Mike White set to sign with Dolphins

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The Dolphins have said they will not be looking at other starting quarterback options this offseason, but they are bringing in a new backup to Tua Tagovailoa.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that they have agreed to a contract with former Jets quarterback Mike White. It’s a two-year deal worth up to $16 million.

White said earlier this month that he would love to return to the Jets and head coach Robert Saleh expressed interest in a reunion as well, but the Jets were waiting on Aaron Rodgers to make his call while White agreed to make the move to their AFC East rivals.

White started four games for the Jets last season and Tagovailoa’s injury history suggests he’ll have a good chance of adding to that total in 2022. Teddy Bridgewater was the No. 2 quarterback in Miami last season, but the White move signals that he will be moving on.

28 responses to “Mike White set to sign with Dolphins

  1. He will be the starter by Halloween. Tua will get another concussion. Not a matter of if, but when.

  2. Kinda thought Skylar deserved a shot considering he played that well at Buffalo and almost won a road playoff game.

  3. worth up to $16mil / 2 yrs. well Jets unwilling to match that then Mr.Florio, Wisconsin & Jets fans can rest. ARodgers has Defintely agreed to play this yr & for the Jets. no Jimmy G & Mike White simply Rodgers + milf youngster Zach at Qb for gang green…. how much will Packers eat regarding Rodgers salary & how much will they get in trade compensation left to to be negotiated

  4. with perfect protection, White is better than Tua. with a leaky OL, he will be injured before Jimmy G

  5. Pretty good money for a backup QB. And he might have a pretty good chance to start because of Tua’s injury history. One hit away from another concussion.

  6. kfoyo808 says:
    March 13, 2023 at 2:11 pm
    Kinda thought Skylar deserved a shot considering he played that well at Buffalo and almost won a road playoff game.

    98Rate This
    Buffalo did everything they could to choke that game away. If the Dolphins had a serviceable backup they would have won by more than a touchdown.

  7. Jets could have traded Wilson and kept White. Woody is incapable of admitting a mistake. Jimmy G is off the table and Rogers will have more leverage.

  8. At least half of that has to be incentives, right? Otherwise that’s a lot of money for Mike White to be your backup QB.

  9. As a phins fan this is … meh. I woulda preferred a Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, Sam Darnold.. someone who’s proven they can just step and compete. Matt Ryan would have been optimal for me.

  10. Zach is a $10MM 2023 cap charge, would have been a $19MM dead cap hit.

    Can’t win with him, can’t win without him.

  11. good pickup for the fins. a solid young qb that displayed potentially a high cieling based on his situation last year in ny. tua will not play a whole season so we should see what white can do and possibly see if he can becoome a franchise qb.

  12. One of the best backups in the league, and the value of that position only grows each year.

    Seemed like a no-brainer for the Jets to keep him unless they need every last penny they can get for something else, which seems inevitable at this point.

    Jets would have been better off gifting Wilson to Miami and paying White to stay, so their stakes have just raised a little bit.

  13. $8 million a year for QB with 7 career starts and 2-5 record, 8 TDs/12 INTs, and 50 QBR at best. If they are going to start a concussion-prone QB they need a better backup.

  14. I hate Miami but this is a good get. You need multiple QBs in a 17 game season. Much less Tua’s situation. White can win you some games. This hurts the Jets too.

  15. I thought Mike White looked really good for the Jets. Real composed. This is a sneaky good pick up.

  16. Good pickup for the Fins. Can’t believe the Jets wouldn’t keep him at that price! Looks like A-Rod is wearing Green next yr.!!!!!!

  17. Good job, Miami 🙂 Mike F White better be up to speed and ready because something tells me he’s going to see a lot of playing time.

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