For some free agents, we’ve entered one-year deal territory

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Two days into the opening of the free-agent market, plenty of guys have agreed to terms. Plenty haven’t.

Some big-name and/or highly-regarded players have yet to strike deals. In many cases, the absence of a deal by now hints at the possibility that the player overshot the market.

It happens. Players, either by getting bad advice from their agents or by ignoring good advice given to them, want more than teams are willing to offer.

Candidates for a one-year deal include tackle Orlando Brown, defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson, tight end Mike Gesicki, edge rusher Yannick Ngakoue, and receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster — who has done one-year deals for two straight years.

Originally on our list was quarterback Baker Mayfield, who has since done a one-year deal in Tampa.

The one-year deal becomes a path for the player to build his stock and try it again next year. But if the problem is that the player misplayed his market for a long-term deal, it will be important the next time around to be more realistic.

2 responses to “For some free agents, we’ve entered one-year deal territory

  1. The one year contract area might be here, but since the actual free agency signing period starts today, maybe another day to make sure some deals aren’t being negotiated, quietly.

  2. One year deals are the most cost effective way to make a meat loaf. The real players are already on the team. Adding the filler should never be a replacement for steak dinners.

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