It’s time for Aaron Rodgers to make a decision

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Aaron Rodgers can, and will, do whatever he wants. But his failure to make a decision about his short-term future is about to become a problem.

At 12:00 p.m. ET, free agency begins, as a practical matter. If Rodgers is going to the Jets, the Jets need to know that. If Rodgers is going to stay with the Packers (something the Packers clearly don’t want), the Packers need to know that. If Rodgers has some other alternative he’ll be exploring, everyone needs to know that.

And if Rodgers simply will be calling it a career, the teams need to know that, too.

Rodgers has promised not to unreasonably delay his process. He seems to be keenly aware of the relevant dates and deadlines. Still, for planning purposes, teams needed to know his specific plans well before today.

As of noon, he will officially be holding multiple teams hostage. Even if he refuses to admit that, to himself or anyone else.

So let’s go, Aaron. We’re waiting. All of us. The Packers, the Jets, and everyone else.

91 responses to “It’s time for Aaron Rodgers to make a decision

  1. Why would he make a decision right now when he’s getting all this attention?

  2. The Packers always have the option of releasing him. If they want him gone so bad, then do it.

  3. I hope he strings this out as long as possible.
    Its funny seeing people get worked up over nothing.

    My guess – 99% he goes to the Jets

    The only reason to stay with the Packers is to mess with them

  4. When the peyote wears off, it wears off bro. You can’t rush perfection…Have you not seen those TD to INT rates the last decade. Aaron is in a good place no matter what happens brah. He is one with the earth, he wants to go to new york, but doesn’t carw for the fake turf. It’s not certified organic and might be a carcinogen actually.

  5. :Still, for planning purposes, teams needed to know his specific plans well before today.”
    Leading up to this if teams don’t have multiple plans or at least a contingency plan that’s on them. I can’t imagine any large corporation would wait without having an idea of what they’d do while awaiting someone’s decision….Now however it’s a different story and teams need to know.

  6. After the stuff the Packers have leaked about him over the past month, I hope he makes them wait… I get that they want him gone, but there is the right way to handle that and then the way the Packers have… A decent GM and team president would have called him in, told him they were moving on and that he can retire or give them a list of teams where he’d be willing to go… You don’t leak that he “wasn’t all in” last season when the guy played the second half of the season with a broken thumb.

  7. From the Packer’s perspective, I would prefer to wait another week or so until Garappolo, Baker, and possibly Stafford have all been taken off the market. Then I demand my 2 #1 draft picks from the Jets or I keep Rodgers for another year. Green Bay never does anything in the first week of free agency so it is not hurting them one bit

  8. The only people who really care are Jets fans and Packers fans. The fans of the other 30 teams probably couldnt care less. Im a fan of one of those other 30 teams and I dont “need to know” what AR is going to do.

  9. Funny how life works out. First Farve got Rodgered and now several years later, Rodgers is about to be Farved.

  10. This is why I wouldn’t want Rodgers even if he wanted to play for me. He’s a prima donna.

  11. It doesn’t matter what everyone else wants. That’s the folly in your advocacy letter to Rodgers.

  12. Waiting…. To hear the sound of that huge, old fashioned toilet flushing with vigor on this drama queen.

  13. He is going to screw the Jets stringing them along until all of the other free agent QBs are gone and then tell the Jets he is retiring.

  14. Why does he have to rush his decision, this is a huge decision for an athlete who has played for 1 team his whole career. But since it is Rodgers he has to rush it. I do t remember anyone telling LeBron to rush it back in tue day when he actually went in TV to announce his decision. Give the guy his space

  15. I’m sure he’s probably drinking coffee right now, reading PFT, and thinking… “damn, I’d better wrap this up, Florio is getting pissed.”

  16. As a jets fan i am preparing for the worst. Just no good reason to drag this out. I think if he was willing to accept the trade he would have already. Jets will have to pivot to Garrapolo, Tannehill. Packers may be even more upset than the Jets. They clearly want to move on. Packers might be more upset than the Jets will be.

  17. Here’s my concern: Joe Douglas contractually makes final decisions on the 53. Did he sign-off on ARod? If not, that’s a big problem. Are JD and Saleh resentful they lost out on Carr? Of course, it’s hard for us to know what’s really going on, but the Woody dynamic is again suspect. He forced Favre on Mangini, who was building a championship caliber team. History repeating itself?

  18. It would be pretty damn funny after all of this if he failed a drug test for hallucinations during his physical.

  19. If he doesn’t retire, his only option is the Jets. I don’t think he wants to play for them. All he’s thinking about now is that the Packers don’t want him anymore.

  20. Rodgers must laugh every time he sees or hears something like this,but it’s true. People are waiting for an answer. He needs to act like an adult and give one to the people who need to know.

  21. The Jets and Packers already know. It’s just the media and the public that are in the dark.

  22. “Rodgers has promised not to unreasonably delay his process”. He loves yanking chains. He’ll let everyone know what he will do once he knows he can’t frustrate everyone anymore. It’s just Rodgers Watch.

  23. I’d bet he’s going to make “The” (His) Decision on the Pat McAffee show. That’s the only outlet where actually says nothing, but something

  24. Oy Vey why would he do that when the narrative is all about him? Tweaking the media is fun for him he’s just like Farve where do imagine he learned this kind of stuff?

  25. “If he doesn’t retire, his only option is the Jets. I don’t think he wants to play for them. All he’s thinking about now is that the Packers don’t want him anymore.”

    I’m a jets fan and i agree…but also this is a dreadful result for the Packers.

  26. As a Jets fan , I would hope that he has adopted a professional attitude and kept the organisation updated regarding his intentions , even if is not yet in the public domain.
    If he hasn’t , and with the 12.00 deadline , then they should move on immediately to ensure that they don’t miss out on alternative QB options. As the Jets seem to be the only ones pursuing
    him , then that leaves the problem squarely with Rodgers and the Packers. However , with Woody involved , anything could be happening !.

  27. This cracks me up. Pft is worse than a little kid on Xmas morning. Rodgers doesn’t have to do squat. He’s under contract. He can merely say nothing and then show up to camp when required.

  28. This drama QUEEN’S act has worn out! He is a narcissistic attention seeker who has lost of his fans. Most people are just ready for him to retire. So we won’t have to listen to his BS any more.

  29. How can he pass on the storyline of: Reunion of “QB who couldn’t beat the Lions in must-win game at Lambeau” with “OC who had to give up playcalling with the Broncos.”

  30. I’m not waiting, FTR.

    Well, I guess that’s not entirely true… I’m waiting for him to retire with as many rings as Nick Foles.

  31. The Packers can cut Rodgers whenever they want. If they’re being hamstrung, they only have themselves to blame.

  32. And at the end of this day you will write this same headline again! It’s pretty apparent he does not want to go to the Jets everything has been agreed upon supposedly so if he wanted to be a Jet he would be there! He wants to stick it to the Packers for trying to replace him for the third time so basically let’s see what the Packers brass do when he announces he wants to stay in GB?

  33. I don’t think he’s going to make a decision based on Florio’s pushing…. Dial it down dude.

  34. Most QBs love attention, just in different ways. QBs like Brady and Mahomes get it from winning Super Bowls. QBs like Aaron get it in the off-season by being a petulant malcontent.

  35. Everyone here acting like Jets are the only team about to get hosed by this egomaniac. The Packers are just as hosed as the Jets with 60 million in cap space they could have used to move on this year. Jets will pivot to, admittedly, a mediocre QB of some sort and still win more games than the Packers this year. Make no mistake, the Packers want to move on from him as much as the Jets want him.

  36. A decent GM and team president would have called him in, told him they were moving on and that he can retire or give them a list of teams where he’d be willing to go… You don’t leak that he “wasn’t all in” last season when the guy played the second half of the season with a broken thumb.

    They did the same thing with Favre. They knew he wanted to play. Just buried their heads in the sand, hoping he would go away.

    The ignorance they’ve displayed dealing with these 2 guys is astounding.

  37. I’m of the thought the Packers and Jets know what Rodgers decision is. They’re just closing up any looses ends and will announce it later today or tomorrow.

  38. Dogs that chase cars would have no clue what to do with it when they catch it.

    Same here. Aaron’s been chasing the “I wanna play somewhere else or change here” card so long – he has no idea now what to do. He never really thought the Packers would say “ok, fine. We’re good with this – go to NY”

    Now that he can – he doesn’t really want to, he just thought asking gave him leverage that he didn’t have anymore.

    Now the Packers basically said “Last call man, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here”

  39. He’s not going to retire, zero chance of that…….his narcissist tendencies and 2023 salary opportunity completely eliminate that option.

  40. The team has literally paid him 100s of millions of dollars and he doesn’t even have the decency to do the right thing. What a narcissistic asshat and honestly I think if he goes to the Jets they will regret it sooner than later…

  41. In character really – he never has the ball hiked until the last minute until he reads the defense (except too often having to call a timeout to avoid delay of game).

  42. Cut him some slack, he’s under tremendous pressure and he often chokes in those situations

  43. As a Jet’s fan I don’t want Rodgers, the cost alone will destroy the team to say nothing of his diminishing talents and age.

    The LAST time Rodgers appeared in and then won a truly significant game, the game the Jets are going to be paying him to get them to, was Feb. 11th 2011.


    He’s been on a good Packer team most of the time since then playing in a division the Packers essentially owned going 7-8 in playoff games.

    The Jets were FOURTH in the AFCE in 2022 (last Jets Divisional Championship was 2002) .

    And Woody (or anyone else) thinks Rodgers is the solution?

    Delusional is not a strong enough word for that type of thinking.

  44. He is still pissed about his draft and carrys grudges. He has a get even sttitude. I dont think he wants the jets nor is ready to retire. If Im right he aint saying anything for a while. His wanting to play for the pack screws them all.

  45. Whether the Packers want him or not, they’re stuck. He could retire and unretire when camp ends. If his salary is on the books, he’ll start. There’s no 60M backups.

  46. The Jets should just agree to sign Jimmy G in 45 minutes. He will beat Rodgers yet again.

  47. Mike, Rogers is under contract. He doesn’t have to do anything. He has that leverage because he is willing to walk away.

    The Patriots rewarded Brady with the freedom to stay, go anywhere he chose, or retire.

    Maybe Aaron wants to go to a team not in a position to take Green Bay off the hook and give the Jets a marketing bonanza.

  48. Slip sliding away,
    Slip sliding away,
    You know the nearer the signing deadline,
    The more it’s slip sliding away,

    I know a team,
    They came from my hometown,
    They wear their history of painful losing
    Just like a thorny crown..

  49. If this lasts another 48 hours Jets should just get over this diva and go for plan B, Jimmy G.

  50. A sad display by one of the NFL’s best all-time players. Little wonder he and his family are at odds.

  51. Rodgers is the opposite of a team player. With Rodgers, it’s all about Rodgers. He doesn’t care about anyone else. I have a feeling this is why he never has any long-term relationships,

  52. At this point, Aaron Rodgers owes the Green Bay Packers and Brian “The Brain” Gutekunst – their bumbling general manager (for now) absolutely nothing. Rodgers will take his sweet time making his decision – and then he’ll inform the Pack that he’ll accept a trade to the Jets on one condition – that the Jets trade only one 7th round pick for his services, and nothing more. And if they don’t agree, then he’ll be showing up to Packer training camp sometime in late July to fulfill the second year of his 3-year all-guaranteed contract. After all, why should he allow his new team to be gutted of high draft picks for no apparent reason? If he’s going to play for the Jets, why not keep all that draft capital in his new organization? It only serves to make them better. This is exactly what the Green Bay Packers deserve after the series of mind numbing goofy moves they’ve made in personal decisions over the past few years.

  53. The Packers want a divorce and Rodgers wants a conscious uncoupling. There’s a difference.

  54. I’m not as interested in Rodgers’ decision as I am about the way in which handles this. At the end of December, Rodgers said “It won’t be something where I’ll drag it out for months and months” about his future. A MONTH AND A HALF later, he goes to a darkness retreat to supposedly help him get clarity on what he wants to do. Almost ANOTHER MONTH later, the Packers and Jets (and others?) are still waiting for his decision. He’s already ‘dragged this out for months’. This truly exemplifies his character. He’s about himself, and only himself. He likes control. He wants to always feel he can control a situation. I think we can all see why he supposedly has family issues. He’s not a good person to be around, unless you’re in his ‘inner circle’ of friends that likely are just “yes men” who agree with whatever he wants them to agree to. Anyway, if I were the Jets, this is a red flag. Do you really want someone who is going to be a perennial problem until he finally decides to retire?

  55. as much as an egotistical d-bag rodgers might be, the packers shot themselves in the foot when they gave him that contract and essentially ALL the leverage. hard to feel bad for them.

  56. He’s been on a good Packer team most of the time since then playing in a division the Packers essentially owned going 7-8 in playoff games.

    4 NFC Title game losses… in which the Packers defense allowed 35 points per game.

    No other QB would have won with these Packer teams either.

  57. If Rodgers prefers to return, the Packers have nobody to blame but themselves. They should’ve traded Rodgers two years ago. Two MVP awards? So what? He’s good during the regular season and doesn’t show up in the postseason. The Packers have to pay him. They don’t have to play him.

  58. Rodgers is the opposite of a team player. With Rodgers, it’s all about Rodgers. He doesn’t care about anyone else.

    If Rodgers is such a toxic person and bad teammate, wouldn’t ex-Packers be falling all over themselves to tell us about it?

  59. Do you expect him to take a nice pill and act mature for a change? Not a chance. Rodgers cares only about himself. Ask his family, his many ex’s. He will never change and grow old and alone.

  60. If he leaves the Packers and Packer fans hanging and decides he wants to return, he’ll be booed at Lambeau by Rodgers haters and fans alike. Not because he returned, but because of the dicking around he orchestrated. Plus, after all this if he stiffs the Jets and their fans, he’ll be vilified. He needs to express his joy and thankfulness for the opportunity to join the Jets. Anything less, screw him.

  61. Aaron…you’re very close to the time where your shtick isn’t going to matter to anyone and no one will be awaiting your decisions.

    Play or don’t play. Most of us really don’t care.

  62. Favre waited until the week of the draft to announce whether he was coming back. I get why some are impatient about Rodgers, but on no level has he ever been the pain in the butt that Favre was.

  63. The Jets should take Rodgers stringing this out as a sign that he will do the same if he goes to the Jets. Rodgers will make it all about him, and teams don’t win Super Bowls with Primadonnas as quarterbacks.

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