Report: Bills restructure contracts of Josh Allen, Von Miller

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills were $11 million over the salary cap after linebacker Matt Milano signed an extension over the weekend to free up $6 million. It didn’t take the team long to get under the cap.

The Bills have restructured the contracts of quarterback Josh Allen and outside linebacker Von Miller, creating approximately $32 million in salary cap space, Field Yates of ESPN reports.

Allen was scheduled to make a base salary of $27.5 million and count $39.772 million against the salary cap.

Miller was scheduled to make a base salary of $1.3 million with a cap hit of $18.615 million.

The Bills agreed to terms with former Cowboys offensive lineman Connor McGovern on Monday and re-signed defensive back Cam Lewis, punter Sam Martin and linebacker Tyler Matakevich. They lost linebacker Tremaine Edmunds to the Bears.

14 responses to “Report: Bills restructure contracts of Josh Allen, Von Miller

  1. I kind of wish that teams just couldn’t do all this stuff years later with contracts and it was simple math and cap hit like in basketball and hockey.

  2. Oh no! Re-structuring!
    I guess the rumors of cap hell were true! I guess the Bills are the only team in the league re-structuring bloated contracts.

  3. Cap hell! Cap hell! At least that’s what Buffalo fans were saying when Miami restructured a few contracts recently. I’m guessing the tables will be turned here in their eyes and this will be considered good business. Lol

  4. Restructured Josh Allen and Von Miller’s contract to make cap space…..just kicking the can down the road sooner or later the Bills are going to have to pay the piper, just ask the Rams.

  5. They are going after a possible trade and or FA signing… the only question is will it be Jamal Williams, derrick Henry..OBJ… looks like bills wanna get younger and cheaper overall and also land one big fish. If they don’t, they will be odd team out .. slowly fading into Wildcard territory.. the GM and HC need a move to save their jobs for 2-3 more years.

  6. Hey, hey, hey!! I thought the Cowboys were the only ones allowed to restructure contracts as means of managing the salary cap!?!? Does Goodell know about this?

  7. So teams are restructuring QB contracts a year or two after they hand them out, when will they figure out not to give such huge contracts in the first place and then they won’t need restructured in the first year or two? I said when they started handing out these mega contracts that they couldn’t keep these teams together and pay the QBs that much money and here it is just less than 2yrs later and those teams are totally re-doing those huge deals they handed out! If I as a fan know this then why can’t they figure it out?

  8. Josh Allen and cap hell > Mac Jones and all the cap space in the world. Pats still just competing for third place in the division.

  9. The nice thing about kicking the can down the road is that down the road, the cap will be a lot higher, and Allen’s contract will seem a lot lower compared to other QB’s around the league.

    Beane does as good a job as anyone w/ the cap. I don’t think this particular restructure was to open space for a “big” signing – but I think we’ll see a few moves to fill a need or 2 and build depth.

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