Eagles to release Darius Slay

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The Eagles gave cornerback Darius Slay permission to talk to other teams about a trade, but that won’t be the route he’s taking out of Philadelphia this offseason.

Slay posted a message on Twitter saying he has “nothing but love” for Philadelphia and “let’s see where we heading next” on Wednesday morning. Shortly after that message hit feeds, there were multiple reports that the Eagles will release Slay.

Slay was heading into the final year of his contract with a base salary of $17 million and a cap hit of just over $26.1 million, which led to talks with the Eagles about a new deal. Those talks did not progress, however, and Slay will now be hitting the open market in search of a new place to play.

That puts Slay on the growing list of departures from the defense in Philadelphia. Defensive tackle Javon Hargrave, linebacker Kyzir White, safety Marcus Epps, and linebacker T.J. Edwards have all found new places to play. Safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox remain unsigned for next season, but the Eagles did secure the return of cornerback James Bradberry.

The Eagles are expected to make Slay a post-June 1 cut. That will result in a cap hit of just over $8.6 million this season.

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  1. Now it is critical that they retain CJGJ in the defensive backfield. He was the top priority in my mind based on his age and production…a lot like Malcolm Jenkins was years ago. Slay is a good player but clearly his best years are behind him. Wish him well wherever he goes.

  2. At #10 selection in the 2023 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select CB ________________.

  3. This is what sets the Chiefs apart from every other contender. They just keep reloading while other teams dismantle a d rebuild. It’s happened to nearly every other SB and Conference championship team since Mahomes started playing vs except the Bengals and it will start happening there too when they pay Burrow.

  4. Matt Patricia has openings. Guess he hasn’t reached Sherman, et. al level yet. But keep putting in the work. How quickly he signs is mainly a function of how much he wants. Will have plenty of people calling him.

  5. Damn, a day after Dallas adds Gilmore, we’re releasing Slay! This one hurts. We have plenty of young talent to adequately replace the other departures, but nobody to replace Slay. They’d better hit on CB with that #10 pick or they’re in trouble.

  6. Come back to the D. We now have a HC who knows how to treat men with respect.

  7. Time for McPherson….he’s looked good in limited play so would be great to see him step up. Jobe is another option that has looked talented or replacement coming in the draft. We’ll see

  8. slay still has one more big contract in him, he shows little decline these pass few years. go get that bag slay

  9. Slay is on the down side not worth the money. Interesting to see how much he makes on the next deal.

  10. So it wasn’t All About Matt Patricia. Slay isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He did this in Detroit too. His MOUTH runs him out of town.

  11. Finish your career in Detroit. Campbell will find a coaching position for you when you retire.

  12. It was inevitable. Hurts and Minshew were on rookie deals making peanuts. Now that they are going to have to pay QB position things many of the free agents won’t be back. There will also be save cap saving cuts, like Slay, going forward.

  13. I’m wondering if he’d be willing to accept a below market offer since he still gets a boat load of dead cap from the Eagles both this year and next.

  14. Remember, when two weeks ago Jerry Jones said Philly will have to pay the price for last year’s run , well surprise surprise he was right. – they’re losing everyone. All the media ripped him – Jerry may not make all the right moves, but he was correct in this instant, and all the media should apologize to him.

  15. With Rodgers coming to the AFCE, Miami’s WR duo, and Josh Allen in Buffalo, this is the kind of splashy player NE needs to sign.

  16. Smart to keep Bradberry and move on from Slay. Slay is 32, and his play declined precipitously in the second half of last season. Bradberry is 29 and in his prime. Plus, he runs his mouth a lot less.

  17. Started hot, finished cold.

    Time to move on and save the money for other needs

    Week 1 thru Week 6: Targeted 32 times, 14 catches allowed for 168 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT, 31.8 passer rating

    Week 7 thru Super Bowl: Targeted 51 times, 33 catches allowed for 391 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, 114.1 passer rating

  18. yeahbut says:
    March 15, 2023 at 11:05 am

    There just wasn’t enough FUN at that place. ///////////////////// They’re having more fun there than they’re having at Foxboro 🙂

  19. It’s all good, we have a very good GM who took a shot, and only came up one stop on defense shy of winning the Super bowl. Unload, then Reload and try again. It’s all good, in howie we trust- Roll them Bones baby!

  20. Slay allowed a 31.8 passer rating first 7 weeks.

    Slay allowed a 114.1 passer rating remainder of season through Super Bowl.

    Slay is 32.

    Slay not likely to improve in his 33rd year of life.

    Howie 1, Slay lovers 0

  21. A bunch of people on this thread that do not know football. This guy is 32, clearly dropped off in the second half. Clearly like didn’t even make a play a little bit. The eagles tell him to seek a trade, nobody not a single offer. Eagles resign Bradberry for less (slay looking for 3 year extension for millions more at 32), they will now sign CJGJ, to a multi year contract. CB will be their fist selection in the draft probably kid from Georgia who will be in a 5 year rookie deal, second pick will be D tackle. They will sign a W3, when the league proved including the SB they can’t cover AJ Brown or Smith, or Goeddert. This team has two 1,000 yard receivers, too three TE, too 3 QB, and you all think they are worried about the defense. Hargreaves got way over paid by San Fran who only signed him in hopes of stopping the eagles, Slay talks a lot, and is on the downside although I think he has a year left at least,

    Best part Howie waits til the cowboys solve their other CB issue with Gilmore, and the giants can’t afford him, and the commanders don’t need him.

    Eagle fans are blue collar and probably hate the defense will give up ooins, but who in the world is gonna stop them from scoring

  22. bigblu says:
    March 15, 2023 at 11:29 am
    Cry Eagles Cry !!!!!!! Oh the HURT keeps on coming!!!!!!!


    Your team has no QB, no WR, a RB that’s constantly injured, and a terrible defense. I believe that eagle team scored something like 2,572 points I. Three games against you (lol) and your team has done nothjng to improve the defense except add a cheap shot average LB.

  23. Maybe Jerry was right when he said the eagles went “all in” for one year at a shot for the Super Bowl. Defense won’t look anything like last years.

  24. Gannon you need to get on the phone and give your boy Darius Slay a call!!! I don’t see anyone giving him near $17M/YR at his age, he’d be the perfect top 10 caliber CB who you could get on a 2YR deal. Marco Wilson is developing into a premier #1 lockdown corner himself ranking as a top 10CB via PFF last year from wk6 on possessing elite speed n athleticism, you pair Slay up with Wilson with one of the best SAF duos in the NFL and a trio of excellent pass covering ILBs that’s arguably the most athletic trio in the league and you should have a very good pass defense next season.

    Eagles defense is going to look drastically different next season after losing every play maker on that defense practically. PHIs #1 pass defense has been gutted losing their corners and both ILBs including the best coverage ILB statistically in the NFL Kyzir White. Now Jalen Hurts is going to have to shoulder A LOT more of the load on his arm alone and throw them into games far more often while playing a 1st place schedule. Something tells me Hurts is in for a down year and is about to come crashing back down to earth HARD!!!!

  25. All the one and done comments are premature. Everyone knew the Birds couldn’t keep everyone they wanted. Not to mention most of the players that had career yrs were older players. Keeping Bradberry over Slay is smart. Having Davis replace Hargrave is smart. Penny over Sanders is smart. Keeping Kelce and Graham is smart. Epps is over rated and replaceable. (2) first round picks is huge. The Birds are still the best team in NFC East and still the NFC favorites. Never doubt Howie.

  26. $17.5M cap space was cleared. Slay just turned 32, wanted to stay and be an Eagle for the rest of his career, but they couldn’t work out a new deal. Re-signing Bradberry made this decision happen.

  27. The big question is who has the cap space to pay him? He won’t be going to Detroit. The Lions have already made some moves in the backfield, The Rams could use him, but don’t have the cap space.

  28. He will re-do his contract just before the draft when he doesn’t get the money he thought he would .

  29. Reports are the Slay was unwilling to restructure his contract and wanted 3 years guaranteed. He’ll be 33. Was time for the Eagles to move on and get younger.

  30. TSP says:
    March 15, 2023 at 11:04 am
    This is what sets the Chiefs apart from every other contender. They just keep reloading while other teams dismantle a d rebuild. It’s happened to nearly every other SB and Conference championship team since Mahomes started playing vs except the Bengals and it will start happening there too when they pay Burrow.


    Call us when you’ve done it for 20 years and have six Super Bowl championships, nine conference titles, 17 division crowns (with 2002 and 2008 lost on tiebreakers) and 30 playoff victories, while posting an overall record of 274-103, and the winningest professional sports team of any kind, any place, by far.

    Warm Regards,

    Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick

  31. That’s more turnover than I expected, but until the 49ers solidify at QB, they’re still hands-down the best team in the NFC. They’ll reload in the draft and be right back at it. And I say this as a long-term Cowboys follower.

  32. Couldn’t restructure the older Slay, so they paid the younger Bradberry. They’ll draft a corner and D lineman in the first round. Offense is still intact. Got two 2nd rounders next year. Nakobe Dean takes over at linebacker. Figure out the safety situation and the most talented roster in the NFL last year will have to settle for being just one of the most talented rosters in the NFL this year.

  33. When “Big Play” was elected as a Captain he said how very much that meant to him. First thing it meant was more $$$$$ and of course “loyalty” to the Eagles. Don’t let the door hit ya, BIG “PAY” Slay. Howie won’t be held captive.

  34. Apparently some contracts, like Slay’s, but also Kelce’s and Graham’s, have phony final years. Those years are never going to be executed as in the contract. They are priced unrealistically high. These deals always get renegotiated or the player is traded to another team who is willing to pay the player what he wants, or he is released.

    When the Eagles gave Slay permission to seek a trade, they were basically giving him permission to find a deal for himself, with the Eagles hoping that Slay would reduce his demands for a new deal if he shopped himself around, or that they might actually get something in exchange for trading him. Obviously neither of these happened.

    There was no real good alternative to just letting Slay go.

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