Eagles formally propose latest overhaul of jersey numbers, including No. 0

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Two years ago, the NFL dramatically changed the range of numbers available to skill-position players. Now, the Eagles want to take it even farther.

The league has announced that the Eagles have proposed making No. 0 for all players except offensive and defensive linemen.

The proposal also would expand the range of potential numbers for kickers and punters from 1-19 to 0-49 and 90-99.

So why not double zero? Former players who wore the iconic “OO” include center Jim Otto and receiver Ken Burrough.

And, as I’ve previously mentioned on PFT Live, I once had a generic green “00” jersey from Sears. I was very proud of it. I wore it to school once, on a day when uniforms weren’t required. Then someone said, “What’s that, your IQ?”

And I never wore it again.

16 responses to “Eagles formally propose latest overhaul of jersey numbers, including No. 0

  1. They should have left the jersey numbers alone a few years ago where the DEs 90-99 linebackers 50-59 offensive line 50–79 receivers 80-89 what was wrong with that knowing when you saw a number on the field what position they were playing

  2. Perhaps the Eagles need to be more interested in keeping defensive starters. As of today didn’t they lose 3?

  3. I guess I’m a ‘get off my lawn’ guy, but I liked the old number system. Single digits everywhere or kickers wearing something like a ’22’, just feels like they’re mimicking college and high school football. Hard pass.

  4. Why not?! I’m glad they finally let players wear whatever number they want.

    Now I just wish the Eagles would change the Font or style of their numbers.
    Especially 1. And keep the uniform look, but go back to Kelly Green!

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