On the first day of 2023 free agency, no receivers agreed to terms

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The NFL receiver market could be at a crossroads. On Monday, no free-agent wideout even started his car.

With plenty of great options entering the draft every year, teams may be reluctant to follow the big-money trend that began last year with Christian Kirk and continued with Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, and others getting gigantic, market-shifting contract.

So far, no free agents have agreed to terms during the 2023 negotiating period.

Available players include Jakobi Meyers, Allen Lazard, Darius Slayton, Adam Thielen, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Mecole Hardman, Chosen Anderson, D.J. Chark, Randall Cobb, Marvin Jones, Julio Jones, Byron Pringle, Jarvis Landry, N'Keal Harry, Sammy Watkins, Mack Hollins, Zach Pascal, Parris Campbell, Jake Kumerow, Scotty Miller, and many more.

Then there’s Odell Beckham, Jr., who became a free agent last year but who suffered a torn ACL in February 2022. He held a workout for all teams last week (12 attended), and reportedly is talking to several of them. He reportedly still wants a lot of money.

The only deals happened over the weekend, with Sterling Shepard staying in New York on a one-year deal and Robert Woods, cut by the Titans, joining the Texans.

Since Free Agency 2023 began, it’s been crickets.

38 responses to “On the first day of 2023 free agency, no receivers agreed to terms

  1. Not a hot market for a bunch of WR3’s? Weird. That’s not a super impressive list.

  2. This is exactly why Ryan Poles traded for Chase Claypool and DJ Moore: this free agent receiver class stinks.

  3. Don’t insult actual football players by brining up OBJ. He is a celeb that plays football sometimes. No idea why a tiny WR that is going to finish with a avg career, gets this kinda attention.

  4. Did you look at that list? A bunch of 1988 Oldsmobiles looking for one last ride to the game. None of these guys move the needle.

  5. No WR has signed because they are divas, except for Thielen, and no team is willing to break the bank for a diva. OBJ is the most overrated WR in history and hasn’t beendecent since 2017. Let’s just stick a fork in OBJ, he is not Lynn Swann, Jerry Rice, or Fred Biletnikoff.

  6. Please Marvin Jones sign w the Panthers. And you will have played for all the feline teams!

    ….. Panthers next?

    Get it done !

  7. probably bc most of that list is beyond past their prime worst FA wr class in a while. just imagine what some of these guys are asking for is im sure ridiculous and lauhablealso Julio and Watkins need to stop the charade and retire

  8. I’d love to see the Bills take a look at Byron Pringle. He’s young and has good hands. A lot of upside there.

  9. Old, injured, average or a combination or all three. Not a lot to get excited about with that list.

  10. They’re all waiting for OBJ to sign for 20 to set the benchmark for overrated wideouts..

  11. There were much better options in other positions in the first wave of free agency. Honestly, most if not all of these guys are WR 2s or 3s.

  12. Have you seen the price tags?!?? Jacobi Meyers of my patriots “expects 12-14 per season” for a legitimate #3, who occasionally plays like a 2 guy. Not worth it.

  13. Why not sound the collusion alarm? It must be! Waaaaagh!

    They’ve had more than 24 hours to negotiate so it must be that all owners have agreed to hold the line against WR salaries. How is this different than guaranteed contracts?

  14. Woof.. I wouldn’t touch most of those guys with a ten foot pole.. Especially what mediocre WR is going for these days (thank you Patriots)

  15. Nobody on that list has the impact of a Hill, Adams, or Kirk. Most are past their prime and probably wanting too much.

    I expect most will be signed and many will probably do well, but it’s understandable that there’s no rush for them.

  16. Well look at the names on the list. There’s no superstars or even close to it. With the ceiling for low level wr raised 2 yrs ago with the stupid move of Agholor by the Patriots its a given most of these players likely think their worth a lot more than their being offered

  17. Expect OBJ to sign with American Dairy Association, which will feature his name, image, and likeness on millions of milk cartons.

  18. I never felt like the Bucs used Scotty Miller well. If the price is right, I kind of hope the Patriots pick him up. I hope Jakobi Meyers returns once he learns that the market isn’t what he hoped it would be.

  19. ” This is why Ryan Poles traded for Claypool & DJ Moore”. Moore is a stud. Claypool is a stiff- literally.

  20. TJV says:
    March 14, 2023 at 8:16 am

    What is Chosen Anderson


    Formerly known as Robbie Anderson.

  21. I think the obvious answer is that most of them are not very good…..and OBJ is one sharp cut away from another knee injury……so not hard to figure this one out

  22. Most of these guys will get signed, but only after they realize their big contract days are over and settle for being role players.

  23. chickensalad43 says:
    March 14, 2023 at 7:24 am
    This is exactly why Ryan Poles traded for Chase Claypool and DJ Moore: this free agent receiver class stinks

    So does Chase Claypool

  24. The list of names clearly explains why none of them have been signed, most are way over the hill, some never were good ie bad draft mistake but still living off being a high draft pick “must be some talent there,” the rest are mediocre at best. This year’s free agent class in total has pretty much been garbage and as usual grossly over paying very average players. If they were any good their team, who saw them every day in practice and game time, would have signed/kept them.

  25. By any chance does Chosen (Robbie) Andersen know Ochocinco?
    They would be a great answer/question on Jeopardy.

  26. I wouldn’t be surprised to see NE sign half these guys. They’re like the land of misfit toys for WRs.

  27. It isn’t complicated. There just aren’t any game-changing wideouts on that list of eligible free agents.

  28. Oh the Raiders were definitely the winners when they landed Jimmy G.

    Unfortunately that means Jimmy G was the loser for signing with the Raiders. At best he is now the 3rd best QB in the AFCW and playing for the 4th best team.

    As too WRs… it’s a plug and play position folks. Stat machines but not going to win you a game if you don’t have (1) a serviceable QB; (2) A good O line [including the TE] and; (3) a good D front 7. And with those 3 you can get to SBs on a consistent basis with an average to good receiving corp (See BB & TB).

  29. There are no splash signing among this group so it makes sense no one got signed. The market is a lot weaker this year than last.

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