Raiders trade Darren Waller to Giants for a third-round pick

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Giants’ offense is adding another weapon in the form of tight end Darren Waller.

The Raiders are trading Waller to the Giants for a third-round draft pick, according to multiple reports. Trades cannot become official until the start of the league year tomorrow, but both sides have agreed to the deal.

The pick the Raiders are getting is No. 100 overall, the compensatory pick originally awarded to the Chiefs that Kansas City sent to the Giants for Kadarius Toney.

When healthy Waller has been one of the best tight ends in the NFL, with back-to-back 1,100-yard seasons in 2019 and 2020. But he played in only 11 games in 2021 and only nine in 2022. He also has a $12 million salary cap hit this season, another reason the Raiders may have decided to move on.

The Giants, however, think they’ve already got their offense heading in the right direction with franchise quarterback Daniel Jones, and now they’re adding a tight end to the mix as they hope to take a big step forward in 2023.

84 responses to “Raiders trade Darren Waller to Giants for a third-round pick

  1. Raiders sign the wimpiest arm QB in the league,,
    then trade away their top 5 TE for peanuts? What’s going on over there?

  2. Love the move for the Giants if he can stay healthy. He is a legitimate game changer in the passing game for Daniel Jones. Complete mismatch for any linebacker, corner or safety.

  3. Wow

    did not see that coming

    curious to learn more about contract terms, but as reported thus far, could be a big win for the G-men, providing Waller stays healthy & productive

    meanwhile, Raiders gonna need help in the TE group….

  4. After backing out of a deal with GB last year, Vegas finally found another team to take Waller off their hands, though with a lower pick. Not all that surprised now; Ziegler looking for as many picks as possible and Gruden guys are expendable. Don’t buy any green bananas, Mr. Renfrow – you’re next on the launch pad.

  5. Not a big loss. He was great between the 20s but M.I.A. when it came to the red zone. This is a draft heavy TE class and Waller’s hasn’t been the same since getting hurt against Dallas in 2021.


  7. it’s not like mcdaniels to get rid of all of his best players within a year… oh wait. crosby is next, then he’ll sign tebow

  8. Just as the Rams got fleeced for Ramsey, the Raiders have been fleeced for Waller. Surely could have gotten a pick better than #100, only technically a “3rd”. Just not enough.

  9. As other commenters have said, if Waller can stay healthy this is a great move! If he can’t, you only gave up a 3rd rounder

  10. Thank you, Raiders! I hated my team playing against Waller because he could be dominant.

  11. I understand the angst about the trade but does anyone believe that Waller can physically play anymore?

  12. How long before Josh McDaniels goes back to New England with his tail between his legs?

  13. I just don’t get it.
    Having Waller with Adams, Meyers, Renfrow as receivers, and paired with Josh Jacobs in the backfield makes for a potent offence. He had injury problems last year, and he is 31 in September, but this is a strange move.

  14. 5th rounder for Waller? Wow. Guess the Raiders are giving the Texans a run for their money in the ineptness department.

  15. Judy on NFL Network “Kadarius Toney finally contributed something to the Giants!”

  16. That Waller contract was bad. I’d be thrilled to get rid of an aging, expensive and oft-injured guy like that.

    Good move by Ziegler.

  17. Good pick up for the Giants if Waller can stay healthy. Seems like Mcdaniels took a year to evaluate players and is now discarding the pieces that don’t seem to fit his plan. Tight end position is deep in this year’s draft and the Raiders might be able to find a competent replacement that better fits their plan.

  18. Waller top 5 TE when healthy, like this move for the giants… McDaniels has a reputation of trading away talent for picks he misses on ex:cutler for tebow

  19. Toney may have a great career but he’s such a knucklehead so even that may be a reach. Basically Toney for Waller and Toney is not and will not be top 5 at his position ever in my opinion unlike Waller who was and still can be right now.

  20. They essentially traded Tony for Waller since it was KCs pick. Pretty much a 4th rounder.

  21. Waller is the Fred Taylor of Tight Ends so the Giants didn’t get the value everyone here thinks. He may help win some games, but if you miss half of the season every year or more then who really won the deal?

  22. This is a pretty fair trade, people are living in the past when it comes to Waller. He’s turning 31 this year, has a 12m cap hit this year. He’s declined the past two years due to injury, with only 11 games in 2021 and 9 in 2022, but with only 388 yards last year. He’s not a 1000 yard star TE anymore. And while there’s an out for his contract to cut him with no dead cap after this year, otherwise he’s making 15m his age 34 year. He might have a solid year and stay helathy but his careers winding down and a 3rd is fair for that.

  23. It seems like Mcdaniels and Ziegler both got the job, said lets try this out with what this franchase already has for a year. Quickly saw that they didn’t like/have what they wanted. This years and next years teams will be Mcdaniels and Zieglers. They’re slowly unduing the Mayock/Gruden disaster and keeping the rare good players those two had. Waller was great for a couple years but if you remember, this regime never wanted to give him that contract. Hence why almost all of it is noin guraunteed. Good get for the Giants. Brings a sense of toughness to the offensive side of the ball and when healthy, is a reliable pass catcher and red zone threat.

  24. Waller, primarily a pass catching TE, had 388 yards receiving and 3 TDs last year. Not exactly setting the world on fire.

  25. First Ramsey and now Waller. The 3rd round is still happening in between the 2nd & 4th round this year…right?

  26. Jakobi Meyers just signed 3yr, 33 mil. This trade clears just over 11 mil cap space. The bigger picture for raiders seems to be waller for Meyers and a 3rd. Whether that makes sense, or if jmd is just filling the locker room with former pats, again, is what needs to be figured out.

  27. Helluva deal for NYG. I like Waller when he’s healthy. If he’s healthy he’s a beast.
    Not sure what the motive by LV was to move him. After the dead cap hit they don’t save much cap space. $3 mil,… dead cap hit is $8 mil.

  28. McDaniels ruins the Broncos several years back and now is doing the same thing to the Raiders. Which AFC West team is next on his list of destruction?

  29. touchback6 says:
    March 14, 2023 at 2:48 pm
    That Waller contract was bad. I’d be thrilled to get rid of an aging, expensive and oft-injured guy like that.

    Good move by Ziegler.
    Yeah terrific move. Green Bay offered a 2nd rounder at the deadline last year but this is much better. I’ve been a Raider fan for over 50 years and have sat through countless years of inept front office/coaching moves but this is at another level. I’m almost hoping to go 3-14 so these 2 clowns can run back to Daddy Bill

  30. Ziggy and McMuffin have destroyed a playoff team in record time. What will Mark Davis do when this failure of a regime is finally shown the door? Please Mark, while the Raiders still have a few fans left. SELL The Team to someone with a 3 digit IQ.

  31. That’s why Denver knows him as Hurricane Josh. It doesn’t take long before he jacks up your entire football team. He’ll be fired sometime this year or next and the Raiders will be left with nothing but a rotting foundation.

  32. Absolutely no clue what Ziegler and McDaniels are doing. Why sign him to an extension a year ago and then trade the guy? When healthy he is a game changer.

  33. The last 2 years he hasn’t played good even with healthy 3 catches a game and 3 td’s in 9 games. They kept trying to have him be the red zone target but his hands aren’t that good and he doesn’t box out. For a McDaniel’s offense to work the TE needs to be more reliable. At this point broken down, butter finger Waller couldn’t get it done. The Giants would have been better off keeping Evan Engram

  34. dfm725 says:
    March 14, 2023 at 2:48 pm
    Judy on NFL Network “Kadarius Toney finally contributed something to the Giants!”————————————————-
    That was hilarious!!! Good one!!! LMAO!!!

  35. Raiders are in a great position at 7 to get a great tight end, this draft is rich in them. Unless one of the top QBs drops to them they can get the TE they like best and fit him in the McDaniel’s system. There’s a reason they dealt Waller whether it’s the cap save, injury history, or something else.

  36. Wouldn’t throw him into the Adams deal, now they give him away?


  37. This only makes sense if they plan on drafting the TE from Notre Dame in the first round.

  38. Raiders will be a playoff team with Jimmy G. I don’t understand this brain-dead move.

  39. Its shocking how McDaniels brain locks half the time he is forced to make a genuine Head Coaching decision. From Denver to when he was the interim HC in STL up to today and this awful trade. The guy is “Tailor Made” to be an Offensive Co-ordinator, but hiring him to be the Head Honcho just seems like a bad move. He will be out of Vegas after next season, in NE as OC the year after that, and will probably end up as the HC in NE when Belicheat decides to hang it up.

  40. He did not look good in 2022 post injury, nothing like the 2020 version. There is some “damaged goods” risk here for NYG. 3rd round pick is not too bad, considering Gesicki, Schultz, and Hurst out there now in the FA market.

  41. All this hate for the trade haha. If Waller was traded to your team, you would be loving it.

  42. The Raiders are not a wealthy franchise, so money/salaries are an issue for them, more so than say, Dallas. If a guy is playing a half a season for the last two seasons, and is making 24 mil+ over the next two seasons before you have “an out” on the contract, and he is turning 31 before the start of the 2023 season, and he will be almost 34 before you can get out of the contract…..and the draft is deep in Tight Ends in the current year…..taking a top 100 pick and moving off the player a bit early rather than too late, is probably a wise move. Rob Gronkowski is 33 and has been a shell of himself for 2-3 seasons. The initial reactions is to be upset about losing a dynamic player (when he is not injured) but to be a successful franchise you have to look at what each move will look like three years down the road. This is probably a good move, and the giants have a ton of cap space to use, so everyone wins here unless Waller struggles with injuries going forward.

  43. Glad to see him out of the AFC West. He was a matchup nightmare. Also glad Raiders gave him away for little in return. McDaniels doing to the Raiders what he did to the Broncos a dozen years ago. At this rate, he’ll be the Patriots OC again by the end of the year after OBrien flames out.

  44. McDaniels wants a younger, cheaper TE that will contribute in the running game. I like Waller, but he hasn’t done much the last two seasons, is getting old, and was expensive. He would have been cut after next season anyway.

  45. Reminds me of what McDouche did to Denver 1st time around – discarded all the talented high paid players. Is Tebow still retired? As a Lions fan, I got to go thru this with the Fat Clown rocket scientist (LOL! – yea right) with the pencil up his *** Patricia! I am sorry for the Raiders fans, always so passionate doomed to suffer through a lost decade.

  46. I think McD figures that he can pretty easily find a TE that can achieve the whopping totals of 28 catches for 388 yds / 3 TDs who can also block and give him more production that way than Waller did.

    Not to mention 12 million for Waller this season? Not anywhere near worth it unless he returns to being a 1000 yds a year player which is unlikely

  47. “The Raiders are not a wealthy franchise, so money/salaries are an issue for them, more so than say, Dallas.”

    This is a take that is spewed about and makes no sense. Teams have to spend 95% of the $224 million salary cap. If the Raiders did not have money they would be bouncing players checks.

    Now, if you said the reason they dont fire McDainels is because they cant afford to pay out his contract and hire another coach, I MIGHT buy that. But a team can get cheap on players to avoid paying out the minium salary cap number.

  48. 14thumper says:
    Adams to the Jets.
    That would be a blockbuster trade. I don’t know how NYJ could accommodate his contract of $28 mil/yr. But that would seal the deal for Rodgers to NYJ.

  49. webster8723 says:
    March 14, 2023 at 2:34 pm

    Trading Waller the baller for a third… doesn’t seem like enough


    More like IR Waller, he’s a total bust! The guy isn’t worth a 7th rounder!

  50. The Raiders are subtle rebuilding? They actually got off pretty well here. There is no way Waller is worth a third rounder, he’s always hurt!

  51. jollyroger89 says:
    March 14, 2023 at 2:43 pm
    As other commenters have said, if Waller can stay healthy this is a great move! If he can’t, you only gave up a 3rd rounder
    “If he can’t, you only gave up a 3rd”…and $10 million in cap space.

  52. Is McDaniel’s really just a secret agent for the Patriots to destroy the competition?

  53. Maybe the worst coach ever. And that says a lot. They had more for him at the deadline. Lol

  54. The Giants, assuming they dont re-structure, are basically on the hook for 2023. This, right now, is basically a 1 year deal (just look at his contract). They lost the comp pick (100) but can easily cut bait after 2023.

  55. I don’t care. Waller isn’t the same guy he was a couple years ago. How many passes did he drop last season? A lot. I’m fine with giving McDaniels another year. It was time to move on.

  56. The only question about Waller is his Heart. He has trouble showing up. And now the pick NYG got for Toney will be used to bring in Waller, who had the same issues with his previous team that Toney had with NYG– hamstring issues and not playing b/c you are disgruntled.

  57. milehigh777 says:
    March 14, 2023 at 4:05 pm
    Silver & Black tank job.
    The scary thing is with these 2 clowns it’s not even intentional tanking. They think all these “moves” are going to win games.

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