Bears to sign Tremaine Edmunds

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The Bears have made another significant move at the start of the negotiating window.

According to multiple reports, Chicago has agreed to sign linebacker Tremaine Edmunds to a four-year deal worth $72 million with $50 million guaranteed.

Edmunds was a Bills first-round pick in 2018 and spent his first five seasons with the club. He’s recorded at least 100 tackles in each of his five seasons with Buffalo, including the 2022 season despite playing just 13 games.

Edmunds was also named a Pro Bowler in 2019 and 2020.

The Edmunds deal is the latest in a string of agreements Chicago has agreed to on Monday, including T.J. Edwards and Nate Davis.

Of course, the Bears also agreed to trade the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft to the Panthers late last week.

32 responses to “Bears to sign Tremaine Edmunds

  1. It’s insane how young he is. He should be able to get 2 big free agent deals during his career. pretty rare for a defensive player. Bears making some big moves and if Fields can make that next step, they could be sitting very pretty in the coming years.

  2. An above average linebacker who the bills fans tore down any chance they could get, he will be a great addition and got the money he deserved based on the play on the field.

  3. Fun day to be a Bears fan. Maybe will wind up being even more fun than draft weekend because these guys that Ryan Poles is bringing in have already shown they can play, and on quality teams at that.

  4. He is a physical freak, but it never translated on the field. Way too much money for a middle of the road line backer.

  5. Glad he is out of rhe AFCE !! Miami needs to go after Poyer now and a stud LB and RT.
    Take the weekend off for the draft. Don’t have any picks anyway.

  6. He’s a tremendous athlete. Fits the profile for what the Bears want on defense. Great signing.

  7. First Poles move I’m NOT exited about. The money needs to be spent elsewhere, in the trenches of both sides of the line.

  8. He was a good player for the Bills, but I wouldn’t call him an impact player. He did not have many tackles for losses, sacks, or interceptions. He got paid and the Bears overpaid.

  9. This is a significant loss for Buffalo, but we all saw it coming as a cap casualty. Looking forward to seeing who steps up/in as his replacement.

  10. Very good sideline to sideline, up there with the best in the leauge. Struggles a bit in coverage, but has the physical tools to be better. Rarely used in pressure packages, but that just may be the Leslie Frazier D …so that is an unknown for him. Loads of ball ahead for him though. Good get for the Bears

  11. I meant Bills fans torn on Edmunds, not players.
    I’m sure the players loved him

  12. The Bills chose Milano over Edmunds, and the people who have watched both of them play over the past few years know that was the right choice. Good luck in CHI, Tre.

  13. The Bears having all that cap money and high picks is kinda scary if they are used right. They could put together a really good team and pull a worst to first kinda season.

  14. It’s all about the money. I’ll miss him as a Bill. Not as much as I’d miss Milano.

  15. Not bad. Be interesting to see how the Bears use him. Edmunds is very young but eh has the tools to be great. Looking forward to see how he gels with Sanborn who has the makings of a very good MLB after Roquan left us. Should be an interesting free agent/draft period.

  16. The good thing about this signing is he’s young. The bad thing about this signing is that there is a reason the Bills let him go. The reason is that he’s not worth that kind of money.

  17. Edmunds is a gifted talent but underachieves and is just average. He certainly benefitted by having an impact player like Milano next to him. Hopefully a new team, coaches, scheme, and personal perspective will help him move forward.

  18. Edmunds is NOT Brian Urlacher. He is a Will & TJ Edward’s is the MLB. Bills D will be better with an aware two gap LB. Good bye & yea!

  19. Wow! Bears fans are excited to get Buffalo castoffs. Once upon a time nobody wanted former Buffalo players. The Bills were once the last stop in the league for many players.
    Now teams are crawling over piles of dead bodies to get players the Bills no longer want.

  20. If an off ball LB isn’t the highest paid on the team is it even the bears?

  21. A player not as skilled as Roquan Smith, at nearly the same price Roquan was demanding. This move that doesn’t excite me.

  22. Bears fans, get used to seeing this: runs up to line of scrimmage, engages offensive lineman, turns his head as he watches the running back run by him… also when he blitzes, engages a lineman, and is stood up straight and does nothing…. In addition remember “13 seconds” ask yourself if he made a play.. the offense gave the defense 2 leads with less than two minutes in the game and Edmunds was on the field…When the team needed someone to step up where was he? Remember you just paid 72 mil for that…Good Luck

  23. Thepatriotway is right. A perfect description and he needs to tie up the dreads. They affect his awareness somewhat & he can’t afford to lose what he already lacks. The role change will help him & he’s rangy.

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