Derek Carr: I was willing to accept trade from Raiders, but they only let me talk to one team

New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr
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Before the Raiders officially released Derek Carr last month, they were trying to trade him to get some measure of compensation for the quarterback.

But a trade always seemed unlikely given that Carr had a no-trade clause and realistically had no incentive to help Las Vegas after the organization had decided to move on from him.

The Raiders also never gave Carr and his representation permission to seek a trade. Carr was only allowed to meet with the Saints after New Orleans and Las Vegas had agreed to the framework of a deal.

During his introductory press conference on Saturday, Carr said that only being able to speak with one other organization was more of an issue than anything else.

“I was very willing to accept a trade,” Carr said, via Katherine Terrell of ESPN. “But I was only able to talk to one team. I was only given permission to talk to one team. As much as I love and respect those guys, Dave and Josh over at the Raiders, how do I make that decision when it’s the only time in my career that I’ve been, or could possibly be free? I can’t possibly make that decision without being able to talk to other people. But I still almost made the decision. I felt so much love here. Like, I still almost did it.

“But at the end of the day, I just felt like I knew that when I sat here, I wanted to be able to look my kids in the eye, look my wife in the eye, and know that I did everything in my power, I asked every question, I went through every process to make sure I tried to make the best decision for our family, for us together. So, I wasn’t closed off to it all, which was maybe shocking to some people. But I wasn’t closed off, I was willing to work, but I just was only able to talk to the Saints. But it worked out.”

The fact that the Saints were aggressive and were willing to trade for Carr meant something to him and was a factor in why he ended up signing with the club. Head coach Dennis Allen made it clear that Carr was the team’s No. 1 target at quarterback and now the two sides will try to win a championship.

28 responses to “Derek Carr: I was willing to accept trade from Raiders, but they only let me talk to one team

  1. The bottem line – the Raiders got nothing in trade.
    Not even a 6th round pick.

    They can now sign Jimmy Garoppolo to a low cost contract and save money for similar production.

  2. Being a highly paid NFL QB should be enough to look your family in the eye. Even if you could have gotten more money elsewhere, it’s a can’t lose situation.

  3. Benefits Carr and Saints to go as a free agent. Saints keep their assets.

    Now, a bit sour on Carr. Not a Raiders fan or Saints fan.

    But, move on. You signed your dream job in NO. You blocked a trade to NO to stick it one last time to the Raiders and forced free agency. None of us here believes you were open to a trade anywhere.

  4. I was willing to accept a trade, but they only let me talk to one team. Then once I was released I signed with that team. Imagine.

  5. carrs not terrible but hes never going to be a top tier franchise QB that you can count on anywhere on the field,any time in the game and in any weather. he’s proved that over the last 9 yrs. wish him well but as a raider fan it was defiantly past time he was released.too many good players and coaches walked the plank instead of him.

  6. LOL Raiders. Amazing that they knew Carr was not the long term guy and yet they had a regressive season anyways and then didn’t get anything for him.

  7. I was willing to accept a trade, but they only let me talk to one team. Then once I was released I signed with that team. Imagine.


    He was able to talk to other teams as a FA. And yes, it means something to a guy to feel wanted. But it’s not unreasonable that he’d want to find out what the other options are and what’s being offered.

    That said, I would have waited either way, too. As long as his new deal is as good as his previous deal, no reason to help the Raiders out.

  8. Yeah, right !! Carr was headed to the saints to stay warm. Why would the raiders allow him to only talk to one team ??
    All good, he’s gone from raider nation !!

  9. The Raiders didn’t deserve courtesy from Carr the way they did him. Good on him finding a team that believes in him.

  10. Looking at it from Carr’s perspective I get it and would have done the same thing.

    Essentially the Raiders said “You can seek a trade to one team, only one team and we get some compensation for giving you permission.”

    And Carr thought ‘Or I can say “No”, force you to cut me and I can talk to 31 teams and get the best deal I can.’

    The NFL is a business and the Raiders made several really really bad business decisions (Who’s shocked? Raise your hand.)

    Personally I think the Saint’s made one too (signing Carr) but at least they didn’t have to give any compensation to the Raiders to get the guy they wanted.

  11. Carr just likes to talk like a thirteen year old girl. You can’t agree to a trade if no one wants to trade for you. And the one team that would trade for you wanted you to take a pay cut, and in the end, you took a pay cut.

    I’ll agree to be traded to, it doesn’t mean anyone wants me playing QB in 2023.

  12. People love to pile on this guy. He has had ZERO stability and very few weapons during his time with the Raiders. Though all the disfunction and coaching changes he continued to be a good team mate and didn’t bash his team. I’m not saying he’s a top 5 QB but he’s certainly in the top half of NFL QB’s.

  13. Just be honest about it. You had every reason to not accept a trade. The draft capital the team would’ve given up would’ve hurt your new team, and helped the old one that did you dirty. Screw the raiders. They earned this L.

  14. If this is true, the Raiders screwed up big time. They should have let Carr talk to as many teams as possible to try and get the best trade package. If they only let him talk to one team, I can see why he waited so that he could see what else was out there.

  15. I get that Carr is polarizing and Raider nation either loves him or hates him, but the haters are kind of ridiculous. “Let it go, Derek”… “Move on, Derek”?

    Go listen to the press conference. Throughout the whole thing he was authentically answering the questions that were asked. At 26:10 you can hear the question that the female reporter asked about the trade market for him. Now, what should he do in that situation? Say that “I’m not answering questions about how that process went. Next question, please.”? Or…maybe being the affable guy that he is, he just answers the question he is asked honestly. If he doesn’t answer that question, he gets skewered in the media for dodging questions. If he does, he gets skewered by the haters for answering the question. Sheesh…

    If you listen to the press conference, you can tell he’s all-in on the Saints and the future. He’s not looking into the past. Perhaps some of those negative commenters should do the same?

  16. They only let him talk to a team that wanted to trade for him and agreed to the Raiders terms.

    That team wanted him to take a pay cut.

    He gets released and takes a pay cut to sogn with what looks like the only interested team.

    Carr overvalued his market. PFT posters seem to love the 9 year failure. All those coaches, all those GM’s got fired in part because of Carrs terrible play. Especially under pressure. You can’t re-write it all now. He failed. He got everything he wanted and still failed.

  17. Carr is a pretty good QB. Most comeback wins over the last 10 years of any QB. Now, he certainly isn’t “elite” by any means. But he was under absolutely no obligation to help out the Raiders once they discarded him. That’s on them.

    It’s a QB hungry market. Even being above average will get a big payday and he got one. Good on him. Especially leaving that clusterblank of an organization in Vegas.

  18. “Personally I think the Saint’s made one too (signing Carr) but at least they didn’t have to give any compensation to the Raiders to get the guy they wanted.”

    So, someone name one truly available QB who was better than Carr. Care is certainly better than what the Saints had, and nobody who will truly become available as a FA would have been better. The Saints deal actually allows them to move on from Carr if he’s not good enough after the 24 season, with minimal cap implications (or so I read recently). It’s basically a two-year “prove it” deal.

  19. Carr was let go because he was the true leader in the locker room and of the franchise. McDaniels is a weak leader who is not popular with the players, poll the players took ranked him last among NFL head coaches as voted by players of the team. Weak leaders always have to get rid of any strong leaders that serve under them and that is what McD and Zeigler did with Carr. Adams will follow shortly then Crosby if McDaniels isn’t fired after another losing season.

  20. When you step back and recognize that Mark Davis’s barber is the power behind the Raiders it all makes sense. That dude has serious pull getting millionaire owner of NFL franchise to appear in public looking like Moe Howard.

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