Bud Grant dies at 95


Hall of Fame head coach Bud Grant, who led the Vikings to four Super Bowl, has died. He was 95.

Born May 20, 1927 in Superior Wisconsin, Harry Peter Grant Jr. played in the NBA, the NFL, and the CFL. He was the oldest living NBA champion, a member of the 1950 Minneapolis Lakers.

Grant later played for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He coached the Blue Bombers from 1957 to 1966, taking the job at the age of 29. He won four Grey Cups with the Blue Bombers.

In 1967, Grant succeeded Norm Van Brocklin as head coach of the Vikings. Grant took the Vikings to Super Bowl IV, Super Bowl VIII, Super Bowl IX, and Super Bowl XI.

He coached the team until 1983, retiring for a year and then returning after a disastrous 3-13 season under Les Steckel.

Grant, known for an always-stoic sideline demeanor, had a record of 168-108-5 in his NFL coaching career. He went 118-64-3 in the CFL. In all, he coached 466 games, winning 286 times.

Grant is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Vikings Ring of Honor. He was the CFL coach of the year in 1965 and the NFL coach of the year in 1969.

We extend our condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, and the entire Vikings organization.

81 responses to “Bud Grant dies at 95

  1. NBA Champ, played football at pro level as well. Quite the athlete. Great coach as well. One of a kind.

  2. Bud is an all timer in company with few equals. Rest in peace, Bud! Someone get started on the statue for US Bank Stadium, it would be criminal to not have one.

  3. A legend and a classy guy too. A shame those Vikes teams never got a ring. Recently, I remember him coming out for a playoff game for the coin toss, it may have been the Blair Walsh game where it was like 5 degrees out in Minny when they were playing at the Gophers stadium, and he only had a polo shirt on. Just classic.

    He always stood by BB as well with Goodell’s lies, exposing Goodell for what he is.

    RIP Bud – A NFL legend

  4. May he rest in peace. I recall seeing many games between Vikes and Cowboys. Grant vs. Landry. Two statues on the sidelines, but damn, Grant could coach.

  5. Well shoot, that was not the news I was looking for when I logged in. RIP to an icon.

  6. Legend. As old school as it got. Outdoor practices in the snow, no heaters on the sidelines, the Purple People Eaters. “Welcome to Minnesota, son.”

  7. Tough as nails. Great man and coach. And they’ve got heaters on the Heaven sidelines.

  8. This Packers fan has a lot of respect for Bud Grant, coach, community member, and person! RIP Coach.

  9. He is also in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. A class guy. May he rest in peace.

  10. God Bless Mr Grant. A great competitor. Drove us Packer fans crazy for many years.

  11. This Packers fan always had a great amount of respect for Bud Grant — as a coach, but even more so as a human being and role model. He lived quite a long and full life. RIP, coach. Condolences to his family, friends and former players/associates.

  12. Nothing personifies Legend more than Bud Grant, rest in peace sir. Your like don’t come along that often these days.

  13. Bud… what a life. You will be missed. Thanks for the memories, coach. Rest in Jesus.

  14. I can’t stop sobbing. This poor man never got to see the Vikings win anything.

  15. I went to a couple of his garage sales, always had a kind word and a solid piece of advice if asked. A truly great man! RIP Bud!

  16. Hall of Fame in many ways – including character and integrity.
    Hell of a run at 95 years, but still a sad day. RIP coach!

  17. Well the guy was 95 so it’s not exactly a surprise. Honestly he was probably watching his door for Death wondering “what’s taking so long?” Joking aside though he was a great man and despite not winning a Super Bowl was one of the greatest men in the history of the NFL.

  18. I have a lake home near Gordon, WI a few miles from Bud Grant’s cabin. A long story short: He sent me a letter a few years ago detailing how he purchased his lake property back in 1947 after he returned from the Navy. He still owns it. He was a true gentleman who always returned back to his roots. You would see him around from time to time and he never once gave you the impression that he was anybody special. He didn’t like talking about the Vikings, but if you got him going on duck hunting, etc., you couldn’t get away from him.

    We have lost a truly great one. RIP..

  19. Bud “Granite” had an unexpected sense of humor too. I loved the story of how he would leave “good luck” pennies lying around on game day to be found by DC Jerry Burns.

  20. Bud Grant you were the Vikings. So sad to see him pass. You will be truly missed. RIP MR. VIKING. (BUD GRANT)

  21. Absolute legend and legendary leader of men. We lost a good one today.

  22. Bud Grant was larger than life. RIP.
    Thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and Reginald the Monkey.

  23. Not even bud grant wanted to see the 2023 Vikings after the purge that’s in progress.

  24. Bud Grant and Joe Kapp together on the same team. Man those were the days. RIP Dear Mr. Grant.

  25. Classic images of Grant on the sidelines during a freezing snow flurry wearing a short sleeve shirt while everyone around him is bundled in insulated parkas.

  26. I done really have the words. This guy is the meaning of legend and a great man, person, coach. RIP good sir your life was a true legend status!! Long live the short sleeves!!!

  27. He was duck hunting as late as last fall at age 95. The guy didn’t waste a minute of his life. He always kept the game and coaching in perspective, and besides being a HOF coach, he was a great husband, father and citizen. He was about the last representative of a very special era in Minnesota sports.

  28. I see a couple of the totally classless Packer fans commented up to there normal IQ again. A couple classy ones also!

  29. You’ll never see someone with that bio again.

    What an accomplishment.

    RIP Bud.

  30. I am extremely sorry to hear this. I once had the pleasure of meeting him in his office at Winter Park when he was Vikings head coach. He knew I was a Packers fan…”dummy”. What I remember was the duck decoys in his office along side a depth chart.

    What a sportsman. You will be missed.

  31. One of the legends of the game. A great man and coach on and off the field.
    Rest in peace, good sir.
    /packer fan

  32. Bud Grant was Vikings football. An iconic person in Minnesota who will never be forgotten. Valhalla just accepted a truly great man.

  33. I’m a Packer fan, but you couldn’t help but admire and respect that man. RIP Bud.

  34. Bud was a great coach. I do think it’s important to remember that Jim Finks, general manager, was a key factor in Viking success in that era. For one thing, he hired Bud. For another, he ran the draft. Viking drafts started going downhill in 1974 when Finks departed his job because Max Winter refused to pay him what he was worth. Finks is being forgotten. Today’s AP story about Bud, by Dave Campbell, completely ignores Finks: “After replacing another Hall of Famer, Norm Van Brocklin, Grant assembled the revered defensive line dubbed the Purple People Eaters. The line — whose motto was “Meet at the quarterback” — was joined by a powerful offense that helped Minnesota reach the Super Bowl in 1970, the final edition of the big game before the AFL-NFL merger.”

  35. Two all-time greats from Super Bowl IV passing on consecutive days: Otis Taylor and Bud Grant. Both will be missed.

  36. RIP Bud. A real “Man’s Man” a throwback to the good ole days. Vikings haven’t been close to the Super Bowl ever since he retired.

  37. If not for “missed it by that much” reasons unfairly outside his control…….the winner of the SuperBowl would receive The Grant Trophy.

  38. Bud Grant was 40 weight hard. He would not allow heaters in his side lines in winter. RIP.

  39. RIP Bud. You were a great coach and by far the best Viking coach in their history. Enjoy the games from above with your friend Vince.

  40. So sad that his team died so long ago. Lot’s of lonely years for a great coach.

  41. Who are all the idiots with the down votes on every RIP post? I hope when you pass on all you get on our graves are visits from dogs with full bladders.

  42. Perhaps with Bud passing on he will do us all one last solid and take the Vikings curse with him. Maybe this can put our 4 super bowl losses in the past and start a whole new era for the purple. #skol #restinpeacebud

  43. “Who are all the idiots with the down votes on every RIP post?”

    There are certain people in the world, about five percent of the population, who take actual pleasure from yanking other people’s chains. They tell themselves they are doing the world a service in this.

  44. Bud seemed mentally sharp and physically fit into his 90’s. Even in the last couple of years he really and truly looked like he could step onto a sideline and coach. The man was a true legend. My condolences to the Grant family.

  45. A tough day indeed. A first class gentleman who played and coached the game the way it should be played. He strategically embraced the elements and used it to his team’s advantage psychologically with no heaters, short sleeves and just good hard nosed football representing the black and blue division. He also believed in work and life balance, keeping life in perspective. Best part of Bud Grant was his dry sense of humor. On Bud Grant Day they asked him to say a few words and he responded to the Metrodome crowd with, “Thank You for not smoking”. As a Packer fan, they were tough to beat but he earns my respect. He was a true role model of what one should be today. Bud Grant, RIP.

  46. Classic ’70s coach in the mold of Noll and Shula. RIP.

    He’s a reminder of when the Vikings represented winter-weather football.

  47. Some of you more “senior” readers might remember the Mary Tyler Moore Show, fictionally based in Minneapolis. Mary Richards’ boss was Lou Grant, played by Ed Asner. Guess where the writers came up with the last name “Grant” for Lou’s character?

  48. Back in the 1940s the N.Y. Giants held their summer training camp in Superior due to its cooler climate. Bud was a ball boy.

  49. I know we are here for the football, but as a Vikings fan, I must say listening to Bud talk about basketball, specifically his time in the NBA is fascinating.

  50. You never heard anything bad about bud grant. A real gentleman and avid hunter and sportsman. RIP Bud.

  51. I’m kind of surprised and very appreciative of the positive, heartfelt comments by GB fans… Thank you. I would convey the same respect for Vince Lombardi or other Packer greats. You’re mature and decent enough to set a (silly) sports rivalry aside when it comes to what really matters in life. Well, some of you are.

  52. The Vikings were my 3rd favorite team as a little boy in the 70’s after the Falcons and Raiders. Snow & ice were pretty exotic to us Georgia kids, and Bud Grant–with his white hair,
    steaming breath, and stony countenance–visually expressed what winning seemed to be about. (Especially since my local team didn’t do too much of that). It’s a shame most young fans today will likely skim past this news. The NFL should return to being about men like Bud Grant.

  53. Tried to leave a similar comment yesterday but this weird Aksimet filter seems to arbitrarily cut in… and I wanted to mark the passing of a great NFL man.
    Anyway. I’m a Raider fan who looks back fondly on the era of Madden, Noll, Shula, Landry and… Bud Grant as the golden era of NFL football.
    Those Coaches sent out great teams every year and Coach Grant was a member of an elite group.
    RIP Coach Grant… thanks for the memories.

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