Attention Cardinals: Yankees charge players for in-flight Wi-Fi

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As it turns out, the Arizona Cardinals aren’t as cheap as the New York Yankees.

Stephanie Apstein of reported on Wednesday that the Yankees charge players for Internet on the team plane. (Maybe George Costanza worked for the team, after all.)

Per Apstein, the players joke with each other about the situation.

“It’s your fault,” they say. “Your contract is too big, so they can’t pay for Wi-Fi.”

The news comes just two weeks after the NFL Players Association issued a player survey regarding various aspects of all teams. The Cardinals were criticized for being extremely careful with money.

The Cardinals, we’re told, do not charge their players for in-flight Wi-Fi. We’re also told that they won’t change that policy.

8 responses to “Attention Cardinals: Yankees charge players for in-flight Wi-Fi

  1. What is really sad about this story, is this is as close to an off season win as the Cardinals will get

  2. Maybe they’ll change their policy once the see how much data Murray is using for his in flight Call of Duty matches

  3. I don’t know why teams haven’t thought to charge players for laundry, Locker rental, parking (should charger hourly rates) all medical, and training services. There’s an untapped goldmine just waiting to be exploited. And a slick way to claw back a little bonus money, too.

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