C.J. Stroud rockets to top of the first-pick betting odds

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The rising Panthers draft tide has lifted C.J. Stroud’s betting boat.

With Carolina moving from No. 9 to No. 1 in the 2023 NFL draft, the Ohio State quarterback has jumped to the favorite to be the first player drafted.

A week ago, Alabama quarterback Bryce Young held the top spot at -240, with Florida’s Anthony Richardson leapfrogging Stroud at +380.

Now, multiple sports books have Stroud at -300, with Young at +300 and Richardson at +450.

The inescapable conclusion is that the bookies believe Stroud is Carolina’s guy. That he’s the one they traded up to get. That he’s the one they’ll select.

Of course, they could still trade down with a team that takes someone else. At this point, the folks who are paid to get the projections right are pointing to the Panthers picking Stroud.

10 responses to “C.J. Stroud rockets to top of the first-pick betting odds

  1. No Ohio State QB has ever had a good NFL career. The Carolina Panthers are one of the most poorly run franchises in the NFL under their current ownership.

  2. Stroud is going to be the first quarterback taken in the draft, and I’m guessing Richardson will go second which will surprise a lot of people, and then Young will be there for someone. Then it will get interesting as we wait and see who actually develops (if any) into that franchise guy, because if it falls that way whoever goes number 1 better be the franchise guy, or it will come back to haunt that franchise

  3. Size matters. Many teams obviously think ” Young has the best arm and a good mind but his body is smallish and one good hit and it could be a bama busted up QB fest.
    Stroud is 6’3, has real potential as a passer and runner aka Fields. Fields is on a team that has no talent right now. That will change.
    I would be shocked if Stroud is not the one pick.

  4. I think this proves just how much of the Anthony Richardson hype was most likely just fuled by his agent. If he was truly #1 guy any team trading up would have been doing so to get him. His combine numbers are great, but winning games in college matters. Look at Trubisky.

  5. Lovie Smith should be banned from EVER coaching anything above Pee Wee flag football for what he did to my Texan’s!

  6. I`ve been following the draft closely for 39 years now and I said last season that Young would be #1 thru the entire season but the closer he got to the draft his size would get picked apart and he would drop. He`s got the best overall QB skills in the draft but size does matter. Guys like Kyler Murray and Tua coming off injury plagued seasons didn`t help him. It`s not just height he`s just small and that does matter. He will be the best QB in this class per 17 games but i doubt he will have enough 17 game seasons to be a top QB

  7. Alabama lost two games on the final play all year, and Young did magic to keep them in contention. He won that game in Austin in front of 100,000 people that wanted his head, a game that Alabama clearly got outplayed and had no business winning. Stroud played lemon jello in college except for one game (Georgia) where he finally showed up. Young blasted Georgia in one game (the 2021 SEC title game) and in the rematch, in the 2021 national title game a couple of weeks later, his two big receivers (Metchie and Williams) both had torn ACLs and he had no weapons.
    Levis I haven’t seen enough of, Richardson is a project. If it comes down to Stroud or Young, forget the proven size mess. I’m taking the it factor, and I’m taking Young.

  8. How can there be betting odds on the 1st pick in the draft…Panthers, Stroud’s camp, etc…

    I’m not quite sure how the sports books in vegas work, but if someone from Stroud’s camp or someone related to Panthers brass, came and tried to drop $500k on this bet, would they take it? What if there unknown friends came in and placed the bets? Bottom line is there are people who will or already know this answer to this betting question.

  9. If Bryce Young had come within a quarter inch of being a true 6-feet, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. Football truly is a game of inches.

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