Colts agree to trade Stephon Gilmore to Cowboys

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Jalen Ramsey isn’t the only cornerback who will be switching teams via a trade once the new league year is underway.

According to multiple reports, the Colts have agreed to trade Stephon Gilmore to the Cowboys. The Cowboys will send a 2023 fifth-round pick to Indianapolis in return for Gilmore.

Gilmore signed a two-year deal with the Colts last year. He is set to make $7.96 million this season and the Colts will clear over $9 million in cap space as part of the deal.

Gilmore may not be playing at quite the level he was on when he won defensive player of the year with the Patriots in 2019, but he started every game last season and finished the year with 66 tackles, two interceptions, and 11 passes defensed.

The Cowboys will team him with Trevon Diggs in what they hope will be a strong pass defense in 2023.

28 responses to “Colts agree to trade Stephon Gilmore to Cowboys

  1. Darren Waller for a 3rd. Stephan Gilmore for a 5th. Those are some big names changing uniforms at bargain basement rates today.

  2. 30+ year old players have almost no value. No matter the skill level. A lot of mileage in an unforgiving game.

  3. Not sure what he has left but when you find yourself on three teams in four years something is not working right.

  4. Bargain basement rates indeed. That should be a clue as to the talent being acquired.

    You can get a nice price on a 2023 Caddy if you wait until 2024 to buy it. Wait until 2032 and you can get a bargain basement price.

  5. A 3rd round pick for a 30 yo TE who has been injured the last 2 years isnt exactly “bargain basement”. A 3rd round pick, compensation pick or not, is pretty valuable.

  6. These are salary dumps. Cowboys have arguably the best two corners in the league. But McCarthy will still mess it up.

  7. Smart move by Dallas … Gillmore can still cover while Diggs gambles for interceptions. If they sign Wagner, its all on Prescott for 2023.

  8. Now the Cowboys just need to sell the team to someone competent, trade Zeke and D”Ack” for two ham sandwiches and an 18 pack of Natty..and they may have a chance in a decade or so….this “gem from yesteryear”

    GM/Owner “Jerrah” Jones speaking to the briliance of selecting Quincy Carter….”Throughout the history of this organization, we have never gotten here by laying up and then hitting into the green; we have gotten there going for it,” Jones said. “That really influenced the overall thinking and decision making. We are going for it here. We recognized risks that are involved. We recognized that there is nothing sure except we had success going for it.”

    The Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl under the current ownership/management structure….

  9. Quincy Carter? Wow.

    My favorite is when Jerry let Troy draft the 1st round TE who promptly busted out. Good times, Dallas!

  10. Lost to much speed, kind of like Richard Sherman towards the end of his career. Still fairly good covering anything inside of 6 or 7 yards, but has lost to much quickness and then speed to turn and run against even an average speed receiver. One bonus at least he is willing and able to tackle when a running play comes his way unlike others on that team.

  11. I thought he would end up in Dallas when NE moved him. He played well last year. Teams don’t give up high picks for salary. You get rid of the contract. That’s the point. Gilmore is a good dude who can help Dallas.

  12. Will be the first time Dallas hasn’t overpaid for a player in years.. trade compensation actually makes sense

  13. Dallas had 3 5th Round draft picks. Reasonable gamble…dude is better than any corner they could have drafted.

  14. This should help them get the ball back slightly sooner after their inevitable interceptions.

  15. realdealsteel says:
    March 14, 2023 at 5:33 pm
    These are salary dumps. Cowboys have arguably the best two corners in the league. But McCarthy will still mess it up.
    What?? Lol!!
    They don’t even have one best corner in the league let alone two.
    In fact they are no way anywhere close to the top.

  16. “My favorite is when Jerry let Troy draft the 1st round TE who promptly busted out. Good times, Dallas!”

    ahem….The Jones’s let Romo do the same and they got Gavin Escobar (R.I.P) in the 2nd round from powerhouse SDSU. The guy didn’t think he would be drafted that soon and he was out surfing.

  17. I wish Gilmore the best – he was great for us last year. I just wish he was going to an actual contender, not a pretender.

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