Aaron Rodgers complains about the coverage of his “wish list”

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From time to time, people will say that Aaron Rodgers lives in the heads of various media members, rent free. The opposite may be the truth.

For someone who claims he doesn’t pay attention to the things said about him, Rodgers seems to know everything that is said about him.

On Wednesday, Rodgers complained during his appearance with Pat McAfee about reports that Rodgers has a “wish list” of potential Jets teammates. In so doing, Rodgers distorted accounts of a “wish list” into a list of specific demands that he made, with an “or else” attached.

No one ever reported that.

It was a list of names. Names that surely included the very names he rattled off in January when talking about the players he’d like the Packers to keep.

“Do I love those guy on the list?” Rodgers said Wednesday. “Of course. Do I make demands about certain people? I mean, it’s just . . . . And it goes to this, like, people want these things to be so true. They’re like I’m in this meeting dressed in ceremony [sic] regalia, giving them some sort of like handwritten on parchment demand list of people they need to sign. . . . I don’t have demands.

“Look, my only demand is for transparency. And if you same some bullshit, like sometimes it’s not even worth . . . . But like I said, I can’t remember exactly — something that [Ian] Rapoport said or some shit. When something gets out there and assumed to be true, then it can take on a life of its own. It can go from, ‘Oh, there’s a conversation about 20 different players’ to ‘Oh, he wants these guys to be signed, otherwise he doesn’t want to come.'”

Again, no one ever reported that. It’s always been characterized as aspirational, not mandatory. And it shouldn’t be a surprise. Indeed, Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner said last week that, if Rodgers joins the Jets, there will be “package deals.”

But, still, Rodgers is determined to characterize the reports as being something other than what they were. And he seems to derive enjoyment from calling out specific reporters by name.

“Ask [Adam] Schefter what I texted him when he somehow got my number and texted me,” Rodgers said. “I didn’t respond to Dianna Russini, I think her name is. . . . But, like, I would say the same thing that I told Schefty. ‘Lose my number. Nice try.'”

On Wednesday, Aaron engaged in a not-so-nice try to make it look like reporters were reporting things they weren’t. And if that’s the attitude he’ll be taking to the biggest media market in the world, well, I’d better get a bigger popcorn popper.

52 responses to “Aaron Rodgers complains about the coverage of his “wish list”

  1. The dude says things. Then complains about people saying he said those things. Then he invents drama to only then complain about the media stirring up drama.

    Dude is flat out psycho.

    When your own family won’t love you …

  2. Not a Rodgers fan. At all. But it was being reported and repeated like it was a list of demands. I mean, I’ve seen countless posts and articles about it shared online, portraying it that way.

  3. Reading news about MR.RODGERS this past few years is like reading the sunday comics “IT’S FUNNY”

  4. He is just a decent football player. Unfortunately, we’ve made him into a celebrity even if it’s only in his head.

  5. My only takeaway is does Pat ever wear any other kind of shirt than a tank top?

  6. Easiest person to lie to is yourself. I think a couple select media types are the embodiment of that. Some may just have hurt feelings because AR has a low opinion of them.

  7. I was hoping Mark Murphy was going to show up on the Pat McAfee show today wearing a tanktop. It would have been epic.

  8. This dude has some of the thinnest skin I’ve ever witnessed. No wonder he (reportedly) doesn’t get along with a whole lot of people.

  9. McAfee is a douche with his tank tops and cowboy hat, why ESPN is having him replace Lee Corso is beyond me

  10. Is there an over/under yet as to just when Aaron Rodgers will stop talking to the New york media?

  11. Sadly for the Jets, thinking it’s one and done for him in NY once he gets a full-time taste of the media and fanbase.

  12. Gotta agree with Rodgers on this one. Even when he has picked the Jets and the Pack has made it clear they want him gone, that organization organization still is incapable of ending this ridiculous drama so they can move on with the off-season.

  13. As the great philosopher, Jimmy Cagney, once asked: “What’s the matter, tough guy? You can dish it out but you can’t take it.”

  14. Maybe I’m showing my age, but this does not sound like the conversation of a 39 year old, adult man.

  15. Aaron Rodgers whining already! I hope he sets the Jest’s back financially 10 years! Lol

  16. he should be complaining about losing to the 49ers by only scoring 10 points

  17. “There’s an inner circle and in my inner circle, nobody talks to Ian Rapoport to Adam Schefter or to any of those people,” Rodgers said.

    And yet someone, Schefty got his private cell number.

  18. “Look, my only demand is for transparency…” Rodgers said. Really? The most evasive, narcissistic, ego maniac player in the NFL. Remember, this is the guy who, when asked if he was vaccinated, nodded his head yes, and said, “yes, I’m immunized”, and then blamed it on the reporters who not asking “properly”. What a phony!

  19. I don’t get it. I could see if the guy was 20 something and was going to be worth the headaches because you had him for a few years but he is closer to done than not and then you throw in all the nonsense. The Jets are nuts for chasing this. It will not end well. If the packers are holding up a deal for compensation then they are even stupider. RUN AWAY take whatever you can and get as far away from this clown as possible. One superbowl a century ago and several years of whining and individual accomplishments. Not worth the trouble. Pass

  20. Big Jets fan not sold that Rodgers was best option. Maybe nobody straight up said he ‘demanded’ those players, but there were a lot of articles written in a way that certainly implied his ‘wish list’ was a demand list. You yourself let the narrative fly when you posted about it earlier. You could have made it clear it was just a conversation of players he prefers or likes. Instead, you left it out there for interpretation because you knew what it implied. And that satisfies you because you clearly are not a fan of his.

  21. After years of watching New England run away with it, the east is going to be fun this year.

  22. He’s his own worst enemy. He wants to create, steer, and manage a perceived narrative and believes arrogance alone is the path for doing so. If he truly does not desire attention from the media, stop going on a show every Tuesday to light up the Rodgers-verse. Just shut up. One reason he can’t……liars never seem to know when to stop talking.

  23. Sure there isn’t a list. If Cobb shows up in NY we will know . Cobb is trash and has been for years.

  24. The Porcelain Prince, again playing word games. I used to be a fan. Now, not so much.

  25. RMABC says:
    March 15, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    Pat McAfee asked him about all the rumors; Rodgers dispelled most of them.///////////////

    Or more like he gave his side of things without any push back. He has lied more than just the vaccine question. He lied about Anthony Barr when he got hurt too and he went on Conan to do it.I don’t understand his resentment of Shefter or Rappaport. I bet they reported stuff he didn’t want known and has been trying to get back at them ever since. Aaron is very sensitive guy.

  26. Lmao, Rodgers talks about never associating with people who lie.
    Woody Johnson is well known for saying he would happily trade two #1s for Rodgers.

    Packers should let Rodgers sit on the bench for rest of career. Literally thinking he is a better Packer QB than Starr. Greats put team before individual achievements. Team first = championships.

  27. As a lifelong Packer fan I’d like Jet fans to know Rodgers still has what it takes to win big, including desire. This past season was hampered by inexperienced receivers, a sieve for a defense, and Rodgers trying too hard and with a broken thumb. If you want a legitimate shot at a SuperBowl victory, he’s the guy that can help you get there.

    Having said that, I will not miss him in Green Bay. He overstayed his welcome.

  28. He really is a complicated fella. My initial feeling is that the Jets might squeak into the postseason. But that’s the ceiling.

  29. bucsfanfor5months says:
    March 15, 2023 at 7:54 pm
    Nobody reported the “wish list”? Really?


    That wasn’t the point of the article. The point of the article was that no one reported the “wish list” as a demand. And for Rodgers to say it was reported that way, implicates Rodgers that he did indeed make it a demand. Otherwise he wouldn’t have brought it up.

  30. stellarperformance says:
    March 15, 2023 at 8:28 pm

    ……liars never seem to know when to stop talking.


    Says the guy that believes more lies than he even knows…

    Furthermore, you should really take your own advice and stop obsessing over Rodgers.

  31. But your wrong again…it was reported. Not by the first person with the report, but by following “reporters”. You do not not know of every single “report” out there. So you sir are wrong again, saying no one reported a list. How can you possibly say this.

  32. As a Packers fan, shareholder, and season ticket holder: To get what Rodgers may/may not still be able to do on the field, you have to put up with an unbelievable amount of excrement off the field. And now, it’s the Jets’ problem. The New York media will bruise his eternally fragile feelings and it will go off the rails from there. Good luck with all that.

  33. You whine about everything, Gollum. Time to figure out if you don’t do something, you won’t have it criticized. Start with shutting up and permanently living in your cave waiting for hobbits.

  34. dalewolf68 says:
    March 15, 2023 at 7:50 pm
    Packers will say play’ or on youre way’ … retirement


    Heard this so many times. The packers cannot tell rodgers anything. If he stays in Green Bay he will play and make 60 million. They cannot force him to retire. He holds all the cards.

  35. isitfootballseasonyet says:
    The packers cannot tell rodgers anything. They cannot force him to retire. He holds all the cards.
    You forget One Thing,… Rodgers contract does NOT have a No Trade Clause. He’s under contract and if they trade him,… he has to go or retire.

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