Odell Beckham Jr. is still looking for $20 million per year

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At one point during the 2022 season, a report emerged that free-agent receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. wants $20 million per year. We’re told that Beckham still has that number in mind.

It’s hard to imagine it happening, without Beckham proving that he can play at a high level. He was indeed playing at a high level in the 2021 postseason, but he suffered a torn ACL in Super Bowl LVI. He likely needs to re-establish himself before he can get what he’s looking for.

Again, it’s possible that he’ll do a deal that gets reported as being worth $20 million per year but that will be in fact a one-year, prove-it type deal. But if Beckham hopes to save face, that’s the way to do it.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. There’s a chance he’ll be able to play at a high level. There’s less of a chance someone will make a major financial investment without knowing it.

48 responses to “Odell Beckham Jr. is still looking for $20 million per year

  1. You want 20 mill???

    Okay thanks for stopping by..security could you show Mr Beckham the front door and lock the door behind him please???

  2. There is no team in the whole NFL that will pay him more than the vets minimum. Hes completely off his rocker to think he’s getting anything close to 20 million. No way.

  3. “He likely needs to re-establish himself before he can get what he’s looking for”. That’s kinda like Lamar Jackson right? Jackson’s missed 9 games since his MVP season. And that was the only season in which he cracked 3000yds passing. Everyone says he needs weapons but they seem to want these other teams who lack weapons to pony up not only the cash, but the picks that could be used to get weapons. OBJ is living in dreamland and his neighbor is Lamar.

  4. He knows what his following is on social media. Probably arguing he’d increase revenue. But for production alone, I’d pass.

  5. He better learn to do something else because he won’t be making $20 million catching footballs.

  6. No way I give $20 million to OBJ in base salary or guaranteed money. Only way I would give that is $3 – $5 million base salary with super high incentives where OBJ could make more if he achieves them. A very important incentive would be games played and number of snaps. That’s the only way. If he’s hurt or can’t okay, he would make the base salary.

  7. Every team he’s been on has done better without him than with him. He’s an empty, soulless highlight reel, a waste of everyone’s time.

  8. Imagine having his talent and have the ability to make $5 million…and choosing not to do it because you would feel disrespected. Wow…go bag some groceries.

  9. I’d give him a chance for $20 million..but only if it was $20 million over 4 yrs!!

  10. I do believe the rams do not get ot the SB without him, ceryainly a talented WR, but the most important ability is avail-anility. agree with the 4-5 mill with incentives- prove it contract- however, when crap WR’s are getting 20m to pur up pedestrian numbers, it is possible we have not caught up with what thje mkt is– no way Jakobi Myers deserves close to that, but he will likely get 15 for producing around 700 yds abd a TD a year. Don’t forget absolute garbage QBs are getting close to 20 to hold a clipboard and say yep

  11. Last 1000 yard season was 2019. Anything greater (1300 yards) was 2016.

    $20M? OBJ is more celebrity at this point.

  12. I’d assume if he signs a deal that gets him there the 1st yr base salary will be about 14 to 16 million with incentives to earn the 20 and with option years at the 20 that vest early after the 1st season.

  13. Hes gonna be lucky to get a multi year deal he will probably wind-up playing for between 5/7 million with incentives on a 1 year deal somewhere.

  14. Like he had $20 million and lost it and that’s what he is looking for? Because he cannot POSSIBLY believe that a team is going to pay him $20M/year for however many games he is on the field before he gets hurt. Again. I mean that would be just crazy.

  15. Only way he makes $20M playing football this season is to sign a 10 year/$100M deal with a $20M signing bonus to spread out the cap hit for a team.

  16. Play on a low one year prove it deal with lots of incentives.
    Pay him top $ if he performs like the top receiver.
    If he get 1,000 yards he gets a bonus. 1,200 yards he gets more.
    If he plays half the games or plays like a #3 he gets his low base.

    If he stays healthy and produces he’ll be able to get a better contract next year.
    But he’s getting old so doesn’t have much time.

    Better take a one year prove it deal.

  17. Maybe he could get overpaid by Chicago or Carolina on a 1 year deal but not overpaid by the $15M more than he’s worth that he’s asking for

  18. Different way than most announce their retirements, but to each his own. (Because absolutely nobody is offering him anything close to that.)

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