Raiders, Texans are “expected to pursue” Jimmy Garoppolo

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We already know the Texans are considering quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, because offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik said so last week. In addition to the Texans, the Raiders reportedly are expected to pursue Garoppolo, too.

Here’s the tweet from Adam Schefter of, the likely product of a text from Garoppolo’s agent, Don Yee: “When the negotiating window for free agency opens in under an hour, the Texans and Raiders are expected to pursue former 49ers’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo, per league sources. Jets also could get in, but they’re in wait-and-see mode right now.”

The Jets are waiting because Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers still hasn’t said whether he’ll agree to accept a trade to the Jets. And this is a tangible example of how the delicate genius is holding the Jets (and the Packers) hostage with his delayed decision-making process.

Garoppolo’s contract, which surely will be characterized in initial reports as being worth more than it is, will say plenty about whether he’s a long-term option, a short-term bridge, or maybe even a temporary solution until a rookie gets up to speed.

It’s hard to imagine Garoppolo preferring that approach, given that he said after the 2021 season in San Francisco that he wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone.

Really, unless someone is going to give Garoppolo a major commitment on a multi-year deal, the better approach could be to go to Miami and serve as the No. 2 to Tua Tagovailoa. Garoppolo said last year that the Dolphins were in the mix to trade for him.

12 responses to “Raiders, Texans are “expected to pursue” Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. As a Niners fan, I wish there was a way they could keep him. Shanahan has stated that they want to hire a veteran QB to backup Lance and Purdy, and given their health status, Garoppolo would start the season. But I know that Jimmy wants to be a starter, and he’s earned it.

    Wherever he goes, I wish him well. Garoppolo is a class act.

  2. Call me crazy, but I’d rather give up 2 1st round picks and give Lamar $200 million guaranteed than get Jimmy G for half a season until he gets hurt.

  3. Miami is a contender and he is familiar with the coach and the system. Raiders and Josh McDaniels are a hot mess and the Texans are far from contending. Wherever Jimmy goes he is the winner because he’s leaving that Shanahan QB graveyard in Santa Clara.

  4. Why would the Texans have any interest in Garoppolo? They’ll surely be picking a QB at #2 in the upcoming draft, who will either start from day 1 OR acclimate to the team, playbook, and NFL speed throughout the ’23 season and start when ready. No need for an expensive veteran, IMHO.

  5. Garoppolo will make or break your teams backup. I think any team is delusional to think they could get a full season out of the guy.

  6. Never got the appreciation in SF from the team or the fanbase that he deserved. A talented player who mostly lived in the 10-15 range who could have easily been a top ten QB if he could just stay healthy. Will win games wherever he goes with that quick release and elite accuracy and being a solid dude and leader. I’m excited for what Purdy can become but will miss Jimmy G. And as far as Houston they wont have to pay the rookie anything so it’s a perfect situation for Jimmy to be like Alex Smith in KC. And if whoever Houston drafts doesn’t pan out he’ll bring that team some respectability they have lacked for most of their franchise history.

  7. austinspencer says:
    March 13, 2023 at 12:06 pm
    Call me crazy, but I’d rather give up 2 1st round picks and give Lamar $200 million guaranteed than get Jimmy G for half a season until he gets hurt
    So you’d give up two possible future starters and enough additional cash that you could’ve signed a premium player from free agency to get LJ, because JG might be a liability to get hurt? Both of them have a similar availability with the previous two seasons combined. Yeah, crazy!

  8. Why should he sign to be a backup in Miami? He’ll get a shot at being a starter in Houston or that awful Vegas organization.

  9. Jimmy is a reasonably priced choice for the Raiders. They can’t compete in their division with any of the available QBs, so I like him as a bridge guy. The Raiders need a couple of offensive linemen and a whole lot of everything on defense, and if Jimmy gets hurt and they have to finish with someone like Jake Haener, they will be in play for Williams or Maye next year.

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