Cowboys inform Ezekiel Elliott he is being released

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
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Running back Ezekiel Elliott is about to become a free agent.

NFL Media reports that the Cowboys have informed Elliott that he is being released. The move has been expected for some time and a report on Wednesday morning indicated that it might come at the start of the new league year on Wednesday afternoon.

According to multiple reports, the move will be processed as a post-June 1 cut. The Cowboys will see $10.9 million in cap relief as a result and they’ll be left with $5.82 million in dead money on this year’s cap.

Elliott ranks third in Cowboys history in rushing attempts, rushing yards, and rushing touchdowns after spending the last seven seasons in Dallas. He posted career lows in attempts, yards, and yards per attempt in 2022 and the Cowboys used their franchise tag on Tony Pollard in a clear signal about the future of the position.

50 responses to “Cowboys inform Ezekiel Elliott he is being released

  1. His attempts and YPC did not justify his price these past 2 years. Tony leads the show now, need to draft good change of pace back.

  2. Tony Pollard has been better than Zeke for a couple of years now, only Jerry thought differently.

  3. Classic example of don’t throw money after running backs (and those who wear QB numbers). You will never get your money back in performance on the second contract. And never invest in a dirtbag level of a man like the Bearded Woman Beater.

  4. And in the distance near Texas Stadium, the sound of Taps echoed among the tumbleweeds.

  5. Zeke’s last play as a Cowboy sums up the last 26 years of Dallas postseason football. Poorly conceived and executed embarrassment and he gets steamrolled in the process. Like Romo’s fumbled hold against the Seahawks. The gifts that keep on giving!

  6. I think that if Zeke had a lower number he could have stayed with the ‘Boys. But that price is just too steep for his production – even if he does yeoman’s work blocking and Dak’s more comfortable knowing he’s watching over him. Pollard is just delivering more at this point. Zeke had a good run and was paid really well for it. Someone will offer him an incentive-laden deal and we’ll see just what he really has left.

  7. How many years were left on his contract that the team is not honoring? People get so mad when players try to get new terms after outplaying prior deals, but let this slide.

  8. Zeke has been like a son to Jerry. He will get an opportunity elsewhere but thoughts and prayers today are with Jerry Jones who must be doing it tough to have to let him go.

  9. Not an Elliott fan, but the abuse a running back takes until the NFL kicks them to the curb is a lousy part of this game. The current list of available RBs is proof. How QB dependent WRs became big money players is what I don’t get.

  10. Maybe he can go to New Orleans, where he and Kamara can compare their nose ring collections. Well, until Kamara heads off to jail of course!

  11. Running back Rookie contracts should be limited to 3 years, at least then they could get a decent contract while in their prime.

  12. IF they tried to keep him with a reduced salary that was anything over the league minimum and he turned it down, that was a bad move unless he already has his next team lined up. Based on his current and future expected performance he seems like one of those minimum VET RBs who won’t make a roster unless he wins a clear #2 job, since he has no special teams value and any UDFA can be the 3rd guy or practice squad callup at the rookie minimum.

  13. Wonder where is the guy that said “Zeke was going to be the best RB ever in the NFL” when he was coming out of Ohio St. because Zeke passed his eye test. He didn’t even turn into the best Cowboys RB much less the best to ever do it in the NFL. Just shows, most peoples eye test means nothing.

  14. Miami still needs an NFL caliber RB, $4M base salary with another $4M with incentives should get it done.

  15. For once Jones clowns made the right move. Now watch them draft another RB in the first round

  16. He’d make a ridiculously good fullback for someone. The average contact for a fullback is just over 1 million per year so I guess that would never happen.

  17. I’ve never seen a dude go from best running back in the league for 3 years straight to possibly the worst running back in the league for 3 years straight.

  18. In today’s NFL, a running back is valuable until his rookie contract expires. Then, in nearly all cases, he becomes easily replaceable for someone with fresh legs and for less money.

    Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to be running backs.

  19. Why the successful teams dont draft 1st round running backs or pay running backs big money. There a dime a dozen

  20. This is why players are after that guaranteed money and why lamar Jackson is such a huge risk.

  21. I hope he signs with a NFC East team and he burns the Cowboys at least once.

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