Vikings to sign Marcus Davenport

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints
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Marcus Davenport will need to buy a winter coat.

Davenport, a first-round pick of the Saints in 2018, will sign a one-year deal with the Vikings, according to NFL Media.

It’s reportedly a $13 million contract.

Davenport, whom the Saints sacrificed their 2019 first-round pick to get in a trade up in round one, has been a mixed bag at best in five NFL seasons. His best season came in 2021, with 9.0 sacks. Last year, he had only 0.5 in 15 games.

Acquiring Davenport could make the Vikings more willing to part ways with Za'Darius Smith, who has asked to be released.

Regardless, Davenport becomes the first significant name to be added by a defense that is rebuilding almost completely under new coordinator Brian Flores.

And Davenport really will need a winter coat. He’s a native of San Antonio, and he played college football at UTSA.

21 responses to “Vikings to sign Marcus Davenport

  1. Hoping this is some three dimensional chess game that I don’t understand that Qwesi is playing because I don’t get this one.

  2. I don’t understand this signing at all. Looks like Kwesi is going for the “competitive rebuild” again when we should be drafting and looking to clear cap space for next year

  3. That is a bunch for a guy always hurt. Loved the potential but never on the field

  4. He’s not a bad player when he is on the field. But only expect to see him for maybe 10 games this year. This guy is always hurt.

  5. Should have been gone 3 years ago. Saints front office just couldn’t come to grips with wasting TWO first round picks on him. Each new season was to be his breakout that has never happened. Huge 2018 draft whiff.

  6. I get that they want as much cap flexibility as possible for 2024 so the one-year deal makes sense from that standpoint, but I don’t get the logic of blowing that large a chunk of your 2023 cap on a mediocre defensive end who you will now ask to play as a 3-4 OLB. Can we please get a cornerback?

  7. Happens every year but he’s another example of how first round draft picks don’t always work out… Draft ‘analysts’ had him as the #2 ranked DE and he ticked all the physical boxes but at the time of the draft his selection only seemed a head scratcher because they gave up a first to move up when Jaire Alexander, Derwin James and others were there.

    Instead of all the endless mock drafts they should have the analysts revisit their previous predictions.

  8. Castoffs from the Saints? How did that Jalen Raegor deal work out for them, not good. Collecting other teams #1 draft mistakes is problematic.

  9. Yes, since he’s played a total of zero snaps, the grade is in: He’s a total failure for the Vikes. These takes are priceless.

  10. Well, I guess I can just focus on the 9 sacks and ignore last year? Maybe?

  11. I’m assuming that this is a heavily incentive-laden contract.

    I was curious so I looked at Davenport’s stats beyond his rather pathetic sack number from last year. His run stopping is consistently very good to excellent and his pressure rate % is not far off from Hunter or Smith’s #’s from last year.

    I’m guessing Flores sees a lot of potential in Davenport and again, it’s very likely a heavily incentive-based contract. Not sure why the tendency for some is to have a fit before doing some basic research and consideration.

  12. 1. At some point in the evolution of the English language, “I don’t understand” became “I don’t like it.” Odd.

    2. #1 ranked edge rusher in at least two free agent rankings.

  13. After looking into this signing a bit more, I’m not that down on it. He’ll have a lower cap hit than Zadarius Smith so cutting or hopefully trading Smith gives you the cap space. Davenport’s pressure rate is at the level of the top edge rushers, and NFL types will tell you that consistent pressure is really more important than occasional sacks. If things don’t work out, you move on with no cap consequences. If he fulfills his potential in a new defense, you re-sign him for market value. It’s a chance worth taking on a 26-year-old former first-round pick at a premium position.

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