Jimmy Garoppolo to sign with Raiders

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons
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The Raiders have found another quarterback.

Las Vegas is signing Jimmy Garoppolo, according to multiple reports.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the deal is for three years and worth $67.5 million with $34 million guaranteed.

After spending the last six seasons with the 49ers, Garoppolo will reunite with Josh McDaniels — his former offensive coordinator with the Patriots.

Garoppolo was widely expected to be traded or released before the 2022 season began. But his offseason shoulder surgery was one reason teams were not as interested as San Francisco might have wanted, as Garoppolo wasn’t fully cleared in time for the offseason program.

The 49ers and Garoppolo agreed to a re-worked contract for Garoppolo to be San Francisco’s backup and he ended up playing almost right away when Trey Lance suffered a fractured ankle in Week Two.

But Garoppolo suffered what ended up being a season-ending foot injury of his own in the Week 13 matchup against the Dolphins.

In 11 appearances last season, Garoppolo completed 67 percent of his passes for 2,437 yards with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions.

Garoppolo seems likely to begin the season as Las Vegas’ starter. But the Raiders also seem likely to target a quarterback at No. 7 overall in this year’s draft.

Garoppolo, 31, was a Patriots second-round pick in 2014 and spent his first three seasons with the club. He was traded to San Francisco midway through the 2017 campaign.

97 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo to sign with Raiders

  1. I don’t have a problem with Josh McD chaining his coaching future to Garoppolo’s health! In fact, I love it!

  2. No difference between him and carr.
    At least carr is available to play , unlike jimmy glass.

  3. With Jimmy’s penchant for “Vegas-style entertainers”, this signing was inevitable.

  4. Weirdest QB tenure in team history, and the 49ers have had some pretty messed up quarterback eras.

  5. 3 years, $67.5 million – great deal for the Raiders. Did not break the bank.

  6. Jimmy Garoppolo will be injured before halftime of the first game.

  7. Jimmy G. and Josh McDaniels were supposed to work together in New England and he was supposed to be the future of the Patriots, until Brady complained to Kraft about being pushed out by Belichick for Jimmy G. Let’s see how they work together in Vegas

  8. uhggg, thats so much money. Go get a rookie and genuinely rebuild. Grap never makes it through a season. Only someone as braindead as Mcdaniels thinks Grap is an upgrade over Carr.

  9. Excellent signing by the Raiders. Garoppolo may not be spectacular, but he will not lose games for them.

  10. Hallelujah! Happy for Jimmy! Go show the world what you are capable of with the right coaching staff that matches your potential.

  11. For crying out loud BAL, retract the franchise tag NOW so you can start building a team. You could’ve had Garoppolo and kept Calais. Who’s next just so you can keep your fingers crossed for two 1st’s?

  12. Perfect fit and decently priced contract. Really tough division though.

    And I don’t think the Raiders do this if they get a QB at 7. Could trade back and get more picks for defensive help. Like all defense. With Jacobs, Adams, Waller, and a decent OL they should focus on DEF in the draft.

  13. As a Raiders fan this was expected. Not exciting, gets hurt constantly. Contract is fair for his level of play and availability. Hope this means we go defense or o line in the draft.

  14. metitometin says:
    March 13, 2023 at 2:06 pm
    Jimmy G. and Josh McDaniels were supposed to work together in New England and he was supposed to be the future of the Patriots, until Brady complained to Kraft about being pushed out by Belichick for Jimmy G.

    A mythical yarn that has never been proven nor acknowledged by anyone who would have any knowledge of the situation.

  15. Derek Carr off the table
    Jimmy G off the table
    Mike White off the table

    Jets fans gettin’ a little tight? All those eggs in one slightly crazy and totally egomaniacal bucket. sounds scary

    clocks ticking.

  16. So do they draft a QB first round as well? Would think so. Raiders D isn’t anything to write home about, so not sure what they expect if they’re asking Jimmy to outscore teams.

  17. Vegas Casino’s already taking bets on how many games Himmy IRpolo plays before heading to the IR …….. Let’s go Himmy G!!

  18. Not a bad move. The Raiders eliminated Carr’s salary for a less expensive version of Carr.

  19. Jimmy G, Stidham and McDaniels can sit around trading stories of when they were with a team that was actually good.

  20. With Jimmy now gone, if I’m the Packer’s my draft return for Rodgers just went up.

  21. austinspencer says:
    March 13, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    3 years, $67.5 million – great deal for the Raiders. Did not break the bank.


    Agreed, however the Raiders need to start rebuilding. McDaniels needs to go and the Raiders should be targeting a young QB in the draft and building their defense.

  22. This move gives the Raiders the option of staying at #7 in the draft. Take one of the top 4 QBs if one is still there, if not get one of the top defensive players at #7, Jalen Carter perhaps then get Hooker in RD 2 and let him develop. Then load up on O-Line and Defense with the rest of their picks. They should also resign Stidham as insurance for the inevitable Garappolo injury.

  23. I’m glad for Jimmy G…I hope that he can stay healthy ,because he is a winner when he does. One less option for the Jets, too.

  24. QB1 settled for now. Vegas picks either Fresno St or Stanford qb on Day 2 of draft.

  25. If the plan is for Jimmy G to mentor a rookie QB that gets drafted this makes sense. If he is to be the QB1 for the long term then this was not a good move. Can’t count on him to be available with his injury history.

  26. Running Derek Carr out of town just to bring in Jimmy G seems like a pretty lateral, underwhelming move.

  27. Jimmy can’t (and won’t) throw the ball more than 15-20 yards downfield. I cannot see how this makes him attractive with a deep threat like DaVonte. If NFL teams have to “settle” for a guy like JG and guarantee him 34 MILLION it paints a sad picture.

    The clipboard holder will start half the games.

  28. Jimmy and Carr are identical… except for all the stats and winning that Jimmy G does. So not at all similar…

  29. It’s a good situation for the Raiders because they have a winnable QB that does not break the bank and they can still draft a QB to groom under tutelage of a veteran. Now they can focus on improving the defense. Win win.

  30. I like it. Jimmy is better than advertised. Injury prone… maybe. Hard to tell because EVERYONE on the niners gets hurt! Watch this guy stay healthy and spread the league! That would be hilarious. Either way the show girls are going to love him!

  31. Happy for Jimmy G. With Devante and the rest of their pieces Raiders offense will be much improved. Asking to much to beat the Chiefs right off the bat but could pass the Chargers and the Broncos are still shackled to Russ. Jimmy* is a significant upgrade over Carr.
    *When healthy

  32. I think it’s a smart move by the Raiders. Jimmy G will get about the same or better production than Carr, but at $15mil less per year. The only risk is injury, which they have already shown that Stidham is a capable backup. Now they can focus the draft on defense or other needs. I would still like them to draft Hooker in the 3rd if still available.

  33. good for him, classy guy and under rated qb. a better o line will keep him healthy which was never the case in sf.

  34. I used to think that Garoppolo couldn’t stay healthy, but then I watched EVERY Niners QB get injured. Maybe it’s not Jimmy. It’s the Niners taht don’t kbnow how to keep players healthy.

    I wish Garoppolo good luck. I just don’t see the raiders going anywhere with McDaniels in charge, especially in a division like the AFC West.

  35. minime says:
    March 13, 2023 at 2:04 pm
    No difference between him and carr.
    At least carr is available to play , unlike jimmy glass.

    There is a huge difference, it starts with $15mil less.

  36. GoodellMustGo says:
    March 13, 2023 at 2:01 pm
    The training and rehab facility there has good reviews or so I’ve heard…


    McDaniels won’t forget to leave a TE in to chip/block when needed like Shanahan never does.


  37. If Raiders don’t take a 1st round QB (they shouldn’t as referenced about D above) are we looking at Levis landing at 19 (Bucs)?

  38. This is a good signing by the Raiders. Team leader, vocal leader, winner, and his ability is tailor made for Josh McDaniels system. If they fix their defense and Jimmy stays healthy they should win a lot of games.
    Jimmy should like Vegas, there’s a few Chicago pizza restaurants in Vegas. The Italian beef is hit or Miss, but the deep dish’s are good. Hard to find a good polish sausage sandwich though.

  39. Looks like he won’t be backing up Tua… like someone had him doing.

    This is a smart move for both sides. Garappolo may do well in that offense.

  40. chaunce922 says:
    March 13, 2023 at 2:06 pm
    uhggg, thats so much money. Go get a rookie and genuinely rebuild. Grap never makes it through a season. Only someone as braindead as Mcdaniels thinks Grap is an upgrade over Carr.

    Statistcally, he’s a big upgrade. 99.6 career rating vs. 91.8. 74.1 playoff rating vs. 69.2.

  41. With Jimmy G off the table, that removes some leverage that the Jets may have had in their negotiations with the Packers.

  42. wasthatwrong says:
    Jets fans gettin’ a little tight?
    I’m convinced the Jets trade with the Packers has been a done deal since late last week,… just working out some trade details. It might be a more complicated deal including multiple players. I’m confident it gets announced within the next 24 hours.

  43. With Jimmy G, we have no ability to get come from behind wins- he throws sparingly at best. We’re in deeper water.

  44. So much for Lamar Jackson. McDaniels had to go with someone he is familiar with since Stidham bolted.

  45. 2024 is going to be the most important season in McDaniel’s career.
    With his own ex-Patriots QB in place now it REALLY is the McDaniels show in Vegas. No excuses left. Not even QB injury as everyone knows that is part of the package with Jimmy G.
    If he stays healthy, he will be good in Vegas. But that is a big if.

  46. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson, who’s won all of 1 playoff game in his career, is somewhere right now thinking that being offered 4x as much guaranteed money as a guy who’s been to the Super Bowl and won 4 playoff games is an insult to him.

  47. I like both Car & Jimmi G but Cars the more durable of the two so proof is in the pudding. Raiders better get a good back up.

  48. I look forward to the Raiders starting at least 6-2 before their backup steps in

  49. so the Raiders just went from a quarterback who scored 30 points a game with a terrible defense to a quarterback who barely can score 20 points a game with a STILL terrible defense?! sucks for them!

  50. I like the move a lot. Super cheap for the Raiders, much cheaper than what we’ve seen so far, and they get a QB that has won POs games, despite all the critics, and knows the system, while Carr seemed lost in it. Lets hope he stays healthy

  51. The Stidham trade looked like a throwaway but that trade and resign is important given Jimmy G’s injury history.

    Carr clearly wasn’t the answer and Jimmy has some great weapons.

  52. I like Jimmy G but wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of the Texans signing him. They’d be better off with a team friendly deal with Baker while the new guy gets his sea legs..

  53. My bad. I thought Stidham signed with Raiders. Surprised that he left to sit behind Wilson..

  54. Ok, Garappolo and Stidham. Seems like the Raiders are set at QB. What? I’m serious. Stop laughing.

    But if Anthony Richardson is there at 7, there’s the future!

  55. People disparage Jimmy G, but all he does is win. He has the 7th best win -loss record of all active quarterbacks. If you discount Purdy, who doesn’t even have one full season, Jimmy is #6. The Raiders made a good move.

  56. This is ideal for the raiders. Get a couple of seasons out of Jimmy G while prepping the draft pick that I assume is coming

  57. Bert Convy: “A telescope lens, a punch bowl, a window, Jimmy Garoppolo-”
    Pyramid contestant: “Things that are made out of glass!”
    Dick Clark: “You win!”

  58. The Jimmy G/Las Vegas Raiders Press Conference has been postponed. Jimmy injured his foot stepping up to the podium.

  59. Rodgers is quickly running out of options, it’s either the Jets or the Packers. What Rodgers should do is talk San Fransisco into a trade.

  60. Jimmy G will have lots of time for some of Vegas’ “Stetson” while rehabbing his next injury.

  61. Jets are out of options if the are intent on getting a QB that’s actually won games. Putting all your eggs in the Rodgers basket might not end well. Hard to believe with his bloated contract but GB may be asking a little more now in a trade.

  62. I look forward to seeing Jimmy G silence the haters. This is a great deal for the Raiders.

  63. TEN of the wins in his career have some when he has not thrown a SINGLE TD.
    Meaning, Defense and running game have been his very good friend, greatly boosting his winning % and creating a false sense of his accomplishments.

  64. Thank God the Raiders now have it all. No reason. 10,000 reasons they wont make the playoffs. I like Jimmy he stood in there an did deliver at times but has had a bad break, many of them actually, to be the guy. I agree the Raiders pick a QB of the future with pick 7. They sure got Jimmy for cheap.

  65. So the Raiders went from underwhelming talent who cannot win a playoff game to talented QB with a Super Bowl appearance that cannot stay healthy. Sounds about right.

  66. Joe Montana, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, Alex Smith….Was worried there for a brief sec but breathing easier now knowing Jimmy G won’t somehow be joining the succession of Ex 49er QB’s to the Chiefs….I think we good

  67. For everyone crowing about Garoppolo having a better career rating or winning percentage compared to Carr, don’t forget Jimmy G has always had a strong supporting cast wherever he’s been. Carr has never really had that benefit.

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