Sam Darnold agrees to deal with 49ers

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The 49ers hope to have Trey Lance and Brock Purdy healthy enough to play at the start of the regular season, but they are adding another experienced starter to the roster in the event that plan has to change.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Niners have agreed to a one-year deal with former Jets and Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold.

Darnold was the third pick of the 2018 draft by the Jets and he was traded to the Panthers in 2021. He was replaced as the starter in Carolina by Baker Mayfield last season and missed a large chunk of the year with an ankle injury, but started the final six games of the season.

Darnold was 82-of-140 for 1,143 yards, seven touchdowns, and three interceptions in those starts. The move to the 49ers reunites him with former teammate Christian McCaffrey and former Panthers interim head coach Steve Wilks, who is now the defensive coordinator in San Francisco.

Purdy had elbow surgery last week to repair the injury he suffered in the NFC Championship Game. He’s expected to need three months of recovery before starting a rehab program that is expected to run another three months. Lance is returning from the broken ankle that ended his 2022 season.

39 responses to “Sam Darnold agrees to deal with 49ers

  1. If Kyle Shanahan can make Darnold into a competent QB than he is officially the Quarterback whisperer.

  2. So the Niners will have Trey Lance, Sam Darnold and Brock Purdy coming off of Tommy John surgery in their QB room. Why not invest in a top tier QB instead?

  3. Wow. How many more chances is he gonna get? But looking at the others in their QB room it’s a great opportunity for him.

  4. Not sure how I feel about this signing… at any rate, will be rooting for him

  5. If anyone can get the most out of Sam Darnold it’s Kyle. He’s only 25. 2 years older than Brock. 3 years older than Trey. It just feels like he’s 30 and has been in the league for ten years.

    Good luck to him. I hope that he does well out there.

  6. Very surprised by this destination. His history of injury had to be a big factor in the Panthers evaluation of him, and subsequent decision to move to pick number 1. Do not be surprised if Sam Darnold thrives in his home state, and becomes QB1. Stay healthy, Go Trojans, Go 49ers!!!

  7. Purdy did NOT have Tommy John surgery. He got the brace, which is completely different and heals much more quickly

  8. Just what they need, another fragile qb. If they sign two more they might have one left at the end of the regular season.

  9. As a Jets fan it would surprise me not at all were Darnold to pull a Geno Smith. Both failed as Jets QB, but the organization didn’t do either any favors.

  10. I’ve been calling for this for months. Great place for Sam. Back in Cali. Let’s see what he can do with good coaching. He is still young and the 49ers go through a lot of QBs.

  11. I just wish him the best. Jets? Panthers? Not like he was handed the keys to the Cadillac of teams. He needs to mature or else he won’t and then he’ll be out of the league.

  12. Just two or three more QBs and they should be set for the upcoming season.

  13. staffordwives9999 says:
    March 13, 2023 at 5:54 pm
    No competition there… he’ll be handed the the job.
    Not a chance. He’s insurance backup. It’s Purdy’s job to lose..

  14. Purdy DID have Tommy John surgery. Much like Andy Reid DID use Doug Pederson’s plays in the super bowl.

  15. Purdy did NOT have Tommy John surgery. He had an internal brace which is why he can come back in 6 months, as opposed to 9-15 months for Tommy John surgery.

  16. It’s hard to believe being the 3rd string QB is a good situation… unless it’s the 49ers and you know you’ll play. A 49ers QB is a blessing and a curse. I bet they get the most out of Darnold, but he’ll never get any credit for it.

  17. CMC has to be thinking, not him again. Darnold couldn’t throw a screen or a simple short pass to CMC when they were with the Panthers.

  18. I don’t understand what’s going on with this team. If you have 3 QB’s you have none. Everybody knows that. Lance hasn’t been in the field enough to show he can do anything. Possibly bust. Purdy, nice story not going anywhere. Far old is already a bust. And then you spent 84 million in a 30 soon to be 31 year old DT?

    This tells me one thing, all Shannahan is hoping is that his defense can hold up against some of the NFC juggernaut offenses. He’s still not beating at least 3-4 teams in the NFC , and at least 5 in the AFC because his offense will never score enough. The day of the Ravens winning a SB with defense are over. This is not a great move.

  19. Sam Darnold’s 49ers beat Aaron Rodgers’ Jets in the Super Bowl. You heard it here, first.

  20. Darnold is a little older than Kenny Pickett, who was drafted last year. He is clearly talented, but never had the weapons and O-line around him. This could actually work for both sides as long as he stays healthy, so the 49ers have a great insurance if Purdy doesn’t get healthy and Trey Lance still isn’t ready in year three.

  21. Wilks may have spoke up for him. CMC probably did,too. That’s a promising sign of your a 49er fan.

  22. Like I said, Purdy will be a career backup QB. You guys are terrible when it comes to speaking on QB matters.

  23. This is a really good fit. Only 25 and still has an arm that can get the ball downfield. Purdy may have a hard time getting his job back. Darnold has never had much talent around him.

  24. He’ll be seeing ghosts again after he hears Shanahan calling a QB keeper off the right tackle.

  25. onlymyopinioncounts says:
    March 13, 2023 at 7:33 pm
    Sam Darnold’s 49ers beat Aaron Rodgers’ Jets in the Super Bowl. You heard it here, first.

    Yup, heard it here first, and probably for the last time. I can see the 49ers deep in the playoffs again but not the Jets.

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