Sauce Gardner makes good on vow to burn his cheesehead

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Those of you who watched Friday’s PFT Live saw the clear and obvious video evidence. Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner, who promised both to not intercept Aaron Rodgers in practice and to burn the cheesehead he wore at Lambeau Field after the Jets upset the Packers if Rodgers joins the Jets, threw the fake wedge of fromage into the fire on Thursday night.

It’s just the latest gesture by Gardner to get Rodgers to New York, and there has been absolutely no on- or off-the-record pushback from the Jets regarding the building momentum linking Rodgers to Gang Green.

The entertaining antics from Gardner, who also said a trade for Rodgers would result in “package deals” (presumably, other Packers), keep building expectations that the Jets will get it done.

Again, what happens if they don’t? What’s the Plan B to Plan Aaron? It can’t be Jimmy Garoppolo or Baker Mayfield or any other available quarterback. Even a successful run at Lamar Jackson would feel like the Jets settled for something other than their preferred option.

The clock keeps ticking. The buzz keep building. Aaron Rodgers emerged from his darkened groundhog burrow more than two weeks ago, and we still don’t know whether Ayahuasca Al saw his shadow or some other vision that would cause him to decide to stay a Packer or become a member of some other team — or none at all — before the first day of spring.

12 responses to “Sauce Gardner makes good on vow to burn his cheesehead

  1. This guy is going to be a serious problem for the Jets very soon. 30 mil per year demands coming.

  2. techincally he didn’t make good on his vow.
    he vowed to throw it in a fire IF Rodgers joined to the Jets. which is incomplete.

  3. >> cheeseisfattening says: Packer fans don’t burn their cheesehead. They only burn farve jerseys <<

    You spelled Favre wrong.

  4. thats good kindling. their worthless stock can also come in handy if you run out of toilet paper.

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