Everyone waits for Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets v Green Bay Packers
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Packers (for not much longer, apparently) quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to be the center of the NFL universe. And the rest of the universe is waiting for him to make up his mind.

Earlier today, Connor Hughes of SNY reported that all details regarding a potential trade from Rodgers to the Jets have been worked out — and that the only question at this point is whether Rodgers wants to play for the Jets.

The Jets have gone all in, to the point at which it’s hard to envision a viable Plan B. If the Jets sign Jimmy Garoppolo instead, it would be roughly the same as casting the role of Don Corleone not with Marlon Brando but Soupy Sales.

It’s unclear whether anyone else is in play for Rodgers. The Raiders at one point were the betting favorite, and it still makes sense, if it were to happen. Or maybe there’s some other team Rodgers would rather play for.

At some point, Rodgers might need to get his hands dirty in order to get what he wants, if he wants (for example) to be traded to an NFC team.

Regardless, the ball apparently is sitting in Rodgers’s court. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), we’ll find out what he wants.

86 responses to “Everyone waits for Aaron Rodgers

  1. Truly think he’s waiting for confirmation the jets also trade for Hopkins or Adams. That’s on top of Cobb, tonyan, and Lazard probably coming in free agency. He’s not playing without some of his buddies

  2. As a Pats fan, I would be very happy with the Jets unloading their future to get this guy

  3. I think he will agree to join Jets when he realizes New York is further away from his family

  4. The Jets have been on this for some time now and Rogers’ has been posturing about playing somewhere else or retiring. It starts to get old after a while. Jets flew out there to California with all the major reps and Rogers still can’t decide. Like the Jets are known for having too much drama already? If I were the Jets I’d say we’ve changed our mind and go with plan B at this point even if there is no plan B.

  5. GB needs to force his hand. He doesn’t have a no trade clause and he will not retire the same year as Brady. It’s time to stop being afraid of hurting Aaron’s feelings.

  6. What does Rodgers want? Attention.

    He pulls this nonsense every year, and every year, he goes back to the Packers and either fails to make the playoffs, or he loses in the first 2 rounds. Given his age, I can’t see him getting better, and with his aversion to off-season practices, it is unlikely that he will ever sniff a Super bowl again.

  7. Maybe, just maybe, Rodgers wouldn’t be “the center of the NFL universe”, if the media would stop reporting every time he moves, or making something up when he doesn’t. Either he, or the Packers, will give us all a definitive statement soon enough.

  8. I’ll see the news a little while after it breaks. In the meantime, life goes on.

  9. If Rodgers plan is to play football this year.and the Packers do not want him:.and the Jets really want him..wouldn’t he have made his decision already..he is no longer into it MOVE ON Jets

  10. It might not be up there with Marlon Brando’s Don Corleone, but Soupy’s performance as detective Simon Kvetch should not be underestimated.

  11. Mahomes who???? Burrow whoo??? This is MY conference now and I own it. Call it the RFC from now on.

  12. Indecisiveness is a terrible thing. The dudes been off from work for three months and still doesn’t know what he wants to do. I bet grocery shopping is a bitch for him.

  13. Go already! Gutey should trade him to the Jets and force ego man to make a decision. Either retire and let 60 million on the table or play for NY. Not a tough decision at all. Sick of reading about him and his ego every day!

  14. Welp, not sure I can ever watch The Godfather again without picturing Soupy Sales as Don Coleone.

  15. HE’S NOT GOING!! He absolutely loves being the center of attention, and he’s kept his name in the limelight since before the Superbowl with all of this drama that he creates, but he has NO intention of leaving Green Bay. He’s going to call a press conference (more attention), and then thank the Jets for their interest, but he’s decided to remain in Green Bay. Bank on it!!

  16. I’m sick & tired of reading about Rodgers. I keep reading about Rodgers. Next time, I’m going to try and not open to read about Rodgers.

  17. Come on… Rodgers has always been more Soupy Sales than Brando even if Brando looked like he moved to green bay later in life.

  18. I’ll be surprised if he says a thing before the draft. He’s loving this. And you know what? So am I. No, I don’t care about Rodgers. But watching the Packers twist in the wind is great.

  19. I hope Rodgers does go to the Jets. The New York media will feast on him. The nonsense that he pulls with the Packers will not fly in New York.

  20. The Packers gave Rodgers the power to hold everyone hostage last year with that contract. What a dopey organization that can’t see forward even 1 year.

  21. Rodgers Is acting like a highschool girl who has been asked to go the Prom.
    From a guy(the Jets) that is her second choice.
    And she is stringing him along until she knows if her 1st choice(Davante) is going to sweep her off her feet.

  22. Aaron is demanding a large bowl of M&M’s with the green ones removed prior to every game. It’s the last holdup.

  23. One thing that is really hilarious is that Rodgers has created all of this hullabaloo, without saying anything at all. Kudos to you Mr. Rodgers.

  24. The Raiders just freed up more cap space and I definitely think Rodgers would prefer Vegas over NY.

  25. Jets would be better off, and with more draft picks, trading for Matt Stafford.

  26. Whether he stays or gets traded we’ll be watching the same soap opera again next year, bank on it. The parallels to the late stages of Favre’s career are amazing.

  27. Not a Jimmy G fan but since he became a starter in 2019 he’s won 68% of his games, generated a passer rating of 100.2 and gone 4-2 including going 2-0 against Rodgers. Both his playoff losses came against the eventual SB winner (KC in the SB and Rams in Conf).

    Meanwhile, in that same time period Rodgers has won 70% of his games, generated a passer rating of 104.7 and gone 2-3 in the playoffs. And cost a whole lot more and pains Royal PITA. Since their SB win he’s 7-9 in the playoffs.

    Jimmy G is also available for free. No trade assets needed to acquire him. And his cap number will be much lower.

    Both will fail you when you need them the most. But one will come at a far lower cost in doing so.

  28. Rodgers might surprise everyone and retire. He’s unpredictable. As Mark Murphy said,… “He’s a complicated fella”.
    There were reports Woody Johnson asked if Aaron will commit to 2 years,… otherwise no deal.
    Rodgers is mulling that around. There were also reports it might be a package deal. That would most likely mean LT Bakhtiari,.. and the Packers just restructured his deal. Maybe that helps the Jets salary cap,.. and the Jets need some line help. Hopefully this is settled this weekend.

  29. beachsidejames says:
    Jets flew out there to California with all the major reps and Rogers still can’t decide.
    Actually,.. The Jets brass went out there because THEY are pursuing Rodgers. They wanted to find out what Rodgers wants. The delay,.. It might be all about the Jets trying to decide if this is the route they really want to go. And if the trade compensation makes sense.
    It might not be all Rodgers decision regarding a Jets trade.

  30. How shocking, Aaron Rodgers milking this for attention at this point. I hope the N.Y media eats him alive!

  31. It will be hilarious to watch the Jets have to figure out plan B if Rodgers passes on them. And don’t even get me started on the Jets’ fans. They’ll get even more obnoxious (if that’s possible).

  32. Another nonsensical attack by Florio on his “man-crush” Jimmy G. Actually Rodgers has more in common with Soupy Sales, who was once suspended for telling his kid fans to mail him the little pieces of green paper from their parent’s wallets. Rodgers has been taking the green paper from Packer fans for the last several years without offering much in return.

  33. About the only thing that can be said with certainty in all of this is that it is now crystal clear that the Pack wants to move on from Rodgers. If Gutey can get more than a first rounder out of this, he will start removing the stench from his last round of Rodgers dubious contract negotiation tactics.

  34. I wouldn’t give up too much for a 38 year old QB who talks about retiring every off-season.

  35. Rodgers hasn’t been silent. He spouts his nonsense regularly on the Pat McAfee show.

  36. The silence is the sound of Mr Immunized blinking. He loves the drama of his off-season will-he-or-won’t-he schtick but he underestimated the Packer’s patience.

    Now he’s sitting there like a spurned 16 year old girl who can’t believe she’s being dumped. What? You WANT me to go to the Jets? I thought you loved me almost as much as I love me!?

    Enjoy NY Aaron. The fans and media will crush your fragile ego to dust if you don’t produce.

  37. I know it’s a boring offseason with a less than exciting draft, but can we get a story that isn’t this guy?

    I’d much rather read about how the Chargers plan to not waste Herbert like they did with Drew Brees.

  38. Love it. Rodgers making everyone wait – exactly like he said he wouldn’t do at the end of the season. Delta. Bravo.

  39. To continue, wouldn’t it be somewhat of a better idea, for sure financially, if they use those picks they’re going to trade for Rodgers to move up in this year’s draft?

  40. No state income tax in NV, New York on the other hand…..yeah. Weigh your options.

  41. Wait. What? Lamar Jackson is not the center of free agency? Oh, he’s gonna tweet. Lol

  42. Man, I hope he decides to go full drama queen and force his way into staying put with that albatross contract.

  43. I find it hilarious that Rodgers nor Lamar are generating nearly the demand either thought they would, Rodgers neither is worth the money they’re wanting, especially Lamar since he’s been just a mediocre QB for the last 3 seasons!

  44. If, as seems to be the case, Rodgers doesn’t have a no trade clause, what are they waiting on him at all? TRADE his wrinkled old butt! If he refuses to go, his only alternative is to retire. (I wonder if he can “unretire” and he’d remain a Packer? Anyone know?)

  45. I believe Aaron will sign with the Tennessee Titans .Nashville is LA east ..

  46. Aaron wants to play for the 49ers. Green Bay doesn’t want that obviously. Let’s see how badly Green Bay wants him outta there.

  47. Everyone here is so mad and multiple posts from fat cheese is so comical. Calm down.

  48. Well he already has a commitment……to be a speaker at a hallusagenic conference in June so they’ll have to work around that.

  49. Why do we give this diva so much power over our offseason, each and every year? I’m tired of this clown. Stop giving him the spotlight.

  50. If the Jets sign Jimmy Garoppolo instead, it would be roughly the same as casting the role of Don Corleone not with Marlon Brando but Soupy Sales.


    To be fair, in this case, Soupy Sales has been to the Souper Bowl 9 years more recently than Brando. And during those last few years, he’s had a better playoff record than Rodgers.

    Rodgers has the highest ceiling in the NFL apart from maybe Mahomes. But if they could protect Garoppolo, they would be a playoff team with him for sure.

  51. Mark Davis is broke. Continues to struggle to make payroll, executives bailing over financial troubles. Cannot afford AR, no way, no how.

  52. Blame it all on the media. Rodgers hasn’t said a word but the media frenzy about him has been the main off-season topic for the last three years now.

  53. You would think that this 39 year old college educated guy would act his age. Instead he acts like a 12 year old spoild little girl. How did this aging diva ever win four MVP awards?

  54. “I won’t hold them hostage”.
    ~Aaron Rodgers~ at his last presser of the season. Good luck to whoever winds up with him. They’re going to need it.

  55. He should pull a Derek Carr and let them release him so he can play for whomever he wants. I think he’s earned that right this late in his career. Packers should get nothing. They created this fiasco by drafting Love years ago.

  56. catchanotherpassadams says:
    March 11, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    GB needs to force his hand. He doesn’t have a no trade clause and he will not retire the same year as Brady. It’s time to stop being afraid of hurting Aaron’s feelings.


    GB has absolutely no leverage to force Rodger’s hand. No team is going to give them a 7th round draft pick for Rodgers unless Rodgers gives the OK.

  57. tombradysmomsays says:
    March 11, 2023 at 3:19 pm

    No state income tax in NV, New York on the other hand…..yeah. Weigh your options.


    Not that it makes much of a difference as both states are in the top 5 for state income tax, but the Jets are New York in name only. They practice and play their games in New Jersey.

  58. time itself waits for rodgers – dude became such an influencer the universe moves according to him – e=mc2 be damned, we live all on rodgers time now

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