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The Commanders created more than $9.4 million in cap space over the weekend by turning defensive tackle Daron Payne‘s franchise tender into a four-year, $90 million deal.

Here’s a full breakdown of the contract, per a source with knowledge of the terms.

1. Signing bonus: $28 million.

2. 2023 base salary: $2.51 million, fully guaranteed.

3. 2023 workout bonus: $500,000, fully guaranteed.

3. 2024 base salary: $15 million, fully guaranteed.

4. 2024 per-game roster bonus: $30,000 per game, up to $510,000. Guaranteed for injury at signing.

5. 2024 workout bonus: $500,000, guaranteed for injury at signing.

6. 2025 base salary: $19.56 million, $13 million of which is guaranteed at signing and $9 million of which becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2024 league year. Another $5 million becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2025 league year.

7. 2025 per-game roster bonus: $30,000 per game, up to $510,000.

8. 2025 workout bonus: $500,000.

9. 2026 offseason roster bonus: $5 million.

10. 2026 base salary: $16.4 million.

11. 2026 per-game roster bonus: $30,000 per game, up to $510,000.

12. 2026 workout bonus: $500,000.

The deal has $46.01 million fully guaranteed at signing. Another $9 million vests in 2024, pushing the practical guarantee to $55.01 million.

So it’s a firm two-year deal, with $9 million in full guarantees for year three. That makes the third year likely to be honored, with the final year a team option.

The placement of the $5 million offseason roster bonus in 2026 forces the team to make an early decision as to whether Payne will remain on the roster for the fourth and final year.

5 responses to “Inside the Daron Payne deal

  1. Let’s hope that the 2022 season was not his career best. He is only 25 and has been extremely durable having only missed 1 game in his career.

    If he continues on the same level of play this will look like a bargain compared to the defensive tackle deals that are going to be signed shortly.

  2. I hope more contracts are written up with per-game roster bonuses with more incentive for players to actually play instead of this insane of guaranteed money

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