If Dan Snyder signs Lamar Jackson, the major escrow payment wouldn’t be due until 2024

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As you may know, we’ve been fascinated by the possibility that the Commanders have been lurking for a chance to pounce on Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. With Baltimore using the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, any other team can talk to Jackson (as of today) and sign him to an offer sheet.

The Commanders, coincidentally (or not), created nearly $10 million in extra cap space on Sunday, by signing franchise-tagged defensive tackle Daron Payne to a long-term deal. They now have the ability to make a play for Jackson.

The Ravens also have the ability to match any offer sheet. The question becomes whether the Commanders would indeed give Jackson the five-year, fully-guaranteed contract he wants — and whether the Ravens would reluctantly exercise their right to take Washington’s place.

We’ve laid out the reasons why it makes sense for Washington to do it. One question that some have posted relates to the funding rule. Would Snyder be able or willing to write a massive check for money that would be set aside, as an official guarantee that the contractual guarantees will be paid?

But here’s the key. The bill for the escrow payment wouldn’t become due until March 31, 2024. If Snyder sells the team by then, the buyer would be the one paying that bill.

Others have asked whether it would impact the sale price for the Commanders. Given the fact that the NFL has both a salary cap and a salary floor, the player payroll dollars will be spent. And if getting the team means inheriting a major contract with a rare talent, oh well. The new owner will find a way to tolerate that complication.

Setting aside book values and other mathematical wizardry, NFL franchises are worth whatever someone will pay for them — and the asset is constantly appreciating. With NFL teams rarely available to be purchased, the existence of a fully-guaranteed contract for a franchise quarterback will not be an impediment to any attempt by Washington to land Lamar.

Ultimately, the biggest impediment could be Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. Would he match a fully-guaranteed offer made by Snyder, simply because it’s Snyder? Beyond the general acrimony and rancor that multiple owners have for Snyder, a fully-guaranteed, five-year offer sheet from the Commanders would give Bisciotti cover with partners who could otherwise be as pissed at Bisciotti this year as they were at Browns owner Jimmy Haslam in 2022.

22 responses to “If Dan Snyder signs Lamar Jackson, the major escrow payment wouldn’t be due until 2024

  1. Problem is danny isn’t selling the team just out of spite, unless someone comes in a writes him a $7 to $8 billion dollar check. None of the other owners who many of them have very full closets they are hiding are not going to set the precedent to vote out another owner.

  2. All along, Jackson has been taking heat for not hiring an agent. How smart does he look if he pulls this steal off?
    And, 3% of this deal should go to mama!

  3. no way are the Ravens giving LJ a five year, fully guaranteed contract. Not Happening.

  4. The Commanders will not sign Lamar. The Dolphins will not sign Lamar. The Bears will not sign Lamar. The Texans will not sign Lamar. The Lions will not sign Lamar. The Raiders will not sign Lamar. The Panthers are going to draft their QB @ #1. The only team I could see making a play would be the Jets if they get spurned by Rodgers. The main issue with Lamar is the fact the other team would have to give up TWO 1st Round picks AND bow to his contract demands. Outside of one dumb owner, Woody Johnson, I can’t think of anyone else who would do it right now. It’s not collusion, it’s common sense.

  5. In reality would Steve Bisciotti really turn down two firsts AND give Lamar a fully-guaranteed deal just out of spite?

  6. Well thank you for finally clarifying the 800 lb gorilla in the room, i.e. the escrow payment.
    Also there is a 0% chance the Ravens are going to let Lamar go 40 minutes down I-95 and become the face of that franchise….

  7. Sure, Snyder’s an incompetent, entitled, disgustingly rich and possibly perverse brat of an owner. And he’s just crazy enough to pull off this move.

    Signing Lamar along with Rivera and the Skins defense would make them immediately competitive. This is just the splashy signing needed to ink a new stadium deal with a marquee player and steal a little thunder from the crosstown Ravens.

    Does anyone really care whether the billionaires can afford guaranteed QB contracts? We proletariats don’t live in the same world as these one percenters. If our morals get sufficiently offended we can turn to the USFL and XFL.

  8. Snyder is so vindictive, I could see him doing this – the perfect parting gift for his NFL partners. Possible another reason why they are afraid of giving him the boot at this stage of the year.

  9. The clarification on the escrow payment is really helpful. But there would still be probably a 50 million signing bonus that Snyder might be reluctant/unable to spend.

  10. If Daniel Snyder signs Lamar Jackson…and if Baltimore fails to match. An awful lot of time spent on speculation which has no chance of happening.

  11. If Washington were to sign Lame, this would be a permanent divorce for me. I’d treat Washington with the same contempt I have for Dallas and the rest of the NFC East.

  12. The NFL is QB-driven league. Philly, Dallas and the NY Football Jynts all have their QBs. Why wouldn’t DC want the same, especially for a guy with a 45-16 record and an MVP? DE Chase Young returns in 2023, and this could vault the Commies into a division title. The new owner would come into the NFL with a real chance for playoffs/Lombardi.

  13. I don’t understand. Any escrow payments either are reimbursed or go back to Snyder if he sells. Either way it’s factored into a sale.

  14. From the desk of Captain Obvious: If Snyder makes a financial move to ruin the team in the future, current bidders are under no obligation to go forward with the purchase. You all talk as if Snyder can compell Harris or Bezos to buy regardless of what he does. He can’t.

    Now, if he wants to scuttle the sale and keep the team, OK. But then he’s screwing himself with the move.

    THink this through guys.

  15. Kirk Cousins got full bag. Was his contract an issue for the Vikings? I’ll wait. 🤔

  16. Another article basically begging a team to sign Lamar.

    Spoiler alert no team wants to give Lamar 250M Guaranteed AND 2 first round draft picks to do so.

  17. And for all the whining about Jackson needing to sign an agent, why should he? Lamar can get all the legal advice he needs just by reading this website. For free.

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