Mike White can potentially double his money in Miami

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Mike Effin’ White will be moving to F-L-A under his new deal with the Dolphins. And he can double his money with an incentive package covering both seasons of his two-year deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, White get a signing bonus of $3.42 million in 2023 and a fully-guaranteed base salary of $1.08 million. Next year, the non-guaranteed base salary is $3.5 million, for a two-year package of $8 million.

The contract also includes up to $4 million per year in incentives, based on factors such as playing time and team achievements, and playing time and playoff incentives. The specifics haven’t been disclosed, yet.

So if the Dolphins need White to play over the next two years, White could boost his compensation, perhaps significantly.

6 responses to “Mike White can potentially double his money in Miami

  1. This is a good move for Miami. While has shown tremendous promise and is still only 27 years old. He proved he can come off the bench and win games. Considering the violital situation with Tua, this move ensures they won’t have a 49ers problem down the line. Not used to Miami making smart moves. Strange world we live in.

  2. It’s a good place for White. Behind Tua he will get playing time in games that count. And he will have the best receivers anyone could want. If Mike White can really be a starter it’s the perfect opportunity to show the league.

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