Daron Payne on staying with Commanders: “We’re one little piece away from being good”

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders
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The Commanders and defensive tackle Daron Payne worked out a four-year contract on Sunday that replaces his franchise tag. On Monday, he met with reporters to discuss the decision to stay put.

Among other things, Payne said he decided to remain in D.C. because “we’re one little piece away from being good,” via Ralph Vacchiano of Fox Sports.

It’s not clear what that one little piece is, but Payne’s deal — done one day before the free-agency market opened — gave the Commanders more than $9.4 million in extra cap space to go get it.

Today, they’ve agreed to terms former Giants offensive lineman Nick Gates and former Chiefs offensive lineman Andrew Wylie. As of Wednesday, they can reach out directly to, say, franchise-tagged quarterback Lamar Jackson.

But that wouldn’t be a little piece. That would be a gigantic one.

7 responses to “Daron Payne on staying with Commanders: “We’re one little piece away from being good”

  1. As a DC fan I hope they pass on Lamar Jackson. I know he can be good, but seems to bring baggage. The Washington Football team proved that they could have a quarterback controversy with just one quarterback. Cousins anyone?

  2. If by little piece, he means a real QB, then yes, they are one little piece away… But a real QB is hardly considered a little piece by most people.

  3. Half the league is one little piece away. That one little piece is the hardest piece to get in all of sports.

  4. Commanders need more than an overpriced QB w/ decreased tread on the tires. Also don’t know if Lamar is familiar w/ geography but DC is only incrementally south of Baltimore. I thought he wanted sub-tropical playing conditions?

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