Signs are indeed pointing to Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets

New York Jets v Green Bay Packers
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It’s not official yet, but it’s quickly moving that way.

Packers (for now) quarterback Aaron Rodgers is indeed moving toward accepting a trade that would send him out the land of the Cheesehead and into the Big Apple.

Trey Wingo (who was the first to indicate the Jets had spoken to Rodgers last week) has tweeted that the deal is “done.” We’ve heard the same thing, albeit not quite as definitively.

Meanwhile, various Jets players are dropping hints about it on Twitter, from cornerback Sauce Gardner to running back Breece Hall to receiver Garrett Wilson to tackle Mekhi Becton.

The evidence is largely circumstantial. It hit our radar screen because Rodgers is involved in trying to persuade one or more free agents to join the Jets. Gardner hinted at “package deals” last week, if Rodgers were to accept a trade to the Jets.

So stay tuned. While nothing is truly done until it’s officially done, something seems to be very close to getting done with the Packers, Jets, and Rodgers.

44 responses to “Signs are indeed pointing to Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets

  1. Jets going to win 12 games and lose the AFC championship in typical Rodgers fashion.

  2. Hope so. Would like to see this done as I’m waiting for Irvin to release the Marriott video and we can get back to chewing on that news. Get it done you Prince of Darkness!

  3. The Jets are nowhere near a playoff contender. Pretty funny that they think they are. If Rodgers didn’t like his GB OL, he certainly won’t like the Jets sieve of a line.

  4. He should have gone on the Pat McAfee show today and told everyone. Instead everyone else is breaking the news.

  5. If this happens, it’ll be the first time in a LONG time that the Patriots are the worst team in the divison.

  6. Rodgers makes the Jets better. He doesn’t make them a Superbowl contender. Why give up the capital for the trade, take on his ridiculous cap hit and deal with all of his drama that comes in tow?

  7. He’ll just have to battle with the Bills, Dolphins, and that Billy Bob Belichick guy…or whatever his name is, I heard he’s supposed to be a pretty good coach

  8. Could we please just end Rich Eisen’s long national nightmare?? Please!! 🎉🎉

  9. As the Pats sink slowly in the East, it looks like quite a dogfight at the top…

  10. I am guessing the compensation will be a 3rd round pick and another pick 1st-4th depending on how the Jets finish this year. playoffs / AFCCG / SB

  11. amazing that I basically write “without all the OL & Hall injuries they were a playoff team last year” with some details and that gets censored.

  12. I get a kick out of the idea that after months of media “Insiders” making up story after rumor after qouted rumor passing as a “report”, they’re getting scooped by players sitting on a beach. Sometimes things really do work out like they should.

  13. Rodgers clearly doesn’t want to go to the Jets, although it’s just as clear he’s done with the Packers as well. This whole situation will gain clarity if a 2nd or 3rd team that’s more attractive than NY gets itself into a mix. Then all of a sudden Rodgers will become very specific and opinionated about his future.

  14. If he thinks he was scrutinized by the media while in Cheese Land, he has seen nothing yet. And Jets fans are brutal. Let’s see him phone in games like he did last year.

  15. Jimmy G just signed a deal with the Raiders so scratch them from the QB Musical Chairs equation.

    So, unless the 9ers step up, and with the Fins giving Tua a 5th year option today Brady may be available so they may not want Rodgers now, the NYJ’s may get Rodgers…..unless The Hoodie steps in and signs Rodgers, and trades Mac Jones and his rookie contract to Atlanta (reunited with Jonnu Smith), Washington, the Texans, or Tampa Bay. Maybe they pick up a 2nd rounder, or they move up in the first round by swapping picks, or some combination of picks and swaps. Maybe they wind up with two first round picks by massaging the compensation (by sending some lower round picks along with Jones for a higher pick), while securing Rodgers. They then draft a developmental rookie QB and Quentin Johnston WR TCU for Rodgers to throw Hail Mary’s to. Maybe they swap places with Atlanta to #8 to get ahead of the Jets and possibly Texans to draft Johnston. They might have to get in front of the Raiders now that they have their QB situation solved (Garapollo). They could trade back on the other 1st round pick and acquire extra picks and re-enforce the roster @Db, @Lb, @O-line. Maybe find another pass rusher or DT with ability to collapse the pocket (hard to find, I know). I really think Belichick has his doubts that he can set the NFL wins record in three seasons with an above average QB vs a Difference Maker. They have the cap space and they would have several high draft picks. Don’t be surprised if this happens at the last minute. It would be a tough break for the Jets fanbase as Stafford or Mayfield may be what’s left for them to pick from unless they drop two first round picks and 5/$250 mil 100 mil+ guarantee on Lamar. It’s quite the long shot at this point for BB to sign Rodgers….but would anyone truly be surprised? BB is on the 16th hole now…he is probably looking at a 3-4 year window and I doubt is is feeling confident with Jones. We need to see more from Jones. Kraft likely does not want to put the future on the hook sending 2 #1’s to a conference competitor, and then forking out a massive salary with guarantees for a single position and an unproven passer. He may however sign on to paying Rodgers for three years with less draft compensation, to a team outside their conference. Again, it’s a long shot for sure, but the underlying motivations are there.

  16. Can’t wait for the Jets to hit a rough patch next season, and watch the media tear Rodgers a new one…this isn’t going to end well for Rodgers or the Jets…they’ll have mortgaged everything and in 12 months will have to be starting over at QB, this time without the high draft picks and many of their young players getting closer to big big paydays. Jets will rise again, although it will likely be around 2035.

  17. Glad the Jets didn’t watch any games from.last season. 😂. Whatever the Packers get, it will be an awesome trade.

  18. Packers are good at taking hall of fame quarterbacks and turning them into 12 year old divas.

    The Packers need a General Manager.

  19. He’s really not doing the Pack many favors with its roster building efforts by delaying this decision.

  20. He will be the best $60M-a-year backup in the NFL for Jordon Love in GB next year. He could stick it to GB by returning. Somehow, that feels like the probable outcome. What does he care? And he can do it for $40M-a-year in 2024. Wouldn’t get hit, either.

    For $100M, I would do it.

  21. Good for the Pack. If they actually manage to get out from under Rodgers’ contract, that is a job well done for them. Let Rodgers be someone else’s headache. Pack were clearly done with Rodgers one way or another after his dismal effort last season.

  22. I bet that Rodgers turns down the Jets, and because he made them wait, they lost out on many good free agent signings.

  23. So now, the Jets lost Mike White to the Dolphins. If Rodgers doesn’t sign with the Jets, they have big problems.

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