End the week by preordering Father of Mine for only $4.99

Anthony Zych

It’s Saturday. The week has ended. You’re feeling happy. Maybe a little impulsive.

Here’s a way to exercise an impulse that will get you in no trouble whatsoever — drop a mere $4.99 on Father of Mine.

The ebook is available for preorder anywhere, and everywhere, ebooks can be found. Here’s the Amazon link. Also, Barnes & Noble.

There will be a paperback at some point, but it will cost more than $4.99 because, you know, paper. An audio book is planned, but plans as always can change.

This plan isn’t changing: Father of Mine will debut on April 25. So you have some time to buy it. But why not buy it now, when you’re feeling good about putting in a solid week of work and when you’re getting ready to spend the weekend refreshing this page for all the latest updates as free agency approaches?

Father of Mine, if you didn’t know, is a mob book set in 1973 in the small town where I grew up. It’s inspired by the real activities of the crew that ran the town at the time. I think it’s good, but I’m not capable of being objective.

Here’s something that is objective. Few things are only $4.99. We’re direct-to-consumer with this one to keep it cheap and, hopefully, to maximize audience. So join the maximum audience today, for far less than what it cost to gain membership into Club Playmakers.

3 responses to “End the week by preordering Father of Mine for only $4.99

  1. Hard copy > e book. That being said, if you got George Costanza to voice the audio book i would buy that too.

  2. Father of Mine, if you also didn’t know, was actually not written by a legitimate mob author such as Mario Puzo, despite ripping off the Godfather font on its cover

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