Derek Carr calls signing with Saints “a dream-come-true moment for me”

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New Saints quarterback Derek Carr said today at his introductory press conference in New Orleans that he already feels like he’s at home, even though he’s just arrived.

“This is really a dream-come-true moment for me,” Carr said.

Carr said he and Saints head coach Dennis Allen have been close since Allen was the head coach of the Raiders when they drafted Carr in 2014, and that Allen was a big part of his decision to sign in New Orleans.

“How I feel about this man, hopefully me sitting here tells you what I think about him,” Carr said of Allen. “He trusted me with the keys to an organization. . . . We’re just getting started, though. All that’s in the past.”

Carr also thanked the Raiders.

“I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say thank you to them. I had nine great years there. A lot of great memories,” Carr said.

Now Carr hopes to create a lot of great memories in New Orleans.

38 responses to “Derek Carr calls signing with Saints “a dream-come-true moment for me”

  1. Seriously? “Dream come true”? We get it, you’re happy, but we’re not total idiots here…

  2. They probably used to call each other after all of the losses to commiserate. Now, they can talk about the many upcoming losses together on the same team.

  3. Carr has a good chance to prove his doubters wrong. He is a serious upgrade over A.Dalton & the division is very winnable.

  4. Going from a major market team with state-of-the-art facilities which Bill Belichick called the Taj Mahal of football facility to a post-Katrina Superdome in a mid-market does not sound like a dream come true to me. But, hey we all see things differently, good luck Derek.

  5. This will be the first time that Carr is on a team with a good defense. And since they are in the terrible NFCS division, they have a great chance to get to the playoffs this year.

  6. The fans in N.O. are going to have to get used to Carr’s hyperbole and penchant for over-qualifying/talking about everything. This Raider fan is relieved to see him go…

  7. Bucs won the NFC South 8-9. And 1-and-done. I don’t think the biggest Carr critic doesn’t discount Carr going 8-9 or 9-8. He is an upgrade over A.Dalton until New Orleans absolutely needs him to be and he’s not. Carr ain’t getting any younger or better. Just richer.

  8. A $150 million contract that includes $100 million in total guarantees is a pretty good dream come true.

  9. I don’t get the hatred/disrespect for Carr? He’s a good guy, good team mate and a good QB who has performed better than the team around him. The Raiders were disfunctional before he got there, disfunctional while he was there, and will take a lot of persuasion to convince me they’re not still. With all due respect to Dalton, who is on the downside of his career, Carr is best QB on the Saints roster since Brees.

  10. I’ll bet. After years of only stealing moderately from his employer he has moved onto one of the great heists of history

  11. Not sure what part of his new gig is a dream come true but it’s his. I guess realizing his chances of fringed games are kept at a minimum, enjoy Derek

  12. He’s not a bad qb, he just hasn’t really had a team around him. He will surprise some people in the NFC. I’m not sure if he’s ever gonna win a ring but he’s going to have some good seasons in the Cresent city

  13. There were 3 or 4 games we should have won last year that we didn’t because of QB1. ADalton is a quality backup. DCarr is a quality starter with pro bowl traits and all pro potential. The Raiders were a mess of a team that switched coaches like socks. Throw in a team relocation and you have the definition of instability. That’s not even considering the sorry current head coach and the loss of a first round receiver to an unfortunate accident. The team had talent but no coaching, horrible front office and no patience. I get he’s not Brees or Brady, but with a talented well organized team his best ball is ahead of him. He’s gonna prove a lot of folks wrong.

  14. Just saw you know Katrina was a while a go. The Superdome has been renovated twice since that time and it’s going through a third renovation. In the facilities were ranked in the top 10 in the NFL. So don’t give me that in mid market. We also didn’t have our number one receiver and head coach get arrested and suspended and banned from the NFL in the middle of the season.

  15. Dream would have been better described a few years ago with an awesome offensive line, excellent recievers, and a pair of solid running backs.

  16. Carr thought he was a wonderful match for the Raiders, too, still does. If Carr wanted to get anywhere he would have signed with a decent team for a change. Dennis Allen is a below-average NFL defensive coordinator, not a head coach. Carr should already know that since he already played for him.

  17. I know the Saints are in a weak division, but what’s going to happen if they reach the playoffs? Nothing.

  18. Their schedule doesn’t look all that hard but it won’t be a cakewalk. Oh look, they play the Chargers. 🙂

  19. oldgrouch says:
    March 11, 2023 at 2:22 pm
    I don’t get the hatred/disrespect for Carr?


    He didn’t capitulate to the mob a few years ago during the anthem stuff. The MSM went on the warpath against him and created the narrative that despite being in the Top 10 for QB’s year after year and going to multiple Pro Bowls he is secretly some scrub QB. As you can see, it worked and the sheep are baaaahing.

  20. He just won the lotto, of course he’s happy.

    Sorry, but the odds are not in favor of the Saint’s on their return on investment.

  21. Dennis Allen said he and Carr started something with the Raiders? Who knew? I saw that team play several times and they were awful. Allen was 8-28 and was fired midseason. He’s 7-10 so far with the Saints, although I think the Saints were way better last year than those Raiders teams. At least they have a few good players: Kamara, Cameron Jordan.

  22. Derek Carr just got paid $150 million after being consistently average or worse for 9 years on the rudderless Raiders.

    I’m sorry but the Saints are screwed!

  23. Raiders have been in the toilet for 23 years. Derek Carr was the only bright spot with a garbage defense that has been bottom 28 since he was drafted. Dude has had to put up 40 points a game and made Mack Collins look world class.

  24. Garbage QB and a Dumpster Fire Coach… Get ready for paper bags on your heads again (if you can even find them now a days), def not looking forward to next year and wish D(umb) A(ss) got fired already.

  25. Can Derek Carr get New Orleans head coach Dennis Allen fired twice? Derek Carr: “Hold my beer”.

  26. greaterraider says:
    March 11, 2023 at 9:58 pm

    Can Derek Carr get New Orleans head coach Dennis Allen fired twice? Derek Carr: “Hold my beer”.


    The long parade of bad coaching has gotten all these Raiders coaches fired. They fired the one guy who actually got them to the playoffs, along with the QB who was all that was keeping them relevant the whole time. But I’m sure they have some genius plan in the works.

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