Aaron Rodgers makes it clear Nathaniel Hackett was a factor in his decision

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Future Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers had plenty of things to say about his soon-to-be former team on Wednesday.

Rodgers also had some things to say about his soon-to-be new team.

On this point, Rodgers said he doesn’t care for the suggestion that the Jets hired offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett as a strategy for luring Rodgers to New York. Rodgers actually bristled at the suggestion, given that (as Rodgers said) it demeans Hackett’s abilities as a coach, a leader, etc.

But it’s clear that Hackett’s presence was indeed an attraction for Rodgers. He mentioned other teams were interested. (He didn’t identify other interested teams.)

Now, once Hackett’s former team works out a trade with Hackett’s current team, Rodgers and Hackett will be together again.

11 responses to “Aaron Rodgers makes it clear Nathaniel Hackett was a factor in his decision

  1. If he doesn’t like sports reporters in GB… man is he going to hate them in NY

  2. Crazy fun … as long as you’re not a Jets fan. Hard to believe any team would do this to themselves.

  3. I don’t understand this thinking that Rodgers is going to have a tough time with New York reporters? I just think some people are hoping and praying that happens. How did the New York reporters treat Zach Wilson when he made that awful comment after blowing a game? Yes, they criticized him, but they sure as h e double hockey sticks didn’t fry him! Nor did they fry him after his performances in several other games. They justifiably criticized him but there was no animosity or vileness. Rodgers will have no problem with New York reporters and vice versa.

  4. Hackett’s past performance demeans his abilities plenty. Apparently he just knows how to stroke Rodgers. By all accounts Hackett is a kind, smart, and interesting person. Just really bad at coaching football so far.

  5. Jets have a rowdy D and decent weapons on offense. It’s the best fit period.

  6. Aaron is going to quickly discover that being buddies with somebody doesn’t necessarily translate into success. Hackett wasn’t the playcaller in GB and anybody who watched the Broncos last year can tell you it wasn’t all Russell Wilson playing poorly; there were tons of simply terrible plays being called. And note how Wilson improved after Hackett was removed.

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