, presumably, Stroud and a WR is asinine.

  3. Lovie did what a coach should do (who knows he’s getting canned). Were he to be assured of another season, he would’ve run the ball 3 times and kicked.

  4. I knew all along the Panthers would bite. They were rinsed by the Bears. Thanks, Lovie!

  5. myvietnamwasfightingtheclap says:
    March 10, 2023 at 6:13 pm
    They’re both screwed now. This trade by Carolina is utterly ridiculous. Giving up this and next year’s 1st and 2nd rounders for, presumably, Stroud and a WR is asinine.


    Stroud is fantastic, what games did you watch?

  6. There are a lot of good players in this draft, most of them not QBs. Every QB has big question marks.

    This feels like a win for Houston. They now have the most valuable pick available for trade with lots of time left, and they are saved from spending all the draft capital it would have taken to move up. This is a blessing in disguise that’s not even really in disguise.

    What an incredible overspend by Carolina.

  7. Wow! You essentially give up 4 starters with the high draft picks and your second best player (#1 receiver) to bet on a rookie QB? Carolina absolutely has no clue. Lamar would only cost you the two 1s.

  8. That’s malpractice for Lovie Smith. You have to secure the #1 pick at that point when you know the team needs a franchise QB and Bryce Young had already declared for the draft.

  9. I mean, nothing really changed for them. Carolina is rumored to be high on Richardson. Houston wants young

  10. Peeps who think the Panthers got fleeced need to go back and learn the established market price to move up to this spot in the draft. The Niners gave up three first rounders to the Dolphins to move up to #3 and draft Trey Lance. It is pricey real estate up there in the top three, much less to own #1 and be King of the Castle. It seems they gave up less than expected to me, probably because they threw in a player instead of only using draft capital.

  11. Let’s see…last time Lovie had the chance to tank, he did and ended up with Jameis. He sure as hell didn’t want to do that again.

  12. You do realize Stroud played NCAA ball, right?
    Arkansas State and Toledo will not be on the Panthers’ schedule.

  13. Once again the Panthers get to ruin a promising career. I hate the cycle of perennial bottom-dwellers destroying these kid’s futures.

  14. Why move up like this if there is not an elite prospect? Panthers could have waited at #9 to take good prospect. I would add Hendon Hooker (could maybe move down), who Daniel Jeremiah
    said could become the best of 2023 QBs. If QB did not pan out Carolina could draft QB again in 2024 and have flexibility to build team this year. The only QB prospect whose traits look like a potential match for the elite QBs is Richardson. He also gave a stunningly good interview. Draft him. Sign Darnold for 2 yrs. to backup pay with incentives based on wins and performance. Hopefully Houston trades up giving Panthers #2 and Brandin Cooks, but it looks like Texans never made offer to Bears. Panthers could maybe trade down (again?) to #4.

  15. hypothetical…2023 Bears offense improves to top 10-15, defense improves to top 10. Bears go 10-7 or 9-8 or 8-9. Carolina struggles with their new QB, Bears could be looking at another 1st round pick in the top 5. Also, this deal finalized with the addition of DJ Moore, excited the Bears got him, was surprised he’s only 25.

  16. The Texans were/are smart to stay at #2. Might be even smarter to trade down to acquire more picks. They’re way more than a QB away from being good! That, and there are no clear cut #1 overall QB’s in this draft.

  17. Quite surprised the trade for the #1 pick was done this early …..something like this usually happens right before the draft.

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