Tyreek Hill runs 60 meters in 6.70 seconds, easily winning at USA Track and Field meet

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Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill participated in his first track meet in nine years today, and he had no trouble beating an overmatched field in a 60-meter dash.

Hill ran 60 meters in 6.70 seconds, easily finishing first in the 25-29 age group at the USA Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships in Louisville, Kentucky.

That’s a very good time by the standards of normal people, but it’s worth noting that these were not elite sprinters in the field against Hill. The world record in the 60 meters is 6.34 seconds, set by Christian Coleman in 2018.

Hill was Track and Field News‘ High School Athlete of the Year in 2012, but after briefly running track at the community college level in 2014, he gave it up to focus on football full-time.

This appeared to be simply a one-off event for Hill, who tweeted afterward, “Never racing again had me out there looking wild.”

23 responses to “Tyreek Hill runs 60 meters in 6.70 seconds, easily winning at USA Track and Field meet

  1. Kelce and Mahomes tried to watch the race on TV but there was another Lombardi Trophy in the way.

  2. I hope he did something nice for those guys after dunking on them. There’s a reason why they are age group amateurs rather than elite pros.

  3. It’s the only hardware he’ll ever win again. But at least he got paid and had a career year in yards.

  4. Apparently some of you don’t understand that he was running in the 25-29 age group at the USA Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships. While still a very nice run, it’s not even close to winning anything against the actual best runners (as the headline implies).

  5. Bring back the NFL’s fastest man competition. I remember Darryl Green beating Ron Brown who won a gold medal at the Olympics.

  6. You haters are pathetic. Lick the Cheetos powder off your fingers (that mom bought you) and grab another Dew before you post another wannabe comment. Winning a race in that time, for a guy who no longer trains as a sprinter, is extremely impressive. It must be so lonely in that room.

  7. People who tell other people what they can post on the internet are a special bunch.

  8. To put this into perspective, .40 off the world record is an eternity and means there are a select high school sprinters who would likely beat him. That’s a full .11 off the high school record, which is a ton at that distance. He’s fast, but nowhere near world class.

  9. Tyreke Hill has track speed, but he also has football speed. He plays at full speed, and he can change directions at nearly full speed. There weren’t any other football players in the race. It’s like when people try to throw shade on Tony Romo for playing golf. He can play with the PGA guys. Maybe he doesn’t win, but I didn’t see any other football players out there.

  10. That would put him at #4 in the country among high schoolers last year in indoor track to put that time in perspective. Fast for a regular person, slow for a professional track star and he’s aware.

  11. No sprinter, no matter how fast, would run a fast time this early in the season.
    Factor in he’s been away from a proper track season… also hasn’t trained for it..
    Amazing time!

  12. The guy hasn’t been practicing sprinting for many years now. The other guys that he beat have. Pretty impressive either way. Factor in he’s the fastest player that’s been recorded on a football field with the ball in his hands. People can hate on Tyreek all they want but cracking 23mph on a football field with a ball, helmet, and pads is just ridiculous. I’m guessing that if he trained in sprinting and not route running and catching the past 9 years he’d be a bit faster. Haters gonna hate though. He still put up career numbers this year without Mahomes and also went to the postseason. I’d say Tyreek is winning life Charlie Sheen style at this point. Imagine if Tua would’ve stayed healthy this season. Reek coulda joined the 2000yd club.

  13. This will make some of the defensive backs that got torched by this guy feel a little better.

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