Daron Payne contract creates more than $9.4 million in 2023 cap space

Washington Commanders v Houston Texans
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The Commanders could have signed defensive tackle Daron Payne to a long-term deal before applying the franchise tag. They could have signed him to a long-term deal on or before July 15. Instead, they signed him to a long-term deal today.

The contract creates $9.427 million in cap space, per a source with knowledge of the terms.

Payne previously had a cap number of $18.937 million. The $28 million signing bonus, spread over four years, and the base salary of $2.51 million dropped the cap number to $9.51 million.

The deal pushes the Commanders well over $20 million in cap space as the new league year approaches.

The Commanders, we’re told, were motivated to get the deal done now, making a “strong” offer to close it today. So maybe they have a plan in mind for using the excess cap space on Wednesday, when the new league year begins — and when new contracts given to newly-acquired players hit the cap.

And if the Commanders are indeed contemplating a possible move for quarterback Lamar Jackson, they’d need to have the cap space to cover the first year of the contract from the moment the offer sheet is signed — through and until the instant the Ravens either match it, or they don’t.

You know our theory by now. Owner Daniel Snyder lands a franchise-altering talent, as Snyder prepares to sell the team. He sticks the buyer with the balance of the five-year, fully-guaranteed deal. He gives a double-barreled bird to those in the league who don’t want veteran players to fully-guaranteed contracts.

Today’s development doesn’t mean that will happen. But if it’s going to happen, today’s move makes sense.

15 responses to “Daron Payne contract creates more than $9.4 million in 2023 cap space

  1. But what about the “coach-centric” philosophy that Dan Snyder sold to Rivera to get him to be the HC? Doesn’t Rivera have the final say on all roster moves?

    If I were Rivera and Snyder was trying to strong arm me into the move, I would resign. Or get little danny boy to just fire me. Think about all the press conferences Rivera have to get up in front of and defend the move if Jackson doesn’t play well/gets hurt.

    And we all know little danny boy doesn’t have the guts to EVER do a press conference and take questions from anyone.

  2. Surprise, surprise, surprise…… here comes Aaron Rodgers. Now you know why he’s been dragging his feet. At least he won’t have to worry about choking in the playoffs with that crew.

  3. You’re assuming he’s selling, but we just heard that the league doesn’t have the votes to push him out, so what if his double bird is to everyone who wants him out, and he announces he’s not selling? Then what?

  4. Linebacker hopefully Kendricks. CB in the first round. Awesome defense. Make the Carolina like move for QB next year with a better draft class

  5. The Harris/Rales ownership group is definitely in play to buy the franchise. No way they sign Payne unless there is a deal structure in place and Rivera is told he can spend in free agency.

    Next few days will be telling on the direction they go.

  6. If that is what he is doing I support him 100%. At some point the league has to return to its roots rather than what it has become. That kind of change usually requires a revolution…where the old system is destroyed. You go Danny Boy.

  7. Lamar Jackson would be about as successful in DC as Jeff George, Donovan McNabb, Alex Smith, Josh Johnson, Mark Sanchez, Carson Wentz, and every other QB that was dumped by another team before coming to DC amidst all the hype and money from Dan Snyder. Rivera should stick with the kid and resign Heinicke to back him up.

  8. I don’t think it’s likely they sign Lamar Jackson. They would not have brought on Eric Bienemy to run Lamar Jackson 15-20 times per game.

    It’s more likely they are clearing cap space to extend Kam Curl or make a run at Orlando Brown.

    There is absolutely ZERO indication in local DC media of any interest in Jackson.

  9. The NFL eventually gonna close this loophole of giving out bigger signing bonuses while increasing cap space…

  10. I hope Dan does it. One last ride.

    Remember Dan came into the league paying huge contracts. Might as well leave the same way.

  11. Those worried Rivera might say no and resign. aren’t thinking far enough out at that point Snyder turns to the OC that’s been scorned, Eric Bienemy and says, would you like to live this team? I’ll adjust your contract and pay, take this team where it has not been recently. Imagine, if this is all a plan to show the League on this stuff.

  12. Dan Snyder will use that as a negotiating chip to get his price. No new owner wants to have that financial burden to begin with. Snyder also knows that should he actually do it, it devalues the team and probably pushes the owners to push him out.

  13. By your theory, Commanders would need another $20+ million in cap to make the deal too much to match for Ravens cap in 2023. Plausible but not likely.

  14. Kicking the can down the road. They now have around 40 million per year tied up in just 2 starting defensive tackles, good luck trading for a high paid qb or keeping either Sweat or Chase Young when the time comes.

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