Report: Jets have Randall Cobb “on their radar” as free agent target

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While nothing has been confirmed, all signs currently point toward Aaron Rodgers soon getting traded to the Jets.

That’s backed up by New York targeting receiver Allen Lazard, who shares a solid connection with Rodgers.

Now there’s reporting that another one of Rodgers’ favorite targets could be on the way to join Rodgers with the Jets.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Jets have Randall Cobb “on their radar” for the coming days of free agency.

Cobb rejoined the Packers in 2021 after spending a season with Dallas and a season with Houston. Famously, Rodgers encouraged the Packers to bring Cobb back.

The receiver caught 28 passes for 375 yards with five touchdowns in 2021. Cobb caught 34 passes for 417 yards with one TD in 13 games last season.

Cobb, who turns 33 in August, has spent a total of 10 seasons with Rodgers starting in 2011.

21 responses to “Report: Jets have Randall Cobb “on their radar” as free agent target

  1. SMH- letting a player NOT even on your team dictate who to sign? Not a good sign of things to come.

  2. Unfortunately for the Jets, it turns out that they have in fact signed a two year $15M deal with Randall “Tex” Cobb.

  3. Jets have a lot of really good young receivers but yeah let’s bring on Randall Cobb! Smart! Forget that you can get a younger, cheaper, better receiver in the draft – just do whatever aaron says. lmao

  4. It’s like the Jets watched us be exposed in the playoffs year after year and thought “that could be us!”

  5. Cobb is a class act.
    For the Jets sake, I hope they are offering the Packers enough compensation to get Rodgers. If not, Packers will happily keep Rodgers and make him deal with a rebuild.

  6. This guy jumped the shark 5 years ago.

    The ignorance of some of these teams is astounding.

  7. Oh, this is juicy!

    Imagine if Erin up and retires after all this Jets desperation? Woody Johnson just can’t help himself.

    Visions of 2008/2009. I love it!

    Joe Douglas’s career is already sunk. A whiff at QB, a whiff at LT and now this.

  8. The second biggest mistake the Packers management made besides the brain-dead contract was enabling Rodgers to influence front-office personnel decisions. That should never occur. Conversely, it sounds like the Jets may have given him keys to the front door if you include Cobb, Lazard, and possibly Bakhtiari. Take ‘‘em all, as long as the deal includes Rodgers.

  9. Sorry Rodgers has to do this. We will find out why the wait, I am giving AR the benefit of doubt but the hold up is b\c NY\GB is a prob, and Rogers is not happy either what is happening.

    People who dont like AR just dont like his talent. AR will fall flat on his face if he sucks, but “time” now tells…

  10. Unfortunately for the Jets, it turns out that they have in fact signed a two year $15M deal with Randall “Tex” Cobb.

    At this point, the production would be about the same. But Tex would no doubt have cooler stories.

  11. OMG… the NY Packers. Except, the Fans can only wear “Aged Cheesehead” Hats.

  12. Is this so Cobb and Rodgers can both go out to eat together with the AARP discount?

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