Jets clear another $13.1 million in cap space

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles
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If the Jets will be adding quarterback Aaron Rodgers, they’ll be adding his contract to their overall cap burden.

To help absorb the deal (or perhaps entirely coincidentally), they cleared $13.1 million in cap space, with the restructuring of multiple contracts.

Via Field Yates of, the Jets moved $13.1 million to future years by re-doing the contracts guard Laken Tomlinson, cornerback D.J. Reed, and tight end Tyler Conklin. All three signed as free agents in 2022.

Coupled with the recent release of receiver Braxton Berrios and the restructuring of the contract of tight end C.J Uzomah, that’s more than $21 million in cap space.

If/when the Jets acquire Rodgers, they’ll undoubtedly exercise a $58.3 million option bonus, reducing his 2023 cap charge from $59.465 million to $15.74 million.

Of course, that would push $47.22 million into future years. If Rodgers were to retire after one season (and if he were placed on the reserve-retired list after June 1, 2024), the Jets would carry dead money of $15.74 million in 2024 and $31.48 million in 2025.

12 responses to “Jets clear another $13.1 million in cap space

  1. Just trade for Lamar at this point. At least you get him for 4-5 instead of 1.

  2. So they’re basically going to both mortgage n sell out their future for the next two years by blowing up their cap & sending multiple high picks for a declining 39YR old Aaron Rodgers?? This is the type of crap bad teams do to chase one year of relevance, which looking at Rodgers recent history will be a first round playoff exit. I shouldn’t need to say this out loud but someone needs to walk Woody in a room and have a long talk with him, That’s not worth it given the cap n draft implications for the next two years, if anything why not mortgage your future to trade up for a QB you know will be there for the next decade plus on a cost controlled salary for the next 5YRs and you don’t need to blow your salary cap to shreds ?? If someone like Young falls to 3 go grab him or sign a veteran like Jimmy G till you can draft someone to a much cheaper deal don’t blow your cap up giving away multiple first round picks for one year of a 39-40YR old Rodgers. If the Jets do this it’s only a matter of time till Saleh is fired and they enter into 4-5 years of irrelevance yet again.

  3. That is simply WAY too much salary cap to a 39 year old QB in a completely new city, offense and offensive coordinator. I just do not see him having anything more then an average season with the Jets in the first year. If you could without any reservations say that he would be playing MVP caliber football in year one then sure go for it. But does anyone really think that would happen?????

  4. Lots of talk about Rodgers to the Jets but I won’t believe it until I see it. I just don’t think anyone is foolish enough to make this trade; not even the Jets.

  5. bozobiden says:
    March 11, 2023 at 8:05 pm
    Rodgers IS NOT going to the Jets. He simply loves being in the headlines

    100% Agree!!

  6. If the Packers receive nothing in return for Rodgers, it’s a win for Green Bay. Just make it happen.

  7. Regardless of Rodgers, the jets needed to clear space anyway. Have about $12M in cap space now.

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