Darren Waller: I didn’t see trade coming

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The start of the new league year led to a flurry of announcements from teams formalizing moves that were agreed to in the last few days, including the trade between the Giants and Raiders that brought tight end Darren Waller to the NFC East club.

Waller signed a three-year extension with the Raiders last September, so he wasn’t expecting to hear that he’d be changing teams even though he missed eight games with hamstring injuries last season. Waller told reporters on Wednesday that the move “caught me off guard.”

“I did not see this coming,” Waller said.

Waller also said that he’s healthy now and sees the pieces of a “high octane” offense in place with the Giants, who will be hoping Waller remains healthy and a major piece of that unit in 2023.

19 responses to “Darren Waller: I didn’t see trade coming

  1. I was at the game in Baltimore when the Raiders “discovered” Waller. I too remember seeing the huge TE warming up. Great story and I really loved Darren Waller in Silver & Black. Def a top 3 TE in this league when healthy and that’s been the challenge. Hate to see him go but it’s the business. Giants are getting a good one and wish him all the best.

  2. ladies and gentlemen, your last place AFCW Las Vegas Raiders!!

    Just win(?) baby..

  3. This will be like Boss but better. Giants haven’t had 2 big time TEs since Boss and Shockey.

  4. it was like the day after he just married his wife too, mcdaniels is in full form

  5. Wait until Daboll makes a mistake while mentioning Waller. What’s next? His sobriety? Making a big deal over your shotgun wedding got you playing on the opposite coast as your wife.

    Have fun.

  6. Because 15 days ago Josh McDaniels said Waller was a special player that was integral to the offense. I could see how Rackwall didn’t see that coming.

  7. McD says one thong and dies another. Just like he did in Denver. It will catch up with him but not before he hurts the Raiders.

  8. watching Josh McDufus do the same exact thing he did to the Broncos. MMark Davis could careless.

  9. The Raiders still suck and Waller has IR issues. He’s not worth a 3rd rounder, not even close.

    The Raiders will continue to suck for another 3 years at a minimum.

  10. He had already done all the good he was going to do for the Raiders. He sat on an injury for far too long. Not motivated after the contract extension. Good-Bye and good luck.

  11. Good luck Darren, for your sake learn the difference between hurting or injured !!!

  12. i watched his press conference, he didnt show any signs of any issues with mcdaniels, pretty much he understands its a business. anytime a player is on a huge contract there heads are on the chopping block.

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