Aaron Rodgers: “Ridiculous” to say I demanded Jets sign certain players

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One of the reports that surfaced during the wait for Aaron Rodgers to announce his intentions for the 2023 season was one that said Rodgers gave the Jets a wish list of players he wants the team to acquire after making a trade for him.

The list reportedly included Packers teammates Allen Lazard, Marcedes Lewis and Randall Cobb as well as free agent wideout Odell Beckham Jr. and it became fodder for a question to Rodgers during his Wednesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

Rodgers said that he discussed his feelings about players during conversations with the Jets and gave endorsements about some of the players listed above, but pushed back on the notion that he was asking for players to be added to the roster. Rodgers called it “ridiculous” to say he made demands of the Jets at any point in those conversations.

The report didn’t say Rodgers demanded any particular moves and Rodgers did little to suggest he wouldn’t want any of those players to join him in the AFC East in 2023. Lazard has already reportedly agreed to terms and Wednesday’s declaration of his intentions could get the ball rolling on others joining Rodgers.

23 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: “Ridiculous” to say I demanded Jets sign certain players

  1. Now it could be this story about his “wish list” is baseless? However dealing with Rodgers and how quick he is deflect anything negative about himself only to blame others is telling. IMHO – Aaron Rodgers is a typical narcissist and it’s most likely that the “list” came directly from him to the Jets purely to see if they would give in to his wish… eh demands!

  2. The Jets in ‘win now’ mode … soon to be followed by ‘win never’ mode.

  3. Pushing hard for a guy versus demanding you bring them in or else are 2 different things folks. Nothing wrong, guys push for their guys all the time. Why wouldn’t you. If you had a buddy who was good you wouldn’t do the same. What a bunch of clowns that post on sites. These players get tossed around, dumped duped and more. Why should we not be happy they push to get what they want…………..the true answer is extreme jealousy.

  4. For him to say otherwise is a lie. He knows what he’s doing at least be honest about it.

  5. Rodgers called it “ridiculous” to say he made demands of the Jets at any point in those conversations.

    Of course he made demands. He made demands on the Packers to bring back Randall Cobb. And then denied that too.

  6. Come on dude. The media is making this up then. Lazzard just happened to sign yesterday??

    Weak sauce A-rod

  7. Why shouldn’t he ask?! Why not use any and all leverage you have to bring in the people you’re comfortable with to you you and the team win? New coaches do it all of the time!

  8. Jets fans getting a crash course this week on why Packer fans are so happy to be rid of him…

  9. Coaches do the same thing all of the time. But it’s even worse because they literally bring family members onto the staff and pay them! I laughed when Ron Rivera gave his son a promotion this offseason! How does anyone know if he earned a promotion or the job to begin with?!

  10. The Dolphins signing of Ramsey gave the Packers incredible leverage. The Jets are desperate.

  11. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the Jets signed Allen Lazard yesterday and are showing interest in Randall Cobb and Marcedes Lewis. No team is showing interest in Randall Cobb unless Aaron Rodgers tells them to.

  12. When a new coach or QB comes in, it’s pretty normal to bring in a player or two from the old team, to help everyone adjust to the the new system. Why wouldn’t the Jets talk to Rodgers about which players he would most like to see?

  13. “I mean, sure, I told them to do that. But it’s ridiculous to report on it.”
    –Aaron Rodgers

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